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Ace & Sandman

Let Your Body Talk

    En garde mother suckas, there's a razor sharp Saber with your name on it. Originally released in 1992, this killer cut from Ace & The Sandman (aka Merwyn & Eric Lewis of Virgo Four) has since fallen into the dreaded mass of obscurity, only to be saved by this tasty reissue (remastered from the original tapes) and a new generation of DJs ready to spread the message. Lead track "Let Your Body Talk" is a smudged and blurred dream house monster which packs a sneaky little acid assualt in the b-line and plenty of reverential bliss in the choral vox sound. Falling between a lost Larry Heard and Robert Owens jam and prime proto Legowelt tackle this couldn't sound more right for the contemporary dancefloors. On the flip we head straight into Patch and Pigeon territory with two funk filled, sampler bashing house jams of the highest order. "Ain't That Somethin'" blends together a rattling percussion groove, disco bassline and a couple of vocals (from a hip hop classic and house anthem respectively) and then goes to down chopping and dropping that shit. Throw in unrelenting EQ tweeking and you know it's gonna go off big time! Ace & The Sandman close the EP out in deep and soulful mood with the garage bounce of "Shakin' Room". Making fine use of some jazzy minor 7ths and a liquid groove the Virgo get you moving in the most perculiar way before hitting you with all manner of samples (including Chic's "Dance Dance Dance". Classy, sassy and destined for the front of my box forever more.

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