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Bob Holroyd's spiritual house zenith, "African Drug" reworked by Joe Claussell and originally released in 1994 on Sacred Rhythm - back for a limited period only.

The original, full of gamelans and ethnic perc is in itself quite ahead of its time, foreseeing the obsession with slow, tribal rhythms that the new EBM and Dusseldorf mob now seem to be reveling in. Amongst the backdrop of uptempo funky house, proggy techno and jungle, this slow, hypnotic number may have seemed somewhat out of place in the mid 90s! Joaquin's 'Hallucinatory' version is a drawn out druggy epic, full of rhythmic nuances, growling bass notes and tribal vocal chants that again, seems to have predicted its resurfacing now, in 2018, and sounding more relevant than ever. Anyone fetishizing over Tolouse Low Trax or the Sued crew (PG Sounds, SW, SVN) just needs to buy this and play it on -8%!! A voodoo masterpiece - don't miss out on your copy this time round!


Ltd 12" Info: One copy available

Now This Is Congo

Tribal Gathering

Time for some more super priced, super-limited and super-heavy Sacred Rhythm house music folks. You know the score by now, the current rate of £s to $s sucks at the moment, so Clausell's already pricey rekids hit the roof. But that only means less people end up owning these absolutely top draw slabs, Afro-house's caviar of secret weapons if you will; which can only be a good thing when you consider the sheer ballistic capabilities of these units! "Tribal Gathering" epitomises the demonic energy prevalent in tribal music, possessing an inner voodoo power that's gonna force you to the centre of the dancefloor. Bongos, congas, cowbells and toms all crash, bang and wallop and sit perfectly in the mix, occupying a wide stereo field. A subtle tribal chanting rests in the distance while various drum solos build up the energy into a frenzied clamour. With dynamics flowing like waves from subtle builds to crashing drops all held together through a raw jungle spirit, and a hugely powerful pressing just made for nice loud sound systems, this is high grade club fodder. Like good olive oil, you get what you pay for...


12" Info: Limited one-sided 12".

The Bayara Citizens


    Previously only available in Japan, the Bayara Citizens are Joe Claussell's new project on Spiritual Life sister-label Sacred Rhythm Music. Gathering a tight band, he embarks on some live spiritual house playing with layers of scope. Amongst the extra bits is a version of Mental Remedy's "Obatala" recorded live in Japan before an appreciative crowd. Long out of print, and available now in very limited quantities, this is your chance to own a true spiritual house classic.

    Twins Seven Seven

    Shandoroko (The Sacred Rhythm Slang In Trance Interpretation By Joaquin Joe Claussell)

    Super limited warehouse find of this Sacred Rhythm Music one-sided blast from way back in 2008. Full of that wild tribal flavour that'd characterize much of Claussell's output, Twins Seven Seven's "Shandoroko" is given the proper treatment by the Body & Soul master, extending it out for a good quarter of an hour (!!) and keeping that hypnotic energy coursing through its veins till the end.

    Released at a time when Joe Claussell would regularly sell out venues performing on the Urie mixer - I can personally attest to the life-affirming personality and flamboyance he would put into playing these records - tweaking them constantly through his 4-band isolator EQ and getting the whole club locked in a euphoric unison. A spiritual experience! 


    Ltd 12" Info: *WAREHOUSE FIND*

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