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Bill Wells

Remixes For Seksound

    The latest chapter in Bill Wells’ ceaselessly creative musical story is as unpredictable as it is typical of the self-taught musician, songwriter and arranger. It’s deceptive, too. On the surface, Remixes For Seksound is exactly what its title promises - eight tracks by a handful of groups given the Bill Wells treatment. From the frst note, however, it’s apparent these are no mere remixes. These are reworkings, reconstructions from the ground up, in some instances containing little more than traces of the original songs, transforming shoegaze and dreampop into jazz-accented lullabies.

    Pia Fraus

    Field Ceremony

      Pia Fraus are releasing their first full-length album in almost a decade. Field Ceremony is a triumphant return for the band, bringing back their signature dreampop sounds alongside fresh takes on pop structures. From the beautifully composed pop delicacies of ‘No Filters Needed’ to the almost slowcore dreaminess of ‘Don’t Tell Me How’ to the explosive pop of ‘Sugar High of the Year’, Pia Fraus bring to the table a dreampop brightness tinged with the more somber elements of life. Fans will be pleased with the results and new listeners will be in for a treat as they encounter this long awaited new work from the dreampop masters.

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      Free promotional candles on the counter for the new album from Samia @samiatheband ‘Honey’ out today via…
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