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Marcia Griffiths

Feel Like Jumping

    First in a brand-new series of all-time Studio One party bombs which is now available for the first time ever on loud 12”. Marcia Griffiths’ ‘Feel Like Jumping’ is a stone cold classic, one of the best reggae songs ever made.100% essential monster tune that rocks any dancefloor!


    1. Marcia Griffiths - Feel Like Jumping
    2. Dub Specialist - Feel Like Jumping Part 2

    Trees Speak


      This is incredibly Trees Speak’s third album on Soul Jazz Records released in the space of one year – and it’s amazing! Trees Speak’s new album Post-Human once again blends 1970s German electronic and ‘motorik’ Krautrock instrumentals (think Harmonia, Can, Cluster, Popul Vuh, Neu!), haunting and powerful 1960s and 1970s soundtracks (think Italian prog-rock Goblin and John Carpenter horror movies, Morricone and existential John Barry spy movies), together with a New York No Wave electronic synth and guitar analogue DIY-ness (think Suicide, anything on Soul Jazz’s New York Noise series or Eno's New York No Wave)!

      The new album Post-Human draws further upon German krautrock high-concept albums from the likes of Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze from the 1970s, as Trees Speak create their own powerful new landscapes of sound that manage to be at once contemporary as well as both timeless and with a sense of science-fiction futurism. Trees Speak’ seamlessly segue together all these musical elements into Post-Human, a conceptually expansive album which follows on from their critically-acclaimed debut LP Ohms, and the follow-up Shadow Forms released on Soul Jazz Records less than six months ago. This powerful new album is a high-concept collage of retro-futurist science-fiction music, which is fantastically illustrated by a specially commissioned cover design by the artist Eric Lee, a dramatic vision of life after humanity. Trees Speak are Daniel Martin Diaz and Damian Diaz from Tucson, Arizona and their music often draws on the cosmic night-time magic of Arizona’s natural desert landscapes. ‘Trees Speak’ relates to the idea of future technologies storing information and data in trees and plants - using them as hard drives – and the idea that Trees communicate collectively.

      With Post-Human, Trees Speak take the listener deep into their unique musical world of unknown visions of the past and the future.


      1. Double Slit
      2. Glass
      3. Chamber Of Frequencies
      4. Divided Light
      5. Elements Of Matter
      6. Magic Transistor
      7. Scheinwelt
      8. PostHuman
      9. Synthesis
      10. X Zeit
      11. Incandescent Sun
      12. Healing Rods
      13. Steckdose
      14. Amnesia Transmitter
      15. Quantize Humanize
      16. Gläserner Mensch

      Various Artists

      Soul Jazz Records Presents Cold Wave #1

        Soul Jazz Records’ new ‘Cold Wave’ is a collection of current electronic artists who have all been shaped by the early European cold wave artists of the late 70s and early 80s.

        This is the first release of Soul Jazz Records’ new Cold Wave overview and a second volume will follow.

        These first artists created new electronic musical landscapes as well as pursuing a stubborn DIY aesthetic, often releasing material on cassette and pioneering use of lo-fi technology, primitive drum machines and home recording techniques. As part of this continued evolution today many of the artists featured here also self-release their own material, run labels, publish fanzines, or are part of wider musical collectives.

        Aside from the first electronic, no wave and post-punk artists cited as influences – Suicide, Patrick Cowley, The Normal, Martin Hannett, Laurie Anderson, Public Image – this new generation of artists also show an exquisitely open source of electronic and disparate influences, everything from Underground Resistance to Purcell, from Scientist to new beat and more besides.

        Most of the featured artists are based in Europe and include Krikor, Dissemblance and VQOA from France, De Ambassade from the Netherlands, Moisture from Sweden, Kreidler from Germany, Céline Gillian and Carcass Identity from Belgium. One exception is FIT Siegel out of Detroit, connecting the electronic pathways of Europe to the Motor City.

        All of the bands featured here make distinctive contemporary music out of the 80s roots of the first cold wave movement.

        This first edition of ‘Cold Wave’ comes in two vinyl editions – a one-off pressing orange coloured vinyl edition and a black vinyl edition. Both come as heavyweight double vinyl housed in bespoke individual inner sleeves and the first pressing of this album comes with its own free pullout fanzine on the groups featured. The CD edition comes with artist booklet / fanzine and slipcase. All editions are printed in special dayglo colour finish.


        1. Dissemblance – Capture
        2. Carcass Identity – Reflexion Ocean
        3. FIT Siegel – Wayne County Stomp
        4. De Ambassade – Standhouden
        5. Wang Inc. – Approdo
        6. Krikor Kouchian – Niños Matadores
        7. Céline Gillain – Fight Or Flight
        8. Kreidler – Kannibal
        9. Moisture – Gammut
        10. Violent Quand On Aime – Of Course I’m A Liar

        Various Artists

        Soul Jazz Records Presents: Deutsche Elektronische Musik 4: Experimental German Rock And Electronic Music 1971-83

          This is the new instalment of Soul Jazz Records’ ground-breaking ‘Deutsche Elektronische Musik’ series, “a near-definitive guide to some of the world’s most extraordinary music” - The Guardian.

          This new Soul Jazz release features many of the classic German electronic and Krautrock groups from the 1970s and 1980s, including Can, Amon Düül II, Harmonia, Conrad Schnitzler, Agitation Free and Roedelius, as well as a host of lesser known artists such as Dzyan, Klaus Weiss, Gruppe Between and many more.

          Deutsche Elektronische rarities unearthed on the album include Kalacakra (whose fanbase included the great Moondog) and their superb ‘Nearby Shiras’, taken from their super-rare spiritual / psychedelic private press concept album ‘Crawling to Lhasa’ from 1972. 

          ‘Deutsche Elektronische 4’ includes a wealth of German electronic experimental artists - the seminal pioneering group Harmonia (Roedelius, Moebius and Michael Rother) and avant-garde guru Conrad Schnitzler, as well as lesser known synthetic artists such as Klaus Weiss, Deutsche Wertarbeit, E.M.A.K. (Elektronische Musik Aus Köln), Günter Schickert and others.

          Finally, the album also features an array of heavy and progressive German cosmic rock groups - Dzyan, Virus and the amazing Turkish/German tripped out sound of Alex’s ‘Patella Black’, recorded at Can’s Inner Space in 1973, produced by Holger Czukay and Jackie Liebezeit.

          ‘Deutsche Elektronische 4’ comes with extensive newly commissioned sleevenotes by David Stubbs, author of the seminal books ‘Future Days: Krautrock and the building of Modern Germany’, ‘Mars By 1980: The story of Electronic Music’ and ‘Krautrock: Cosmic Rock and its Legacy’.

          This album comes as a deluxe double CD edition with outsize booklet and slipcase, as well as a heavyweight triple vinyl edition with full colour inner sleeves. Both formats include full liner notes and extensive rare photography.


          says: I really can't get enough of these compilations. Superb, unheard of gems mixed in with some undeniable classics, and presented beautifully in true Soul Jazz style. Unsurprisingly brilliant.


          1. Alex – Patella Black
          2. Klaus Weiss – Driving Sequences
          3. Can – I'm So Green
          4. Agitation Free – Laila, Part II
          5. Deutsche Wertarbeit – Guten Abend, Leute
          6. Amon Düül II – Wolf City
          7. Michael Rother – Flammende Herzen
          8. Klaus Weiss – Pink Sails
          9. Virus – My Strand-Eyed Girl
          10. Conrad Schnitzler – Ballet Statique
          11. Kalacakra – Nearby Shiras
          12. EMAK – Tanz In Den Himmel
          13. Et Cetera – Mellodrama 2a
          14. Between – Triumphzug Kaiser Maximilian I
          15. Roedelius – Halmharfe
          16. Dzyan – Dragonsong
          17. Harmonia – Deluxe (Immer Wieder)
          18. Günter Schickert – Suleika
          19. Witthüser & Westrupp – Schöpfung (1. Mose 1)

          Various Artists

          Soul Jazz Records Presents Studio One 007 - Licenced To Ska


            Limited-edition one-off pressing exclusive Record Store Day collectors seven-inch box set, featuring ten super rare killer cuts on five 7" singles.Featuring The Skatalites, Lee Perry, Jackie Mittoo, Bob Marley The Wailers.Roland Alphonso and The Soul Brothers, rare and classic tracks from Jamaica's no.1 record label, Studio One.James Bond and Jamaica have very strong links and the films have always been much loved there - it was home for Bond's creator Ian Fleming and provided the setting for Dr.No, Live and Let Die, The Man With The Golden Gun and the latest instalment, 'No Time To Die', which will be released in 2020, sees Bond return to the island once more.All tracks have been digitally remastered and the singles come housed in a thick, heavyweight card box.This box set is a one-off pressing exclusively for Record Store Day.

            Various Artists

            Soul Jazz Records Presents... Brazilian Funk Power - Brazilian Funk & Samba Soul


              Soul Jazz Records are releasing Brazil Funk Power ñ Brazilian Funk & Samba Soul, a limited-edition one-off pressing, exclusive for Record Store Day, collectors seven-inch box set, featuring ten superb, rare and classic Brazilian funk, boogie and Samba soul tracks cut across five individual bespoke 7" singles, all housed in a bespoke box set. This release features music by Jorge Ben, Azymuth, Donato, Tim Maia, Novos Baianos,Cassiano and more. Incredible and infectious heavy samba, funk and soulful Brazilian hypnotic dance tracks from some of the most important names in Brazilian music alongside some serious rarities. All tracks have been digitally re-mastered and the singles come housed in a thick, heavyweight deluxe card box. This box set is a one-off pressing exclusively for Record Store Day.

              Various Artists

              Soul Jazz Records Presents Studio One Rockers

                LIMITED TO ONE PER PERSON.

                Soul Jazz Records are releasing this 20th anniversary edition of their classic Studio One Rockers on unique Record Store Day EXCLUSIVE coloured vinyl + download code.This new edition is a one-off pressing exclusively for Record Store Day.Owned and founded by Clement "Coxsone" Dodd, Studio One's output serves as a comprehensive guide to the history of Reggae music. The music on Studio One Rockers covers all areas of Reggae such as Ska, Rocksteady, Roots and Dancehall, all areas in which Studio One led the field and has become the essential introduction to reggae fans throughout the world.Included in this compilation are classic Ska tracks ("Phoenix City"), Rocksteady ("Feel Like Jumping"), Roots music ("Truth and Rights"), Dancehall (Freddy McGregor, Michigan and Smiley) and many more.Featured here are many of the classic tracks from Studio One.From Dawn Penn's legendary "No, No, No" to classics such as Horace Andy's "Skylarking" and Marcia Griffith's "Feel Like Jumping". "Compilation of the year.100% Essential" Time Out "Compilation of the year.A compilation of unbelievable quality.Awesome" DJ "A who's who of Jamaican music" The Times "An essential slice of musical history" Wire "The most credible compilation of reggae you can buy" The Guardian

                Inell Young

                The Next Ball Game (Love Record Stores Edition)

                  Love Record Stores Edition available from 9am on Saturday June 20th.
                  Limited to one per person.

                  Here is our 2nd Killer New Orleans Funk £200+ Bomb!

                  Featuring Inell Young's searing vocal performance

                  + James Black's seriously awesome drumming

                  + Eddie Bo arrangement and production!

                  100% Essential!

                  Soul Jazz Records’ new Studio One album is a fantastic selection featuring all-star legendary Studio One vocalists - Alton Ellis, Marcia Griffiths, The Heptones, Horace Andy, Freddie McGregor, Sugar Minott - alongside a host of classic and super-rare Lovers Rock cuts, all of which Clement Dodd recorded at the Brentford Road studio.

                  Lovers rock brought together many elements and here you will find sweet harmonies, late 1960s rocksteady, 1970s soul covers, disco mixes, recuts and new rhythms, which all fit together in a timeless twilight of love and harmony - as if lovers silhouetted by a Kingston sunset.

                  Here you will find stone-cold classic Studio One tunes - Marcia Griffiths ‘Truly’, Horace Andy’s ‘I’ll Be Gone’, superrare cuts like Carlton And The Shoes’ killer 70s versions of ‘Never Give Your Heart Away’ and ‘Let Me Love You’ (vocal cut to Jackie Mittoo’s mighty Wall Street), The Invaders’ sweet lovers rocksteady bomb ‘Sweet Soul Rocking’ (currently for sale at £2,500 on certain online secondhand sites) and many more.

                  This new album comes with sleevenotes by Lloyd Bradley, the acclaimed author of ‘Bass Culture’, ‘Sounds Like London’ and ‘Reggae: The Story Of Jamaican Music’.

                  TRACK LISTING

                  Alton Ellis - Tumbling Tears
                  The Heptones - I Hold The Handle
                  Carlton And The Shoes - Never Give Your Heart Away
                  The Minstrels - Yours Until Tomorrow
                  Jerry Jones - Oh Me Oh My
                  Horace Andy - I’ll Be Gone
                  Carlton And The Shoes - Let Me Love You (12” Discomix)
                  The Invaders - Soulful Music
                  Sugar Minott - Ghetto Girl
                  Marcia Griffiths - Truly
                  Devon Russell - My Woman’s Love
                  Billy Cole - Rock All Night
                  Freddie McGregor - I Don’t Know
                  Cornel Campbell - Didn’t I 
                  Horace Andy - Wanna Be Free
                  The Heptones - My Ting A Ling (12” Discomix)
                  Alton Ellis - Someone (Extended Mix)
                  The Righteous Flames - I Was Born To Be Loved

                  Various Artists

                  Soul Jazz Records Present Punk 45 - Chaos In The City Of Angels And Devils: Hollywood From X To Zero & Hardcore On The Beaches

                  ‘Chaos In The City Of Angels And Devils’ is the new installment of Soul Jazz Records’ ‘Punk 45’ series featuring an array of first generation Los Angeles punk bands including X, The Germs, The Zeros, The Urinals, The Weirdos and many more.

                  This is the sixth ‘Punk 45’ release on Soul Jazz Records and follows on from the earlier releases covering punk from Cleveland, Akron, UK, USA and proto-punk, as well as the book ‘Punk 45: Cover Art Of Punk’ written in collaboration with Jon Savage.

                  Unlike the other major cities of New York and London, punk in Los Angeles was pretty much ignored by the major record industry. As bands sprang up, Los Angeles punk also gave rise to a wide range of its own DIY independent record labels.

                  Los Angeles punk came in two distinct phases - The first Hollywood groups (c. 1977-79) and the birth of hardcore in the surrounding Los Angeles suburbs and beaches (c. 1979-81). This album includes music from both periods to provide a fascinating look at underground punk in Los Angeles in its formative years.

                  TRACK LISTING

                  1. The Middle Class - Out Of Vogue
                  2. X - We're Desperate
                  3. The Flesh Eaters - Disintegration Nation
                  4. The Weirdos - A Life Of Crime
                  5. The Urinals - I'm White And Middle Class
                  6. Iggy And The Stooges - I Got A Right
                  7. The Germs - Forming
                  8. Agent Orange - Bloodstains
                  9. Black Randy|The Metrosquad - Trouble At The Cup
                  10. The Urinals - Ack Ack Ack Ack
                  11. The Zeros - Don't Push Me Around
                  12. The Randoms - ABCD
                  13. Circle Jerks - What's Your Problem
                  14. The Bags - Survive
                  15. Adolescents - Amoeba
                  16. The Dils - Class War
                  17. The Deadbeats - Brainless
                  18. Simpletones - I Like Drugs
                  19. T.S.O.L. - World War III
                  20. Eyes - TAQN
                  21. The Hollywood Squares - Hollywood Square
                  22. The Deadbeats - Final Ride

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