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Secret Squirrels

No. 2

The Secret Squirrel returns with number two in this limited edition series of vinyl only, dancefloor delights. Having given 80s unclassic "Ma Foom Bey" the full treatment last time round, the remixing rodent this time takes Eddy Grant and the Coachhouse Rhythm Section downtown with a head nodding rework of "Nobody's Got Time". The intro is super looped, removing the difficulty of finding that first beat (I still haven't managed to work out where best to run the OG from), with bursts of harmonica echoing all over the place, before that killer groove gets dropped to full effect. This edit is close enough to the original to keep it real while adding those little tweaks in arrangement and mix that leave a dancefloor begging for more.

On the B-side Herb Alpert's "Rise" groove (you know, the bit from the middle where the trumpet drops out and everything gets real funky. You know, that bit with him clapping on the beach in the video. Oh yeah, that's right the bit sampled for "Hypnotize" by Notorious BIG) gets treated to a seven minute extension. Filtered up, down, left and right and given that slow release treatment where all the little additions from the original come in nice and slow, this is a proper peak time groover with a bumping kick and low end. Note, this comes complete with an awesome acid coda for the last couple of minutes. The artist may remain a mystery, but these edits have revealed themselves as must have.

Cut loud and built for maximum club use. Dancefloor devastation is guaranteed!

Secret Squirrels

No. 3

More nuts stuff for the dancefloor from the Secret Squirrel the third in this limited edition series of vinyl-only releases. The A-side sees our mysterious rodent get stuck into Moonshoes' French disco obscurity "Boogieland" which does everything you'd want from such a re-booted tune: mid-tempo 4/4 rhythm slap, filtered female vocal chorus loop, funky guitar licks and super Moogy bassline. Meanwhile the flip takes Blair's classic boogie soul slinker "Nightlife" on a slo-mo acid chugathon. The slow build up to the vocal really pushes the adds to the anticipation here. A simple idea done very well. Cut loud and built for maximum club use. Dancefloor devastation is guaranteed! 

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