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Last year, Amusement Parks On Fire returned with their first release in '8.8 years'. The single 'Our Goal To Realise' saw the Nottingham art-rockers reappear with signature songwriting sophistication and sonic scope. 'All The New Ends' seeks to further cement their insignia whilst eschewing genre-tropes and preconceptions of form. Like the expansive concept-singles surrounding their second album 'Out Of The Angeles', the medium-length format once-again provides the perfect platform to push perceptions and extend expectations.

Amusement Parks On Fire

Our Goal To Realise

First new material in nearly 9 years from Amusement Parks On Fire, whose debut album was released on Geoff Barrow (of Portishead)'s Invada label, and was described by the New Musical Express as 'hedonistic teenage genius'. The Nottingham band signed to V2 Records in 2005 and released their second studio album Out Of The Angeles, then a series of medium-form 'concept singles'; 'Blackout' in 2005, 'In Flight' in 2006 and 'A Star Is Born' in 2007, with Drowned In Sound dubbing it 'a dizzying mini-epic... a chilly metaphysical beauty'.

Crash City Saints

Are You Free?

    Features Simon Raymonde of Cocteau Twins on "Dawn of a Bright New Nothing". Crash City Saints are back with the long awaited follow up to Glow In The Dark Music, which inspired rave reviews back in 2010. The band says their music sounds like a sandblaster spraying sugar, Are You Free? might be the best shoegaze-influenced album released all year, and yet it's so much more than that.

    At times, Crash City Saints sound like a powerpop band in shoegaze clothing. 'There's No School Tomorrow,' a song that prompts the equation GBV+MBV=CCS, might shower us in sparks, but it grooves like The Cars.

    What do you say about a band that's been able to take the best parts of MBV, Smashing Pumpkins, Galaxie 500, cut out the worst parts and make an album of 12 great songs?

    Secret Shine

    There Is Only Now

      Even as Secret Shine-in their guitars, in their harmonies-echo the sound we call shoegaze, the drift we call dreampop. they bring a level of pop smarts to their music that few of their sonic contemporaries can touch. On the strength of last year's reissue of Untouched comes Secret Shine's new album There Is Only Now.

      Back in the early 90's Secret Shine got snatched up by seminal indiepop label Sarah Records, because Sarah could hear the hooks in the haze, the vitality in the vocals, so much more than a trend, so much more than a sound. It's obvious Secret Shine grew up in love with pop, in love with ABBA, in love with the Smiths. But oh what a sound they make.

      Trespassers William



        Anchor is the first record from dream-pop veterans Trespassers William. RSD 2016. 500 pressing (worldwide). Recorded in 1998 while the band were still teenagers in their native southern California, the album shows the band developing their signature sound within the context of singer/songwriter Anna-Lynne Williams' always beautiful and haunting songs. Though the expansive soundscapes they would explore on later recordings are more subtly presented here, the atmospheric melodies of guitarist Matthew Brown still gracefully complement Anna-Lynne's ethereal vocals.


        You're Beautiful, I Forgive You

        Drowner's music has been called "gigantic, impassioned shoegaze...ear-deafeningly loud and sonically breath taking...Hints of Spiritualized's lysergic gospel..." by The 405.

        With the band expanded to 5 pieces just as the tracks were being sketched in, the contributions of new personnel and a more live approach to recording make for an album with a solid rock sound and dynamics. Tracks like "Glow," "Metro" and the lead single "Stay With Me" reach massive intensities, while more downtempo songs like "Mirror" and "Not There" lose you in space and texture. Other tracks, like "On Bright Days" and "Auto Zen" take an amped-up and breezy, dream pop approach. Building on the sonic energy of their first release (last year's self titled EP), Drowner, on their first proper long player, presents a band at ease with experimenting outside of their shoegaze and dream pop beginnings. Many of the same elements are here, but are more nuanced: layered vocals are brought to the fore, the arrangements are more confident and the balance of noise, shimmer and melody, more finely rendered. The instrumentation expands to include warm piano and slide guitar, bringing a hint of soulful country. True to their foundations, Drowner's You're Beautiful, I Forgive You, is smoldering and cinematic, lyrical yet powerful; a compelling and listenable record.

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