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Senseless Records round up some of their best future dancehall, grime and dubstep releases for this strong CD. Label mainstays Sarantis, Sasquatch, DeVille and Ghosttown are all on production duties, with MCs Warrior Queen, Foreign Beggars, Bunnington Judah, Asher Don and Yt at the mic. The combination of JA and grime vocals and tough, electroid dubstep backing tracks makes these tracks the future bassline & beats to check.

Sarantis / Deville

More Than Money - Starkey Remix / Click

Senseless Records are back with another of their genre-bashing EPs to have future beats dancefloors in a spin. First up Philly street-bass kingpin Starkey delivers a remix of Sarantis and Warrior Queen's "More Than Money". It's one of his instantly-recognisable smash-up of dubstep, grime, gutterhouse and hip-hop that's made him one of THE producers of the last couple of years. Over on side B there's some future baile-funk flavours on "Click" by Deville, featuring vocals from Violet. Then it's back to Sarantis for the hyper-arpeggiated dubetp finale on "Focus".

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