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Sensuous deep house sprinkled with catchy loops and jazzy samples is what Loure puts on your deck for you to spin and captivate your audience.

Kicking proceedings is ‘Hope Circuitry’, a twin movement opening track that starts the EP off with a dreamy introduction of gospel vocals and a soulful piano. Loure then flips the switch on the track and roots it firmly on the dancefloor with a big funk bassline and re-chopped samples of itself.

On A2 you get ‘Streets’ a smokey jazz number effortlessly layered with sultry vocals, brushed drums and sweet sweet brass instrumentation.

Flip this very good record and you are welcomed by ‘The Beauty Was Us’ which comes with a thumping kick that melts away once the gorgeous strings, muted trumpet  and pianos enter the show. Spoken word phrases are complemented by frenetic drum programming and a walking live bassline. That is a lot to digest!

Finishing the EP is ‘Ruminate In Blue’. A smoothed out breakbeat rhythm underpins the deepest of deep chord movements. Blues inspired guitar licks and dubbed out soulful vocals shine alongside some amazing sax flirtations. 7 minutes in heaven, some will say. I concur!

Top shelf, top draw, top notch, blah blah blah. You need this. Period.


Sil says: You like your house sensuous? I do! Loure offers you the recipe to make your evening deeeeep. One of the best deep house 12" that we have got in a long time. Touches of St. Germain influence are tangible here.

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