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Esoteric, entheogenic and almost dancefloor focussed, Second Circle is the Music From Memory offshoot for original, contemporary and club-ish 12"s, and has previously housed heat from DJ Normal 4, Dazion, Androo and Tornado Wallace. For the labels first release of 2019, Kaifeng-born, Vancouver based Yu Su joins the ranks, introducing the SC clan to her signature sound of hazy pads, blurred electronics and unconventional melodies. 
Opener "Little Birds, Moonbath" welcomes us into this strange sonic world via rippling arps, billowing pads and vaguely asiatic leadlines, all shifting around Michelle Helene Mackenzie's subtle spoken vocal and the stately machine groove. Next up "Tipu's Tiger" sees Pender Street Steppers join the party, bringing jazzy guitar licks and nuanced synth work to a slow and cinematic cut which sounds simultaneously like a KPM library classic, a lost Preemo Illmatic beat and an outtake from Shadow's debut. From there we drop into the lagoon-like "Of Yesterday", a slippery instrumenal whose lolloping beat calls to mind a wooden craft bobbing on the waves, lost amid misty pads and the bubbling of bong water. "The Ultimate Which Manages The World" works us with treated robo-vocal (think Ground San), sopping slabs of dubby guitar and an everchanging rhythm, before EP closer "Words Without Sound" abstracts a rhythm grid, uncoils a synth sequence and gets gently garbled on its journey to the run out groove.


Patrick says: Yu Su joins the Second Circle clan with a five track excursion through entheogenic groove, medicated dub and mangrove hypnosis in her unique style.

MFM offshoot Second Circle enter 2018 in the company of their newest friend Dang Khoa Chau. Learning of the French producer via his releases on Antinote and Melody As Truth, the crew were keen to welcome him into the Second Circle for some of his hallucinatory dancefloor magic. Titled ‘Mystery Dub’, this new record features two percussive house cuts on the A side with two more evocative compositions on the flip. Recorded in his studio in the 11th district of Paris, the release showcases a wide yet characteristic palette of sounds and textures the Parisian artist has been sharpening over the years: atmospheric/hypnotic strings, warm pads, dreamy landscapes and spacial rhythms. "Stick By The Rules" drops straight into the shamanic bracket, bounding through synthesised birdsong, twinkling chimes, polyrhythms and some properly deep chords. The titular "Mystery Dub" makes the most of the slipstream, breezing along with circular mallets, supersonic siren calls and bright proto house elements, delivering something light and airy for when the oomph gets too much. Over on the flip, "Rebound" offers a panoramic view from a distant mountain top, detailed with the glinting gold of ancient temples, soaring birds and lush foliage. Taking the wind with one of these "Wise Birds", we glide down through the canopy for a sultry slice of fourth world wonderment, evocative and immersive in equal measure.


Patrick says: Another amazing addition to the Second Circle series here, as D.K. brings us a deep and mystic vision of shamanic house on the A-side, then cools out with a rain forest exploration on the flip. I can't recommend this one enough...

Nu-Balearica refracted back through a rose tinted lens here as Giuseppe Leonardi deploys some truly enchanted vibrations to the Second Circle label. "Unsinn" kicks us, sounding like an Adrian Sherwood number if the UK dub head had resided on some tropical island and drank LSD for breakfast. "Kannibalentanz" follows suit and performs a steel bongo ritual on said island, the hypnotic percussion lines drawing us ever-closer to the magical core - a lone, squelching synthesizer. "Orpheus" sees new terrains explored with moxie, it's novel, beguiling lines hinting at the unexpected nature lying ahead - only to be met by a choir of throat-singers and delicate female utterances - lovely stuff! "Every Tree And Creature" takes us gleefully into the nighttime, a blanket of warm pads placed over our receptive bodies as twinkling keyboard parts highlight the starry skies. Finally, "All Blue" almost soundtracks the sunrise, as if the whole EP has taken us through an entire Earth cycle, ready to start all over again....

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