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Secret Squirrels

No. 11

Why do squirrels swim on their back? To keep their nuts dry!!! That's right, our re-edit rodents are back with two more floor-filling workouts primed to move your body straight to the party. On this 11th episode they continue to disrespect boundaries as they criss-cross Italy, from disco to house music in order to do their dirty deeds. Temperatures soar on the A-side with a hypnotic Italo house powerball built out of echoing piano chords, bubbling bass sequences (hello Gino Latino!) and the odd bit of FM synth brass! Well placed bongo patterns add a dope disco vibe to proceedings, lending the track a cross genre appeal. Skip to the flip and prepare to enter machine mode, working your chrome body suit to some proper mechanised chug. The zero gravity sequence rolls and drags liked a pitched down "I Feel Love", locking us into heads down hypnosis before proggy synth washes, fusion piano licks and triumphant melodies propel this one directly into the Beppe Loda school of Italian space disco. 

Secret Squirrels

No. 10

As the ever reliable edit imprint arrive at their tenth release it's becoming harder and harder to come up with a decent squirrel pun. Fortunately our mysterious editors are having no such problems serving up the good stuff, hitting us with yet more cut up, heavy dance floor tackle that criss-crosses the boundaries of proto-house and disco. Tracky as hell and cut loud for impact, the Squirrels make no apologies for taking aim directly at the dance floor. Feeding a Patrick Adams classic into their edit engine, the Squirrels come up trumps on the A-side, working muted guitar licks, dubby percussion and soaring synth lines into a full scale floor burner packed with atmosfear. On the flip, the dastardly duo work their black magic on Supermax's enduring "Love Machine", dubbing the vocals out in a slow building arrangement which powers the crowd on to a riotous peak. The relentless groove keeps feet moving through the first half before breaking down, punching back in and playing host to those super sleazy vocals. Play both sides loud and proud and watch the dancefloor erupt. 

Secret Squirrels

No. 2

The Secret Squirrel returns with number two in this limited edition series of vinyl only, dancefloor delights. Having given 80s unclassic "Ma Foom Bey" the full treatment last time round, the remixing rodent this time takes Eddy Grant and the Coachhouse Rhythm Section downtown with a head nodding rework of "Nobody's Got Time". The intro is super looped, removing the difficulty of finding that first beat (I still haven't managed to work out where best to run the OG from), with bursts of harmonica echoing all over the place, before that killer groove gets dropped to full effect. This edit is close enough to the original to keep it real while adding those little tweaks in arrangement and mix that leave a dancefloor begging for more.

On the B-side Herb Alpert's "Rise" groove (you know, the bit from the middle where the trumpet drops out and everything gets real funky. You know, that bit with him clapping on the beach in the video. Oh yeah, that's right the bit sampled for "Hypnotize" by Notorious BIG) gets treated to a seven minute extension. Filtered up, down, left and right and given that slow release treatment where all the little additions from the original come in nice and slow, this is a proper peak time groover with a bumping kick and low end. Note, this comes complete with an awesome acid coda for the last couple of minutes. The artist may remain a mystery, but these edits have revealed themselves as must have.

Cut loud and built for maximum club use. Dancefloor devastation is guaranteed!

Secret Squirrels

No 1

The mysterious and anonymous Secret Squirrels 'No 1' has landed and will drive the DJs nuts! Cultural Vibe's mid 80s Easy Street proto-house classic 'Ma Foom Bey' reworked in a warehouse style. Cut loud over a whole side of wax, this is designed to cause maximum devastation at your all night tropical discotheque! Owners of the original will remember the bass drum playing hell with the stylus (like Theo's Ugly Edits, the kick was cut just toooo hot!). They've ironed out that issue and proceeded to add an even fatter kick drum, sizzling percussion and arrange the track for contemporary dancefloors. On the B-side the Squirrels go even more nuts on the track - adding layers of rampant 303s, a compressed, bass-heavy drum loop and manipulating the original sample a bit more, teasing it out through the plethora of added instrumentation. The 303s really set the track on fire, and I can see this causing all kinds of devastation in Croatia over the next few months.... essential stuff for Balearic house DJ's out in the field! Limited, vinyl only release.

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