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Beware: Schnitzels Cuts 4 from outer space! Coming back to you with laser-fried perfection, rebranded in a cosmic blend and revamped to deep space perfection. That's right folks, D*tr**t Sw*ndl*'s evergreen edit imprint is back, delivering a pair of synth-heavy pouders primed for disco destruction. Imagine a twist of Afro-synth history combined with a roller skate jam from the U s of A, re-rubbed with chopped vocals, disco bleeps and arpy baselines. Now available at any intergalactic reseller for only 412457 space credits or an equivalent in your currency of choice.


Patrick says: Yeaah boi... Those Dutch house heroes get back in the kitchen with a spaced out and synthed up duo of peaktime disco heat. Alongside the electrified roller-boogie of the A-side we get a B-side flip on the Big Willie classic Daphni utilised for "Ye Ye" - killer stuff.

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RT @Sinkyateeth: DEBUT ALBUM out 1st June!! Pre-order VINYL or CD here:
Thu 22nd - 12:00
F L O K Bar Manchester sees our Kickin Pigeon grace the platters 2nite from 8pm if anyone's looking for some shelter from this blizzard!
Sat 17th - 5:53
SNOWDAY! Take shelter from the freeze with this set of super cool jams... @theblackangels @Thundercat
Sat 17th - 10:53
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