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Self Esteem

Prima Facie - Original Theatre Soundtrack By Rebecca Lucy Taylor

    Ahead of the one person play's West End closing night this weekend, Taylor has shared her 14-track soundtrack for the acclaimed theatre production, which is written by Suzie Miller and directed by Justin Martin, and sees Jodie Comer (Killing Eve) play criminal defence barrister Tessa Ensler. Prima Facie will come to a close on Saturday (18 June) at London’s Harold Pinter Theatre, before heading to Broadway in spring 2023. The soundtrack follows her 2021 Self Esteem album Prioritise Pleasure.


    Barry says: The wonderful Rebecca Lucy Taylor presents a rich, moving soundtrack to Jodie Comer's stage show of the same name. 'Prima Facie' is RLT at peak emotional intensity, presenting saturated piano and shadowy reverbs beneath her deeply affecting vocal melodies. A wonderful standalone listen, and i'm sure perfect as a soundtrack too. Legends, both.


    1. The Winner 03:26
    2. To See From Here 03:41
    3. Chambers 03:42
    4. Chambers Continued (How Cliché) 01:35
    5. The Process 03:17
    6. Perfect 2 Me 03:05
    7. Perfect 2 Me (Reprise) 02:14
    8. To See From Here (Reprise) 02:38
    9. Second Place (Cab Rank Rule) 04:16
    10. Lean Back And Think Of Justice 03:50
    11. Cross Examination 01:48
    12. I Have No Power Here 03:52
    13. How Dare You 01:48
    14. 1 In 3 (I'm Fine) 04:02

    Self Esteem

    Prioritise Pleasure

      The follow up to Self Esteem’s acclaimed 2019 debut album Compliments Please, Prioritise Pleasure is a record that reminds us all of the importance of being our unapologetic selves, putting your insecurities out there in the hope that it can be the first step towards healing them. Honest disclosure has always been Self Esteem’s forte, and so each track on Prioritise Pleasure handles difficult themes with nuanced perspective, comforted and counter-balanced with an array of rhythmic flourishes that speak to the eclecticism of her experience and influence.

      Having allowed itself grace, Prioritise Pleasure is also a record of great joy. Working again with trusted producer Johan Karlberg [of afro-fusion trio The Very Best], it was stitched together throughout the pandemic in chunked sessions, the time between each batch encouraging Taylor to fully flesh out her ideas. With Prioritise Pleasure, Self Esteem comes one step closer to reminding listeners – and herself – that true success begins and ends with self-acceptance, telling your story in the way that only you can.


      Barry says: Rebecca Lucy Taylor has an uncanny skill for a melody, and it's clear from both the gritty drive of neo-synth banger 'Prioritise Pleasure', soaring and triumphant but wonderfully formed around a wealth of scatty percussion and tasteful reverb, as well as the earlier confessional spoken word of 'I Do This All The Time'. It's a wonderfully formed and brilliantly clever album.


      1. I’m Fine
      2. Fucking Wizardry
      3. Hobbies 2
      4. Prioritise Pleasure
      5. I Do This All The Time
      6. Moody
      7. Still Reigning
      8. How Can I Help You
      9. It’s Been A While
      10. The 345
      11. John Elton
      12. You Forever
      13. Just Kids

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