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Guber is a blue-collar bass music producer from Paris. While you may think he’s newcomer in the local electronic scene, he has already released several records from Paris-based Beat X Changers, Bad Winners Records labels as well as several self-releases that has been heard all around Europe. His influences come from the 90’ metal scene to the UK Bass 2010 decade bangers, both following common paths of massive sub-frequencies shocks and obsessional drum loop. When Guber is self-releasing, his visual identity is heavily influenced by asset plants & machinery from the Energy Industry and enable to finally produce overall tracks with a universe deeply reflecting his own day-to-day work environment.

Wrong Ibiza EP follows 2 opposite dynamics from mental endothermic deployments to spontaneous exothermic loop deliveries. One face that is more uncertain, with bass lines densely packed with Brazilian-influenced drums, while the other is composed with tech-house cuts dimensioned and played around different rhythms and tempos. Guber shows in 'Wrong Ibiza' he is a savant in creating an engaging tapestry of sample loops, a sonic magic carpet ride of forgotten genres, a ride that does not lean on nostalgia to create magic but utilizing his uncompromising ears to weaves and waves decades of dance music sounds into a new end-product for the here and now.

The final remix from Ploy is overarching and consolidates the whole EP around sharp resequenced loops based on the main sample cuts. Diligent 148 bpm-remix, the track focuses on the development of hard cut vocals from the original mix, mechanically deployed among muddy atmospheric breaks. Side elements moving forward enhance the whole structure to deliver pure mental vibe construction.


A1. Wrong Ibiza (Bass Mix)
A2. Wrong Ibiza (4x4 Mix)
B1. Wrong Ibiza (Ploy Remix)
B2. Cilicia Late Distensis

One Tribe label-owner AMÉMÉ makes his debut production appearance on Crosstown Rebels next month with the three-track Drum Beat. The EP includes a remix by longstanding US house veteran Joeski, marking a major career achievement for the Benin-born talent.

The Latin influence is experienced right from the word go on Loca, as Saharan-esque elements build alongside resonant hats and playful, Spanish-like vocals. Tribal percussion drifts in and out alongside, whilst whirring key solos feature subtly throughout. Drum Beat comes next, manifesting as a welcome slice of contemporary Afro-house that’s packed full of raw instrumentals and authentic lyrical samples, before Joeski’s remix brings things to an up-tempo, club-ready close.

Specialising in Afro-leaning electronic music, AMÉMÉ has marked himself as one of the continent’s breakthrough talents in recent years. Head of One Tribe, his productions have been supported by the pioneering figure of Black Coffee since 2019, whilst his appearances on Watergate Records, Blond:Ish’s Abracadabra imprint and the mighty MoBlack Records have been equally well-received, firmly establishing his presence as one of modern dance music’s rising stars.

Joeski’s trajectory can be traced back to 1991, when he burst onto the NYC house scene as a founding member of The Chocolate Factory DJ collective. Since then, the US veteran has garnered a worldwide following thanks to his Maya label, which was first incepted in 2001, as well his keen ear for production that has seen him release on Crosstown Rebels, Relief and a myriad of other heavyweight imprints in recent years.


A. Loca
B1. Drum Beat
B2. Drum Beat (Joeski Remix)

It's been almost 3 years since the first volume of Dancefloor Detonators enhanced our nocturnal revelries, so it's a welcome treat to see a second volume has now made an appearance.

As with the first release, Volume 2 follows a similar principle, namely to put on vinyl some of the most popular tracks from the label's digital catalogue alongside some exclusive new cuts, appearing here for the first time to keep things 100% fresh. The resultant 5-tracker is nothing short of sublime.

Label regulars Secret Circuit, Sordid Sound System and Bal5000 appear alongside Optimo Music regular Feon and newcomer Wanda Krak.

Molusc-dance, drug-chug, shamanic house tribalism, whatever you wanna call it - Invisible Inc. provide the freaky shit for ur dance! 


Matt says: Molusc dance originators Invisible, Inc. return with some new signings for a incapsulating lesson in drug-chug. With mushroom season just round the corner it's good to stock up on some psilocybin friendly sonics...


A1. Secret Circuit - Orchid Chips
A2. Bal5000 - Neutra
A3. Wanda Krak - Spectral Beasts
AA1. Feon - Round Earther
AA2. Sordid Sound System - Vuelta 

Fingers Inc.

Another Side

    Originally dropped on Jack Trax back in 88, "Another Side" collected together the finest moments of the mighty Fingers Inc, and became the seminal Chicago house album on the way. Resurfacing occasionally over the last fifteen years in less than official form, the LP has always caused a wave of excitement, and now, a quarter of a century after its original release, Larry Heard has remastered and repackaged the set for an official outing on his own Alleviated imprint.

    A studio collaboration between house originator Larry Heard, Robert Owens and Ron Wilson, Fingers Inc served up some of the deepest, most soulful  house ever heard, and it's all on this LP! The proto house/club soul sounds of opener "Decision" and deep and spiritual "Bye Bye" keep things light and euphoric, while cuts like "Never No More Lonely", "Feelin Sleazy" and "Music Takes Me Up", head deeper, darker and filthier into the realm of acid house. Flawless from start to finish, this is an essential item for any true house head.


    A1 Decision 4:46
    A2 Bye Bye 5:35
    A3 Never No More Lonely 5:29
    A4 Shadows 4:28
    B1 Another Side 5:49
    B2 So Glad 6:18
    B3 I'm Strong 5:21
    B4 A Love Of My Own 6:00
    C1 Distant Planet 5:20
    C2 Feelin' Sleazy 5:07
    C3 Music Take Me Up 6:39
    C4 Mystery Friend 5:07
    D1 Mysteries Of Love 6:28
    D2 A Path 5:39
    D3 Bring Down The Walls 5:36
    D4 Can You Feel It

    California-based label Ritual Release introduce new & as-yet unknown duo Guruku. "Love Runaway" is their absolutely massive debut EP and comes with remixes by disco don Ray Mang.

    Title track "Love Runaway" features criminally underheard Tamara Lee on vocals and co-writing duties. With a bassline and chord progression that sounds like "She Can't Love You" slowed right now, the track is instantly arresting, a kind of 'how've I not heard this before' moment where you immediately require the ID and release date. I'm not kidding; anyone with penchant for Roisin Murphy or Crazy P is gonna totally wet their pants they hear this. Might be one of the biggest new disco 12"s of the year thus far!

    LA funk / R&B / future twang auteur Harriet Brown (Innovative Leisure, Phantom Island, World Building) provides guest vocals on the EP’s second original track, "Crimped Hair". Equally as crucial as that first hit; it glides on a modern soul vibe - all suspended synth-strings, vintage Linn drum pops and a sexy, smoochy vocal delivery.

    On the flip, Ray Mang delivers two versions of "Love Runaway". As per standard, it's a faultless touch up, beefing up the boogie decoration with multitude synth niggles, squirls and sweeps. It's gonna be tough to decide whether to plump for this or the original when out in the field - they're equally brilliant and guaranteed to ignite any dancefloor!

    Bill Brewster's already championing the release and trust us; this is one of the year's essential 12"s - especially if you've a penchant for Maurice Fulton, The Vision, Dreamcast, Crazy P, Roisin Murphy, Star Creature - you know, all that good stuff! 


    Matt says: One of those records that the DJ in me doesn't want to tell you about. I'm touting this as no. 1 new disco record of the year! The perfect mix of sexy, stylish, cool and infectious; absolutely essential if you dig Crazy P and Roisin.


    Love Runaway Ft Tamara Lee
    Crimped Hair
    Love Runaway Ft Tamara Lee (Ray Mang Remix)
    Love Runaway Ft Tamara Lee (Ray Mang Reprise) 

    This one has secretly been on the sticks of some of your favourite Balearic / disco DJs for quite some time now. Wonky 'Talo vibes from this Australian maestro; keeping it fun and infectious, utilizing that classic formula to maximum effect whilst throwing in some modern production prowess in the process. If you like your dancefloor guided by red lasers and amyl nitrates, this one's for you you Freddy! Comes with three different mixes for different levels of dancefloor intensity and ecstasy; the 'disco megamixxx' especially interesting as it throws a whole manner old skool dancefloor tropes and motifs into the smoldering pot.



    Matt says: Much anticipated after tickling the fancy of 'net boffins through some well placed DJ endorsement. It's easy to see why - "Lombardoni" rides that effortless Italian-styled cool. Hats off to Hysteric for recreating that original vibe, many have tried - few succeed!


    Lombardoni Tool
    Lombardoni Medley
    Lombardoni (Lipelis Disco Megamixxx)

    Back in stock Cover of Pelota Inc. Quantic & Felix Dickinson Remixes by Khruangbin.


    Pelota Inc. Quantic & Felix Dickinson Remixes

      Just found a couple of copies of these mega limited 12"s in the office. 

      First come first served.


      A Pelota Remix – Quantic
      B Time (You And I) Remix – Felix Dickinson

      Back in stock Cover of One To Remember Inc. Harvey Sutherland & Ginger Root Remixes by Khruangbin.


      One To Remember Inc. Harvey Sutherland & Ginger Root Remixes

        Just found one copy of this mega limited 12"s in the office. 

        First come first served.


        A One To Remember Remix – Harvey Sutherland
        B Connaissais De Face Remix – Ginger Root

        Guided By Voices

        Tremblers And Goggles By Rank

          Tremblers And Goggles By Rank marks a new phase in Robert Pollard’s songwriting evolution. His songs have always included non-traditional approaches to form and song structure, but with this album, he has pushed it further than ever. While the familiar Guided By Voices pop-craft and melodic virtuosity always occupies center stage, the first-time listener will never be able to predict what’s coming next in a song.

          “Alex Bell” and “Focus On The Flock” are the two anchors, each one expansive and filled with rock grandeur, and both exemplifying the complex wordplay, melodies, and structures that are hallmarks of the album.

          GBV’s latest batch of brilliant songs ride on colorful psychedelic flourishes and brash post-punk textures that make this ten-song album a one-of-a-kind head trip.

          While there are hooks and earworms aplenty within, this album is a complex and kaleidoscopic journey, representing a new echelon in the Guided By Voices universe. It represents another level of songwriting and performance from the group. It plays out like an intricate and powerful collage, in a very multicolored and multi-faceted fashion; a work grand in scale and undertaking.

          There are triumphant and glorious choruses, deep and dark wormholes, sinewy twists and turns, bold and theatrical bravados, massive cliffs, plateaus, peaks, and valleys - these emotional landscapes reach new and unexpected heights along the way.


          1. Lizard On The Red Brick Wall
          2. Alex Bell
          3. Unproductive Funk
          4. Roosevelt's Marching Band
          5. Goggles By Rank
          6. Cartoon Fashion (Bongo Lake)
          7. Boomerang
          8. Focus On The Flock
          9. Puzzle Two
          10. Who Wants To Go Hunting?

          Karen Dalton

          Shuckin' Sugar

            In 1962, Karen summoned Richard Tucker to join her in Colorado, extolling the healthier lifestyle, and plentiful gigs at Boulder folk club The Attic. Upon his arrival, the pair solidified their personal and professional relationship, riding horses in the mountains, and performing as a duo at parties and venues throughout Denver and Boulder. Stories of the spell they conjured – and rumours of tapes! – have circulated among friends and musicians who witnessed them, but until now, no recorded evidence had turned up. Shuckin’ Sugar is the glorious result of three reel to reel tapes that miraculously found their way to us in November, 2018; which featured two complete shows from The Attic in January ‘63, and a benefit concert for The Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) recorded the following February. Their gigs would often include brief solo sets from Karen and Richard, in addition to the duets, and all seven solo songs of Karen’s found on the three reels are included here, as well as five duets, sequenced as close to how it all went down as humanly possible. To describe the record would take a poet, but all I can say is that unveiling a missing chapter in the Karen Dalton story – with six songs we’ve never heard her sing before – is cause for celebration in Delmore’s world.

            “From her opening, jaw-dropping lift-off with early blues standard “Trouble In Mind,” the unique otherworld Karen conjured springs into vivid life. Playing to audiences inevitably bound to the era’s formalities and traditions, Karen instinctively pushed the envelope, straying into uncharted territory beyond the established borders. She must have bewildered many who came to see her in those winsome Peter, Paul and Mary times." From the liner notes by Kris Needs

            TRACK LISTING

            Trouble In Mind 
            If You're A Viper
            When First Unto This Country 
            Shiloh Town 
            Shuckin' Sugar Blues 
            Everytime I Think Of Freedom 
            Ribbon Bow 
            Blues Jumped The Rabbit 
            Lonesome Valley 
            When I Get Home 
            In The Pines 
            Katie Cruel

            Germany is not the first country you think of the glitterball; but some of the hottest disco artists of the 1970s and 80s were based in Germany. To be more precise in Munich. Donna Summer, Moroder, Faltermeyer, Boney M or Silver Convention who created the iconic string-led sound came from Munich’s wild disco scene in the 1970s. And that's the vibe you get with the new Gome guys. This youthful troupe originally come from Munich. They have the Munich disco DNA. They feel the funk, they know about soul music and good basslines, they know how to groove (not to bang) and they have that slight sense of irony and easiness you need to make good disco & boogie music. Reminding us a little like Gramme mixed with The Right Now and Galaxians, they’re looking to expand on disco and boogie’s great legacy whilst paying tribute to the original pioneers; taking the genre confidently through into the 2020s…

            Gome are a live act. Their disco is played on several drum machines, keyboards, sequencers and a microphone. (Check their live on Insta). Their first EP got massive props from the likes of Laurent Garnier and other house and disco DJs across the spectrum.

            The new one goes further, remodeling 80's boogie stylings into a fresh dancefloor sound. The first track "Teach you" was produced in the raw style of early Prince or the legendary Sexual Harassment. A squelchy bassline, driving 808 beats and funky rap vocals is the only thing you need. Erobique, king of German disco and member of the band International Pony (DJ Koze & Cosmic DJ) did a stripped down, slap bass-led remix showing off a highly poised rhythmic interplay between drum, bass and perfectly timed guitar chops – the funk is high on this one folks!

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Matt says: Toytonics enlist Gome for an excellent EP that delivers one anthemic piano house number and one Prince-esque boogie squelcher. Erobique drop a stripped back redux and there's a highway-cruising electro number completing things nicely.

            TRACK LISTING

            Teach You
            Teach You (Erobique Remix)
            Come On (Piano Mix)
            Electric Boulevard 


            Moon Shadow / Mood Light - Inc. Joe Classell / Kyodai Reworks

            Often lauded as one of label head's Mad Mats and Tooli's favourite 12"s on the Local Talk label, "Moon Shadow / Mood Light" gets reworked by no other than Joe Claussell and Kyodai!

            With its warm, melodic chords, infectious piano theme and big strings it seems perfectly suited to one of Joe Claussell's lavish and long house epics.
            Back in the late 90's, Mats used to book Joe for his legendary Raw Fusion parties in Stockholm so the connection and mutual respect were already in place. The result is a +11 minute long musical house journey that builds and builds until those characteristic piano chords make an entrance and transform the dynamics into a rainbow of sounds. Grandiose house music unique to the Body & Soul stalwart!

            Brothers Javi & Luis aka Kyodai (and 2/3 of Bassfort) take on "Moonlight" with an organic jazz reinterpretation; utilizing completely live instrumentation (including vocals) and resulting in the kinda jam you might have caught 4 Hero playing back in the day...

            A brilliantly celebratory release from the impeccable Local Talk label. Recommended. 

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Matt says: Master of the long form house rework, Joe Claussell gets his mits on one of Local Talk's finest moments. Meanwhile, modern jazz duo Kyodai elevate "Mood Light" into stratospheric heights of feeling and expression. A truly great release from this mammoth label.

            TRACK LISTING

            A. Moon Shadow (Joe Claussell Rework)
            B. Moon Light (Kyodai Rework)

            Gramrcy & John Loveless

            Highdive - Inc. Schacke Remix

            Having been extensively road-tested this past year by DJs including Daniel Avery, HAAi and Gerd Janson, “Highdive” arrives with tangible anticipation. The work of less-than-shadowy figures Gramrcy and John Loveless, the pair have passed lockdown and beyond remixing artists such as WH Lung, Discovery Zone and Ghost Culture. Debuting their first original material, closely following Gramrcy’s recent appearance on Loveless’s own Hot Concept imprint, “Highdive” is a long-anticipated explosion of energy.

            Built around a sonic-boom breakdown, glossy rave chords and pounding post-punk drums, “Highdive” feels immediately at home on Phantasy. Having worked closely alongside founder Erol Alkan in recent years to shape the imprint's diverse output, Loveless' collaboration with the Peach Discs founder nods to the electro landscape of the label's earliest days. Having never left dance floors since, Gramrcy & John Loveless take a golden opportunity to plunge dancers into the sublime and the ridiculous.

            While a stripped-down ‘Beats Mix’ sees the pair adopt a less-maximal approach, leave it to Schacke to stretch “Highdive” into hardcore rave heaven. The already-influential Copenhagen artist underscores his refreshing funk in the ‘fast-techno’ scene through which he has risen, turning the screws and upping the tempo with intense but elastic results. 

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Matt says: Big ups John Loveless! Yes mate!! For those that don't know, John used to live right here in MCR; documenting the folklore of our night life and generally getting right amongst it. Now based in Berlin, it's really nice to see this (self-coined) 110% DJ put his efforts into the production desk. A full throttle maniac, the energy levels don't drop below 10 on this fully certified banger for Phantasy.

            TRACK LISTING

            A1. Highdive
            A2. Highdive (Beats Mix)
            B. Highdive (Schacke Remix)

            Lined up next on Cosmocities is this trance-indebted EP from Prism, the collaborative endeavour of French producer Pascal Eloy and UK-based Grant Wilkinson. The three-track EP “CMSR006” mixes unreleased music (“Refraction”), a 1996-issued goodie (“Rain”) and an exclusive remix from SYO, better known for his ambitiously retro-futuristic output under the S.O.N.S moniker.

            Originally released as part of Planet Dog’s 1996 compilation “Feed Your Head”, “Rain” retains all of its original mystique and soulful use of modern production tools - letting a cascading flow of arpeggiated synths, stealth bass onslaughts and 303-borne trippiness pour down as a fully immersive digital shower for the senses.

            An unheard gem from the vault, initially written and recorded in 1995, “Refraction” pulls further dynamic traction from a bubbling drum programming and damp, urban jungle-y atmosphere - beaming us straight back in the rave’s most compelling heyday with its feverish maelstrom of fluttering bleeps, spiraling tribal motifs and faux-organic, Neo-Easternmost harmonics.

            Adding his ever innovative spin to the table, SYO cuts into the flesh of the original to deliver a further syncopated and spacious version, flush with complex rhythmic sleights of hand and subtle melodic trickery throughout, bound to keep you on the edge with every bar. 25 years on since it was first designed, Prism’s lasting relevancy shines bright on this all-road, bold-to-the-full trance epic that’s lost nothing of its flair.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Matt says: Early trance blueprints reimagined here whilst also catering to the kind of free party hedonism that swept through the country in the mid 90s. If you dug the Earth Leakage Trip 12" and the DJ Athome compilation - this ones for you!

            TRACK LISTING

            A1. Refraction
            B1. Refraction (SYO Remix)
            B2. Rain

            Robert Pollard

            Our Gaze

              On Oct 9, 2007, Robert Pollard simultaneously released two albums on Merge Records: Standard Gargoyle Decisions and Coast To Coast Carpet Of Love. Both now out of print, Pollard has reimagined and condensed the two as Our Gaze, a single fifteen song album. Because it’s better.

              TRACK LISTING

              1. The Killers
              2. Pill Gone Girl
              3. Count Us In
              4. The Island Lobby
              5. Rud Fins
              6. Current Desperation
              (Angels Speak Of Nothing)
              7. Hero Blows The Revolution
              8. Come Here Beautiful
              9. Shadow Port
              10. Miles Under The Skin
              11. Folded Claws
              12. Feel Not Crushed
              13. Youth Leagues
              14. When We Were Slaves
              15. Our Gaze

              S-Tone Inc. is back with a full rework of his previous full-length "Body & Soul", a homage to the late '70s / early '80s disco music that the artist used to immerse in during those adventurous years. Early '90s British acid jazz, '70s soul, Brazilian and jazz music are here reworked in a nu-disco key, with the exception of the downbeat tracks "Flying Away" and "Midnight Sun" and the 'spacey' "Odoya", rearranged by The Invisible Session without mining the overall mood of this release.

              TRACK LISTING

              1. Body And Soul (Remix)
              2. Pra Voce (Extended Remix) [feat. Toco]
              3. In The Name Of Love (Extended Remix) [feat. Laura Fedele]
              4. Blow My Mind (Remix) [feat. Afra Kane]
              5. Flying Away (Remix) [feat. Afra Kane]
              6. Rosa Da Ribeira (Extended Remix) [feat. Toco]
              7. (Got To) Move On [Remix] [feat. Afra Kane]
              8. No Meio Do Samba (Remix) [feat. Toco]
              9. Odoya (The Invisible Session Remix) [feat. Toco]
              10. Midnight Sun (Remix)

              Nico Gomez And His Afro Percussion Inc


                Belgium, not the first place you'd think of when it comes to Latin or Afro-funk. Yet one of the greatest records to blend both styles came from the small northern European country, masterminded by Nico Gomez and his Afro Percussion Inc.

                'Ritual' was originally released in 1971 on the Dutch label Omega International (Gomez was born in Holland before moving to Belgium in the late 40s) and is being reissued by Mr Bongo in 2013, bringing its blazing funk grooves to both new ears and those already tuned in to this masterpiece's legacy.

                Across its 11 tracks Ritual delivers the kind of production, arrangement and musicianship that rightfully belong in a dictionary next to the definition of professional. Gomez' band was tight and they knew it, showing it off on their covers of Perez Prado's 'Caballo Negro' and 'Lupita' by injecting the originals with a deep funk that blends both Afro and Latin influences. On 'Samba De Una Nota So' and 'El Condor Pasa', another pair of covers, they switch to soulful downtempo with mesmerising ease. The title cut remains one of the album's highlights, a devastating dancefloor groove with horns to match that has aged beautifully and was heavily sampled by Liquid People for 'The Dragon'. 'Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!' adds touches of rock with fuzzy guitars for one of the album's headier experiences.

                'Ritual' is a perfect example of the kind of experimentation that was rife in the 70s and which, when done as well as on this album, proves quite simply timeless.

                Coss & Luca Musto

                Remind Me Tomorrow - Inc. Noema Remix

                The Magic Movement celebrate their 25th release with a wonderful selection of late night, tropical house from the Berlin based Coss & Luca Musto. Atmospheric jams that instantly transport you to star lit skies and red glowing neons, it comes with an equally hedonistic remix from label boss Noema. 

                Coss has been a mainstay at Berlin's Kater Blau club for some time now and has just released an EP on the club's in-house imprint Kiosk ID as well as an EP for his own Metanoia label. Italian rooted but Germany-based Luca Musto returns to the Magic Movement here following his 2018 "Parabel" EP and has since gone on to release further material with Cologne's Feines Tier and Laut & Luise in recent years.

                Here joining forces with the "Remind Me Tomorrow" EP the two artists deliver more of their distinctive tripped-out, dropped tempo club sound. "Broken Promises" leads the way via dreamy dubbed out textures, gnarly bass tones, twinkling chimes and airy arpeggios atop a galloping drum groove.

                Title cut "Remind Me Tomorrow" follows and brings modulating resonant synth lines into the forefront alongside elongated subs, cinematic pads, and circling sequences while Luca also stirs in his own rap/spoken word hip house style vocals.

                The third original "Concept Zero" follows next and lays down psychedelic guitars, choppy stabs, murky bass swells and dynamic delays before Noema rounds out the release with his take on "Remind Me Tomorrow", flipping the switch to raw, crunchy drums and spoken word vocal chants amongst the original's chuggy arps and dreamy melodic elements.

                All tracks have this lush patina and crisp production that's gonna sound splendidly 3D on the high end festival rigs and nightclub systems. You'll be hearing a lot of this one over Summer months me thinks... 

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Matt says: Highly crafted, transportive music with tons of character and a unique, stylish identity. Shadow lurking nocturnal dance music with hi-def production. Mega.

                TRACK LISTING

                A1. Broken Promises
                A2. Remind Santa (feat. Natalia Clavier)
                B1. Concept Zero
                B2. Remind Me Tomorrow (Noema's Resistance Rave Remix)

                Dames Brown

                What Would You Do? - Inc. Folamour

                Epitomizing the very best of their hometown’s unparalleled musical heritage, Detroit’s Dames Brown are the vocal trio you may not yet know by name but are sure to know by voice. Lending their exquisite range to a number of modern house essentials, including Sophie Lloyd’s ‘Calling Out’, The Vision featuring Andreya Triana ‘Heaven’ and David Penn’s ‘Nobody’ in recent years, Athena Johnson, Teresa Marbury and LaRae Starr now release ‘What Would You Do?’ on a limited 7” package. Produced by long-time collaborator of the group and fellow Motor City native Amp Fiddler and Mahogani Music regular Andrés, this slick, funk-filled and typically soulful vinyl release features the exceptional original version as well as Lyon house superstar Folamour’s remix, with his signature groove a perfect match for the Dames mesmerizing vocal. Don’t sleep!

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Matt says: Massive massive massive! Andres and Amp Fiddler on production! Bumps hard, kicks like a mule. With a bassline that'll cause ceilings to collapse.

                TRACK LISTING

                A. What Would You Do?
                B. What Would You Do? (Folamour Remix)

                Nate Manic

                Remixes Part 1 - Inc. Inc. Derrick Carter / Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts /Justin Cudmore / Lindsey Herbert Remixes

                Brilliantly bumpety house import here from Nate Manic & a top drawer selection of remixers, kick starting Quaint But Extra's vinyl tenure in fine style.

                First up is house music's larger than life personality and long serving veteran Derrick Carter who injects his usual skewwhiff, tumbling-down-the-stairs, highly swung grooves to "It's Never Easy" - characterized by searing vocoder line and squelchy synth hits.

                Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts remix "Late For Work" - a studded, percolating mid sessioner with just the right amount of tension. Rubbery low end push-pulling us into a writhing mass of sweaty club bodies - nice!

                "You Will Not Ruin Me" enjoys two separate outings. First by the 303-guided stutter of Justin Cudmore while the second is a much heavy, techno re-vamp by Lindsey Herbert. Hold onto your underpants! 

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Matt says: Queen of bump, Derrick Carter makes a welcome return, joined by a veritable selection of modern talent to remix these soulful Nate Manic house tracks. Check the Shelter-indebted "Late For Work" too!

                TRACK LISTING

                Side 1
                1. It's Never Easy (Derrick Carter Remix) (6:21)
                2. Late For Work (Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts Remix) (7:03)
                Side 2
                1. You Will Not Ruin Me (Justin Cudmore Remix) (6:29)
                2. You Will Not Ruin Me (Lindsey Herbert Remix) (7:07)

                Following hot on the heels of his recent mini-album for Elephant Gait, Italian producer Joseph Tagliabue is back with a full-length album on Glasgow's Invisible, Inc.

                With “Un' Altra Forma Di Vibrazioni” Tagliabue continues to expand on the cosmic foundations laid by such pioneering experimental forefathers as Franco Battiato and his ground-breaking abstract ambient work of the '70s and Klaus Schultze whose legendary Innovative Communications label birthed the Berlin School sound at the start of the '80s, then tracing a path toward later luminaries like Boards of Canada and Plaid. There's a personal, emotive and ethereal quality also present here conjuring feelings of 4AD's glory years and the likes of This Mortal Coil and Dead Can Dance. However, backwards-looking music this is not. It's fair to say the Milan-based producer is developing his very own distinct sound as he matures from one release to the next and regardless of his wide range of influences, it's Tagliabue's firm grasp of sound design and audio engineering that takes this album far beyond the realm of just electronica or psychedelia and plants it firmly into a distinctly forward-looking contemporary space of its very own that's as much music for the heart as it is music for the head.

                Tagliabue provides some insight: ‘“Un' Altra Forma Di Vibrazioni” (meaning ‘another form of vibration in Italian’) is a concept album inspired by one of the most sensational scientific discoveries of recent years, namely evidence of the existence of the Cosmic Web. The album is comprised of ten tracks, each linked to one another, much like the various forms of matter in the cosmic web, and whose meaning can only be understood by listening to them as a collective whole, rather than as separate pieces of music. The album therefore is a well constructed sonic experience fusing elements of ambient, psych, rock, experimental and trance and is designed to be listened to continuously from start to finish; the album's journey through the universal elements is reflected in each track, whose rhythms resonate in harmony with the phenomena they represent, whilst a backdrop of drones and mesmeric grooves contribute to an atmosphere of otherworldly mechanical oneirism.’

                TRACK LISTING

                A1. Materia Visible
                A2. Materia Oscura
                A3. Galassie Lontane
                A4. Gas E Polveri
                B1. Energia Radiante
                B2. Vuoti Giganti
                B3. Velocita Orbitale
                B4. Forza Gravitazionale
                B5. Filamenti Cosmici 

                12 inch reissue of Apiento's chill-out anthem "Things You Do For Love" w/ a new remix by dub reggae legend MAD PROFESSOR! Also features the "Original Mix" & "Heartbeat" mixes from the original 7 inch release. Plus the "Machine Mix" previously only available digitally. Go big or go home, right?!?!

                Written, Mixed & Produced by Paul Byrne
                Vocal by Claire Huss
                Recorded & Mixed at SE6 Sound
                Mastered by Jason Goz @ Transition Mastering

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Matt says: We've waited ages for this, and thankfully these new mixes don't disappoint. Mad Professor inna Balearic-dubwise rub-down ting!

                TRACK LISTING

                A1. Original Mix
                A2. Heartbeat
                AA1. Mad Professor Crazy Dubclubbing Remix
                AA2. Machine Mix 

                Age Of Love

                The Age Of Love - Inc. Charlotte De Witte & Enrico Sangiuliano / Jam & Spoon Remixes

                I gotta admit, I tried not to stock this record. Seeing Charlotte De Witte and her fiancé parade around Formular One, exotic mountain sides and some fancy Vancian rooftop locations in order to shoot THREE (count em!) different promo videos of exactly the same song, with them pathetically pretending to 'play' their remix live... OFF A FUCKING DJ CONTROLLER!! I mean, the term business techno could be more appropriate here. Apparently they were selling lame t-shirts promoting the track for $50 each too... fuck me!

                Anyway, thankfully this version DOES come with Jam & Spoon's beachball friendly remix AND the inspired original track which, when you think that it was released in 1990; pretty much set one of the blueprints and high watermarks of the trance genre before it really exploded post-'92.

                So yeah, if your original copy is hammered to death, and you can put up with these two clowns attempting to remix a track that they'll never be able to do justice, this record is for you! Honestly, it's worth it for the Jam & Spoon version...Plus some of the comments on Reddit..

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Matt says: Charlotte De Witte takes it upon herself to have a go at this early trance prototype. The results are lack-lustre but thankfully the original and Jam & Spoons mixes more than make up for it.

                TRACK LISTING

                Side 1
                1. The Age Of Love (Charlotte De Witte & Enrico Sangiuliano Remix) (8:11)
                Side 2
                1. The Age Of Love (Jam & Spoon Watch Out For Stella Mix) (6:57)
                2. The Age Of Love (5:55)


                Silent - Inc. Bullion Remix

                Following her 2021 debut, ‘Save My Day’, remixed by DJ Python, PYTKO returns to Phantasy with ‘Silent’; experimental and introspective electronic songwriting this time radically reworked by beloved pop-experimentalist, Bullion.

                On ‘Silent’, PYTKO invites listeners to lean in closer than before. Seemingly untangling the frustrations of a faltering love affair, it’s vulnerable lyrics arrive buried beneath a sophisticated arrangement that, with bit-crushed electronics and rumbling bass notes, seems to decay with haunting effect. In contrast, the austere ‘Orchids & Limes’ mines an equally original sound, a striking sort of cyber-Balearica sculpted around PYTKO’s intricate guitar work, conjuring an even darker sense of romance.

                In radical contrast, Bullion proves a perfect fold to PYTKO’s vision with his positively high-spirited flip of ‘Silent’. The man behind DEEK Recordings and cult hits such as Blue Pedro keeps PYTKO’s perspective front-and-center, while performing an alchemy of magic and melancholy that results in one the most memorable remixes in Phantasy’s fifteen-year history.

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Matt says: Blurred downbeat brilliance which obviously piqued the attention of Bullion, who transforms "Silent" into one of his idiosyncratic tapestries. If you enjoyed the Progedia on R&S a few months back, this one's for you!

                TRACK LISTING

                A. Silent
                B. Silent (Bullion Remix)

                Moton Records enlist the expertise of Bali’s best, Marc Roberts, to take listeners on a global jaunt of musical exploration. From London to Rio via New York, and road tested on the dance floors and beaches of Bali, Marc serves up four more Bintang fuelled edits, effortlessly gravitating from low-slung balearica to hi-octane funk - with a dash of Brazilian disco and pop thrown in for good measure.

                Well here we are a couple of decades later and you cannot ignore probably the best edit label in the world! Now on it's 47th release the Moton gang have commissioned Marc Roberts to slice and splice four beautiful cuts that range from disco, latin, funk and sleazy grooves that fit beautifully into the Moton universe. All cuts are essential. Another killer Moton release! - Ashley Beedle

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Matt says: 20 years in the game, Dave Jarvis & Diesel's no. 1 edit imprint continues to be top of the deck, ushering in four refreshed & rejuvenated dancefloor movements for our pleasure!

                TRACK LISTING

                A1. King Of Nice Days
                A2. Uno
                B1. Maia Amor
                B2. 4 Star Max


                Indaba Kabani - Inc. Dimitri From Paris Re-Edit

                Kamazu's certified kwaito floorbanger from 1991 is one of the high watermarks of the genre. Featuring those heavily swung, slowed house drums, big Roland bass and those infectious township vocals that make the hairs on your neck stand to attention - it's further bolstered by a piano line that'd have half the Hacienda erupting into action. Such is the might and crossover potential of this dancefloor hit, certified godfather of disco, Dimitri From Parish take it upon himself to offer us a tasty reworking of the track across a whole side of wax for Afro Synth - tasty!

                On the flipside we find another dope kwaito gem "Mjukeit" taken from Kamazu's 1997 CD, "Ghetto Style". Perhaps not as mainroom as its predecesor, its deep gliding subs, sweltered vox and relaxed, seriously swung drums recalls a thousand fiery sunsets dancing on the outdoor stage of your choice surrounded by like minded souls all succumbing to the unifying power of the house music groove. 

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Matt says: Uplifting piano-led kwaito backed with a slower, edgier number made for ghost-riding old Mercs around Durban. Absolutely wicked reissue from Afro Synth.

                TRACK LISTING

                Indaba Kabani (Dimitri From Paris Re-Edit)

                Matias Aguayo

                El Camarón Remixes - Inc. Ricardo Villalobos)

                A Cómeme classic that was ahead of its time finds a new life in fresh mixes by Matias Aguayo and Ricardo Villalobos.

                In a surprising turn of events Cómeme reissues Matias Aguayo’s “El Camarón” from his album “The Visitor” (2013) in a new 12” extended club mix including a remix by none other than Ricardo Villalobos who took it upon himself to give this forgotten Latin new beat gem a new life! He had recently rediscovered it, and added to his sets - including his own 12" minute fabulous remix, which is driven by a mesmerizing groove and pumpin sub bass frequencies.

                Aguayo then decided to also rework “El Camarón” with an extended soundsystem - friendly mix, that will move the feet of dance music lovers from all kind of biospheres!

                The crazy / genius lyrics tell the story of an old river shrimp that accidentally joins a boat party. The ball starts in the Guaraní jungle to later continue along the Ivory coast, featuring super colour range towels, buzzing mosquitos, monkeys, parrots, piranhas, mermaids, and more. The shrimp becomes the star of the night by introducing new ways of dancing that make every one go down, down, down, abajo, abajo, abajo…

                TRACK LISTING

                A. El Camaron (2022 Mix)
                B. El Camaron (Ricardo Villalobos Remix)

                Breaks n bass luminary Lone takes tracks from new album "Always Inside Your Head", and offers up some alternative reworkings that are bound to please. Add in a remix by FAST music postergirl Sherelle and you've got your ears onto something fresher

                On ‘Natural Aerials (Mouth of God Part Two)’, Lone utilizes a similar sound palette as album track ‘Mouth Of God’, but rebuilds it into a brand new banger. Energetic, deep, trancey and driven by jungle-schooled breakbeats, with bassbin shuddering low-end, he delves deeper into the vortex. Whereas the album was made predominantly using software, Cutler has since been buying hardware - and this marks the first track made on these newly acquired synths.

                Based around a version from Lone’s recent sold-out live show at London’s Village Underground, on "Inlove2 (One Thirty Mix)" he ups the original’s BPM count, with sights set firmly on the dancefloor. Taking cues from the "Ambivert Tools" series, this is a high-grade, proggy, main room acid rush.

                On "Visited By Astronauts (SHERELLE Had A Groove Remix)", the fast-rising star takes an ambient interlude from the album, and gives it what she calls 'a space age, footwork jungle twist'. Her first released remix, Sherelle continues an impeccable purple patch, with a re-rub that’s both airy and light, but also heavily percussive, full of propulsive forward motion.

                "Echo Paths Ebb And Flow" takes a downtempo album highlight, strips it back to just the synths, then unfurls them into a blissful ambient work that’s melodic, warm and fuzzy, swaddling the listener in candy floss clouds.

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Matt says: UK dance music treasure Lone offers up some alternative versions to tracks off his recent "Always Inside Your Head" plus a rapid fire workout from hot-to-trot Sherelle. A modern masterpiece!

                TRACK LISTING

                A1. Natural Aerials (Mouth Of God Part Two)
                A2. InLove2 (One Thirty Mix)
                B1. Visited By Astronauts (SHERELLE Had A Groove Remix)
                B2. Echo Paths (Ebb And Flow)


                Keep Moving - Inc. The Blessed Madonna / Dave Lee / Gaspard Augé And Victor Le Masne Remixes

                One of the most succesful songs from the London-based duo's third album, "Loving In Stereo", now gets its official 12" single release including amazing remixes by Dave Lee and The Blessed Madonna. 

                Word's can't properly articulate how uplifting "Keep Moving" is. The quintessential start-of-Summer hit, at once anthemic, resplendant and elevating. It's huge crossover potential means that already your mum, kid sister and boss at work are familiar with this 6 Music-sponsered hit but in no way should that put you off. Real, timeless hits often spread to the masses, it's a well crafted science! A single for the ages.

                Suitably, taste defining remixers are drafted in for that authentic maxi 12" single experience. The Blessed madonna and Dave Lee both sticking to the originals 4/4 propulsion as thye dive into the worlds of disco and house; while Gaspard Augé And Victor Le Masne offer up something a bit more leftfield - transposing the track into a smoochy cocktails and sun lounger Balearic curveball. Impeccable! 

                Sure to be one of the most collected 12" of the early Summer. Don't miss out.

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Matt says: Form an orderly queue please! Riot raising 12" from one of THE LPs of last year - "Loving In Stereo" by Jungle. "Keep Moving" was the uplifting, life-affirming lead single; and here we're treated to three amazing remixes alongside that timeless original. A 12" to treasure!

                TRACK LISTING

                A1. Keep Moving (Original)
                A2. Keep Moving (The Blessed Madonna Remix)
                B1. Keep Moving (Dave Lee Remix)
                B2. Keep Moving (Gaspard Augé And Victor Le Masne Remix)

                Big Mac

                INC / SNL

                Crazy good bootlegs from the genius that is Big Mac. Previously boppin on Nas, Jay-Z and Ol' Dirty Bastard, the esteemed sonic surgeon turns his attention to early 90s rap crew - Masta Ace Incorporated. A loose and breezy Brooklyn jam, "The INC Ride" gets populated with some fresh samples whilst Mac retains the most tasteful elements of this street-hop OG.

                Side B sees "Saturday Night Live" tweaked into focus via the Bobbi Humphrey and Melvin Bliss groove contained within. This is a fiery, Wu-Tang inspired track and Big Mac manages to grasp the energy of the original perfectly.

                Two exquistively ripped bootlegs that bang hard - don't sleep!

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Matt says: Streetwise raps from early 90s group Masta Ace Incorporated, who get jigged up nicely from tweakmaster Big Mac.

                TRACK LISTING

                Side 1
                1. INC (Big Mac Edit)
                Side 2
                1. SNL (Big Mac Edit) 

                Harry Romero / Trilogy Inc.

                I Love / The City / Calling / 313

                The new era of Nu Groove continues to deliver exceptional house that meets the gold standard of the cult label’s original offering, with its latest vinyl package distilling the sound of imprint’s next phase. From a state steeped in house culture, Harry Romero is one of New Jersey’s finest house exports, taking control on the A-Side of this 12” with exquisite two tracker ‘I Love / The City’. Harry plays tribute to classics from the Nu Groove catalogue with his modern ‘Choo Choo’ twist he’s loved and revered for across the two tracks, with enough depth and warmth to get you in the mood. On the flip Trilogy Inc, a new anonymous project from one of the UK’s most esteemed house duos of the 80s and 90s, explore their formative influences with ‘313’ and ‘Calling’. Two tracks destined for the darker recesses of the dancefloor, this is an unmissable package for club heads after serious underground heat.

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Matt says: The return of one of house music's more flamboyant characters. Harry Romero, alongside someone we won't name, typified the hedonistic sounds of house, especially in Ibiza and with his Subliminal offshoot - Bambossa. Here for Nu Groove we get a slightly moodier palette and four tracks that are absolutely perfect for the label. Really nice to see Choo Choo on Nu Groove!

                TRACK LISTING

                A1. I Love
                A2. The City
                AA1. 313
                AA2. Calling

                The first Huerco S. album in 6 years, "Plonk"’s world does not wholly resemble anything Brian Leeds has made under any alias. His sound palette has broadened to absorb and refine trap’s un-smeared geometrics and drill’s taught rhythms amongst the gaseous bodies and soul-piercing ambience that has garnered such acclaim; where those previous veins were rooted in the pre-Columbian civilizations of his native Kansas, "Plonk" reflects the mournful sodium glow of cities at night, street corners that light up with painful moments of clarity you wish would disappear.

                TRACK LISTING

                Plonk I
                Plonk II
                Plonk III
                Plonk IV
                Plonk V
                Plonk VI
                Plonk VII
                Plonk VIII
                Plonk IX (Feat. SIR E.U.)
                Plonk X

                Erol Alkin

                Automatic - Inc. Palms Trax / La Priest Remixes

                The landmark hundredth single on Phantasy, Erol Alkan’s "Automatic" accompanied with two remixes that further take the London DJ and producer’s psychedelic club vision in distinct directions. The original 12" pressing, limited to 100 and hand-numbered, sold out in less than an hour.

                Palms Trax builds on the sensual reverie of Alkan’s production with an electrifying rework full of touches both French and personal. Throwing out a gloriously chic bassline, the Berlin-based producer sprinkles carefully considered sweeps, stabs and filters on a trip to timeless house euphoria.

                Mirroring the first ever artist to release on Phantasy in 2007 where Alkan remixed 'Engine', LA Priest proves a perfect candidate to reconstruct the label’s centenary single, a task he approaches with typically esoteric nous. Coaxing a heavenly aura from the original’s glorious loops, Sam Eastgate’s collection of reengineered and self-made analogue equipment soon progresses to melt "Automatic"’s rhythm into sticky cosmic bliss.

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Matt says: French Touch-esque, stadium slaying electro-house from three cats more than capable of blowing the roof off. Been a while since I've heard those filters squeal!

                TRACK LISTING

                A1. Automatic
                B1. Automatic (Palms Trax Remix)
                B2. Automatic (LA Priest Remix)

                With the string of singles released over the last year and a half garnering attention from Clash, FADER, the Quietus, Under the Radar & more (Loud & Quiet calls the music 'pressurised, disorientated, battered, occasionally beautiful, often gruelling, and really good'), the band is back with their debut '' EP', which encompasses a new track alongside reimaginations of prior singles from techno auteur Daniel Avery as well as downtown New York club kids Club Eat (who Office Magazine cites as 'keeping the spirit of hedonism alive') Achored by a barrage of drums and Caulfield's tenacious vocals in French, the music presents an unyielding example of the best of what the band, primed for their return to thrilling live sets, can deliver.

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Barry says: An absolutely brilliant blast of chaotic fire from Mandy, Indiana here. A stunning run, from the opening notes of jagged shapeshifting behemoth, 'Bottle Episode' to the closing duo of remixes from Avery and Club Eat, every piece is another blast of innovation. The highlight for me though has to be the writhing technoid mutation of 'Alien 3', oscillator sync grind and hypnotic french vox, what's not to love.

                TRACK LISTING

                Bottle Episode
                Nike Of Samothrace
                Alien 3
                Alien 3 (Daniel Avery Remix)
                Nike Of Samothrace (Club Eat Remix)

                Max Dean and Prunk come together in superb fashion for a new EP on South. It features three new cuts from Max, with a Prunk remix making it another explosive package.

                Up first is "Loving Saturday", a driving house track with a nagging, soulful vocal that really tugs at the heart strings. The bass is warm and the drums kick hard, but this one really has some standout emotion to it. "This Party" is a more loose, fluid, ducking and diving groove, with rich percussion making it a perfect late night groove. More deft vocals add some human emotion as this one drives on.

                "This Party (Prunk Remix)" is a nice spaced out deep house cut that has real bite. The kicks and hi-hats fuse together perfectly, while balmy pads encircle the groove to bring the vibes. Last of all, "Sunshine Upon the 33" is another big hearted out track with an irresistible groove. The dynamic drums never let up, while the spaced out pads work and great vocal samples all elevate the track.

                This is a fantastic four track package from this new one to watch label.

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Matt says: Tech house has a dirty name these days but red light rollers like this suck me back into the scene! Max Dean with that kinetic energy its hard to ignore. Make sure you stretch your shoulders!

                TRACK LISTING

                A1. Loving Saturday
                A2. This Party
                B1. Sunshine Upon The 33
                B2. This Party (Prunk Remix)

                Joshua James

                Fist Feat. Leigh Bowery & Minty - Inc. Peaches Remix

                ‘Boot licking, piss drinking, finger frigging, tit tweaking, love biting, arse licking, shit stabbing, motherfucking, spunk loving, ball busting, cock sucking, fist fucking, lip smacking, thirst quenching, cool living, ever giving…’

                There’s no fairer introduction to “Fist”, Joshua James’ latest contribution to Phantasy, than to advise one simply to prepare themselves. Sampling iconic performance artist, club promoter and designer Leigh Bowery, James connects the expert dancefloor pressure he exacts each weekend as one of London’s best-loved club residents with the unapologetic, defiant legacy of a personal hero. None other than Peaches then takes up the remix mantle for “Fist”, intertwining the provocations of two radical performers and connecting three generations of underground queer culture in one sonic menage-a-trois, perhaps the straight-up rudest club record in recent memory.

                On the original production, James shifts his sound in a heavier direction still since last summer’s euphoric “Amber Rush”, which was remixed by labelmate and friend Daniel Avery. A bouncing industrial tilt underscores the heavy-duty production, as Bowery, originally recording alongside Richard Torry in their band Minty, espouses a catalogue of sexual acts - some specialist, all sensational - as James pushes dancers further down into the belly of some revolting rave beast.

                A multi-faceted match to Bowery themselves, Peaches continues a decades-long journey dedicated to genre and gender deconstruction with her wild and playful take on ‘Fist’. Dripping in cybernetic club juice, Peaches wraps herself around Bowery’s own teaches on the mic, easily matching his demands as she careens towards a system-rattling techno conclusion.

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Matt says: Certain to make even the most potty-mouthed gawp and blush at the lyrical content. I have to say though it works! Think Modeselektor meets Sophie meets Soulwax. Engineered for the big rigs and with a hook so filthy it'll need 3 washes to get outta ya head. I'm expecting a tik tok video to accompany it soon!

                TRACK LISTING

                A. Fist Feat. Leigh Bowery & Minty
                B. Fist Feat. Leigh Bowery & Minty (Peaches Remix)

                Guided By Voices

                Crystal Nuns Cathedral

                  The mighty Guided By Voices are set to unleash upon the world their 35th and quite possibly…best album, Crystal Nuns Cathedral. How do they do it you might ask? Well we have no idea how they do it, but we certainly do know why they do it. They do it because quite honestly we need them to do it. The world needs The Rock, and we need loud guitars, we need anthemic songs, we need a reason to raise a rock fist in the air and give a “Hell Yeah”! On Crystal Nuns Cathedral, the band delivers all of this and so much more.

                  Just four months since It’s Not Them. It Couldn’t Be Them. It Is Them!, comes this latest, twelve songs determined to challenge for the title of greatest Guided by Voices album of all-time. Hyperbole you say? Not this time. The guitars are bigger, the arrangements are more ambitious, the songs are uplifting, epic, and as incredibly hook-laden as always!

                  Pure power pop perfection like lead single “Excited Ones” mix perfectly with the slow burning “Climbing A Ramp,” which reaches its climax on a stunning guitar lead before dissolving into the fist pumping anthem “Never Mind the List,” which serves as the beating heart of the entire album. Do you still need convincing? Listen to the one-two punch of “Forced to Sea” and “Huddled” and marvel at the epic scope and vision of an incredible band on full display.

                  This record is a statement, a challenge, a monument, a call to arms. Top this one if you can, this is the new benchmark. Who will best it? Who will try? Listen to Crystal Nuns Cathedral, and report back to us. We will be eagerly waiting.

                  STAFF COMMENTS

                  Barry says: THIRTY FIVE albums later, and Pollard & co are sounding at possibly their most incendiary for years. It's a bold and raucous collection, punctuated with moments of levity and wry humour, and absolutely jam-packed with the riffs and psychedelic progressions we all know and love from this musical institution.

                  TRACK LISTING

                  1. Eye City
                  2. Re-Develop
                  3. Climbing A Ramp
                  4. Never Mind The List
                  5. Birds In The Pipe
                  6. Come North Together
                  7. Forced To Sea
                  8. Huddled
                  9. Excited Ones
                  10. Eyes Of Your Doctor
                  11. Mad River Man
                  12. Crystal Nuns Cathedral

                  A Mountain Of One

                  Black Apple Pink Apple - Inc. Ricardo Villalobos Remix

                  A Mountain Of One flex out and expand ever onward onto the already vast, intergalactic, and what seems to be a limitless space journey into cosmic pop. "Black Apple" sees Mo and Zeben soar ever outward and onward to majestically kiss the Todd Rundgren tinged, west coast informed, blissed-out, starlit edges of space. Retro in all its classic and AOR leanings but with a firm eye on the future.

                  In this electric dream ballad, love rules, heals and reveals, at our darkest moments, the opportunity to bond, not abandon. As the Balearic beat churns the emotional alchemy, Zeben’s voice and piano roll around in the melodic rafters of a celestial heaven to heroic effect.

                  This heady odyssey features a remix by none other than techno’s up-all-nite poster boy - Ricardo Villalobos. The long serving dance music global icon turns out a remix that’s equal to Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve’s gentle touch up of Midlake or Franz Ferdinand. Retaining the soaring, majestic qualities of the original whilst inflicting his own otherworldly wonkiness into proceedings in a classic bit of RV trickery. What I really like about this is the idea of AMOO fans getting into Villalobos and vice verse! Balearic techno madness awaits… wear yer best keks. 

                  STAFF COMMENTS

                  Matt says: Super hype release which sees Balearic demigods AMOO remixed by wonky techno poster boy Ricardo Villalobos. Big room Balearic business with an ethereal, otherworldly touch-up by RC - yes please!

                  TRACK LISTING

                  A. Black Apple Pink Apple
                  B. Black Apple Pink Apple (Ricardo Villalobos Remix)

                  Subway Sect

                  Moments Like These

                    'Moments Like These', the new album from Subway Sect, produced by Mick Jones and featuring the 1981 Subway Sect Line-Up, Vic Godard with Sean Mclusky, Chris Bostock, Johnny Britton, & DC Collard and guest appearances by Mick Jones, Pete Williams, Terry Edwards And Simon Rivers.

                    Sukhdev Sandhu runs a publishing imprint Texte und Töne in New York. The LP, the imprint's first, is also the first-ever Subway Sect record to come out in the States. (Perhaps unsurprisingly: they did have a song called U.S. Cunts!) It's been produced by Mick Jones of The Clash. (A White Riot '77 reunion of sorts.) ‘There’s a certain element of unspoiltness about the whole thing and that’s what really appealed to me about it.’ Mick Jones MOJO.

                    ‘This is Vic reflecting on a lifetime in the music business. It sounds like a record that he had to make and is perfect for now. When I was a kid, I used to make up my fantasy punk band with members from different bands and they almost always contained Vic Godard and Mick Jones. The songs are as good as it gets and with Mick Jones producing and playing piano, what more do you need?’ Jim Reid, Jesus and Mary Chain.

                    ‘The Subway Sect story is one of the strangest, and therefore one of the best. Vic Godard indicated ways that pop should go. He dropped hints, left clues. It is all there.’ Kevin Pearce.

                    ‘Vic's always walked his own path. He's a model of independence. No wonder that he's recorded for some of the best UK independents (Rough Trade, el, Postcard). Years ago, when I was writing a book about nocturnal London, he took me on a postal round with him, all the while telling me funny stories about some of the prog rock aristos whose mail he delivered, and enthusing about the latest hip hop and bhangra he was listening to. Asked by Time Out to write an essay about my favourite Londoner, I wrote it about Vic. Now, in summer 2021, I'm very happy to help release Moments Like These. It's about thinking back and thinking forward, about walking your own path. It's got soul, swagger and swing. Vic Godard: always onward!’ Sukhdev Sandhu.

                    ‘It was an accident really as Sukhdev wanted to put What's the Matter Boy out until I told him I'd just recorded a new LP. I'd been in discussions with loads of record labels but they all wanted to get my back catalogue digital rights and weren't into the idea of putting out a new LP. I thought it was on course to be my 2nd lost album until the phone calls with Sukhdev.’ Vic.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    SIDE 1
                    A1. Since The '80s
                    Simon Rivers - Organ
                    Vic Godard - Guitar
                    Mick Jones, Simon Rivers, Johnny Britton, Chris Bostock, Sean McLusky -

                    A2. The Place We Used To Live
                    Mick Jones - Piano
                    Simon Rivers - Piano
                    Vic Godard - Guitar
                    Simon Rivers, Chris Bostock, Johnny Britton - B/vs

                    A3. M.I.P.P (managing The Inter-product Pipeline)
                    Vic Godard - Guitar
                    Sean McLusky, Vic Godard, Johnny Britton, Chris Bostock - Chant

                    A4. Commercial Suicide Man
                    DC Collard - Piano
                    Mick Jones - Percussion
                    Chris Bostock, Johnny Britton - B/vs

                    A5. Sharks 'n' Vipers
                    Mick Jones - Piano
                    Simon Rivers - Piano
                    Vic Godard - Guitar
                    Chris Bostock, Johnny Britton - B/vs

                    A6. Footsteps On A Star
                    Mick Jones - Piano
                    Simon Rivers - Piano
                    Terry Edwards - Baritone Sax
                    Vic Godard - Guitar
                    Mick Jones, Chris Bostock, Johnny Britton, Simon Rivers - B/vs

                    B1. Bossa Nova Boy
                    Mick Jones - Keyboards
                    Vic Godard - Electric Piano & Guitar
                    Mick Jones, Chris Bostock, Johnny Britton - B/vs

                    B2. Juke Box
                    Mick Jones - Piano
                    Simon Rivers - Electric Piano
                    Vic Godard - Electric Piano & Guitar
                    Terry Edwards - Baritone Sax
                    Chris Bostock, Johnny Britton - B/vs

                    B3. How High The Walls?
                    Mick Jones - Piano
                    DC Collard - Organ
                    Simon Rivers - Electric Piano
                    Vic Godard - Electric Piano & Guitar
                    Chris Bostock, Johnny Britton - B/vs

                    B4. Jelly Legs
                    Mick Jones - Percussion & Clavinet
                    Sean McLusky, Chris Bostock, Vic Godard - B/vs

                    B5. She Looks Sad
                    Mick Jones - Piano
                    Simon Rivers - Banjo
                    Vic Godard - Guitar & Organ

                    B6. Time Shoulda Made A Man O' Me
                    DC Collard - Piano
                    Pete Williams - Clarinet
                    Mick Jones, Chris Bostock, Johnny Britton - B/vs

                    Aleksandir's debut album on Omena, "Skin", was both musically and conceptually, a truly personal and expressive record. Here we have three tracks from the album in glorious remix form.

                    Tom VR has managed to carve out a unique sound with his music, released on labels such as All My Thoughts, Intergraded, Lionoil Industries and Valby Rotary. He delivers a dreamy, lucid and melodic take on "Skin & Mind" and makes an already beautiful track almost implausibly wide-eyed and holographic as its steams through at breakneck speed.

                    Ikonika remixes "I Used To Dream'" Her take on the track is a futuristic electronic beat construction, polished with class and driven by weighty and intricate rhythms and production. It's sassy and slinky, and'll have you rubbing up against a random stranger in the shadows of your favourite nightspot club 4AM at the weekend.

                    John Dunk launched the Cameo Blush project in 2019 with the "Murky Waters" EP on Nick Hoppner's Touch From A Distance label and released a follow-up "Lucky" on Ross From Friends' Scarlet Tiger label. Both showcase his inventive rhythms and sunrise-ready melodies. His remix of "Prado" is both colourful and vibrant, a melting pot of swirling sounds that gives the original new life... Mega, mega stuff here - you snooze you lose! 

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Matt says: A richly modern record that rosters in a cutting edge trio of producers for remixes. The result is three inventive reworkings accentuating the soulful yet highly contemporary sounds from the original. Hard to pick a fave but Ikonika's mix of "I Used To Dream" will be receiving plenty of rotation out in the clubs.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    A. Skin & Mind (Tom VR Blossoming Arp Mix)
                    B1. I Used To Dream (Ikonika Remix)
                    B2. Prado (Cameo Blush Remix)

                    Having already impressed via a slew of releases for Correspondant, Live At Robert Johnson and his own Biologic Records, DC Salas tees up an impressive release for Futureboogie. ‘The Weight Of Uncertainty’ EP illustrates the suave sounds that the Brussels born producer has become noted for, and comes backed with a remix from the supremely talented and always on-point I:Cube.

                    In its original mix, ‘The Weight Of Uncertainty’ dips into a smorgasbord of sound, as touches of Belgian new beat slide on up against Balearic disco tropes for a spectacular Body & Soul workout. The legendary French disco architect and Versatile Records mainstay, I:Cube, floats in on a little fluffy cloud for a terrific ambient dance version, fueled by the kind of IDM brain scrambling sounds once present in the DNA of producers like Carl Craig, B12, Black Dog and Autechre.

                    On his two other originals, DC Salas gets raw and grungy on ‘Gliding Sound’, its distorted edge adding to the drama composed by the heavy hitting synth lines and the gnarly percussive pattern, whilst ‘They Don’t See It’ introduces some dark acid elements to the chugging rhythm and steely hi-hats anchoring the tracks off-kilter melodies.

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Matt says: Futureboogie close off their 10 year tenure with another brilliantly balanced EP from DC Salas here.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    A1. The Weight Of Uncertainty
                    A2. Gliding Future
                    B1. The Weight Of Uncertainty (I:Cube Remix)
                    B2. They Don’t See It

                    Another classic from the Power Music / DJ Duke - imperium in the rebound. This time it's PMD-039 from 1996 by Red Hook, including remixes by Kenny Dope and Johnick!

                    Unequivocally representative of the label's chunky, sample-heavy style, complete with looping, rumbling B-line; the three different cuts of "Your Love" are beautiful examples of mid-90s US house music. "Jammin'" offers up something a bit different; guided by hefty snare hits and deep subs it deploys a variety of piano licks and string sections in what must have sounded pretty maverick at the time. Again, the cut-and-paste aesthetic combined with a adventurous, anything-goes ethos meant some of the best house music ever made was during this golden period. Back in stock for a limited time don't miss out on this under-the-radar classic!

                    TRACK LISTING

                    A1. Your Love (Kenny Dope Remix)
                    A2. Your Love (Johnick Dub)
                    B1. Your Love (Original Mix)
                    B2. Jammin' (Bonus Cut)

                    Si Brad Feat Azeem

                    Avenue 6 (Is This The Real Life ?) - Inc. Crooked Man Remix

                    The second selection from Toko's 2021 collection again sees label mainstay Si Brad man the controls on the sublime and soulful 'Avenue 6 (Is This Real Life?)'. Incorporating the crisp rhythms, heavyweight subs & swelling pads which are such a Toko trademark, Brad brings the bliss to this sensual house heater, enlisting Azeem's emotive vocal tones for an extra helping of soul.

                    The label enlist hometown hero Crooked Man for the B side business here, and the techno hero obliges with a pair of ferocious speaker tweaking reshapes.

                    Dark and cavernous, the 'Real Crooked' mix combines wall shaking bass, jacking drums and bloodless riffs into a smoke and strobe stomper, repurposing Azeem's vocal as a haunting refrain.
                    The dance floor paranoia continues on the 'Crooked Girl, Crooked Boy' mix, a sparse and dissociative take on the original equipped with demented dub FX and some serious bass weight.

                    An anthem in its original form, and a main room monster on the remix tip. Toko are back.

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Matt says: Second Toko release of the year and I gotta say we're really enjoying the renaissance! With star signings Si Brad & Crooked Man we are in safe hands for anthemic, end-of-holiday bliss. Don't forget this was supposed to come out in summer when it would make a lot more sense! To any DJs playing the southern hemisphere at the moment - your time.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    A1. Avenue 6 (Is This The Real Life ?)
                    B1. Avenue 6 (Real Crooked Mix)
                    B2. Avenue 6 (Crooked Girl, Crooked Boy Mix)

                    Prodigal son of the ESP Institute, Juan Ramos, rises from the cesspool of a world gone mad with 'Agua Del Cenote', his fifth release with the label. Whilst many artists are following their inner light to bring us some much needed joy amidst these rotten times, Juan (being the little shit that he is) follows an inner demon and delivers listeners and dancers a demented clusterfuck of sadistic chaos. The title track opens with what sounds like a butane torch and we metaphorically freebase into oblivion. Our perception of reality unravels, writhing in abrasive textures smeared across a low-slung, mid-tempo erotic thump. Everything feels blurry and distant, as if we’re swimming through an underground aquatic tunnel, in a panic, searching for an invisible band of spirits whose tune summons us into certain annihilation. Following this is a remix from a decorated lord of 20th Century electronics, Harald Grosskopf AKA The Synthesist. Harald wipes away grit and lethargy to reveal elements hidden deep within the mix as well as softens Juan’s sense of terror by building up to an optimistic layer of added synth. We’d love to offer some relief with the balance of the EP, however, the remaining two tracks paint complimentary hues in the same cerebral palette. 'Let It Go (Freaks Only)' veers closely to House in terms of tempo and gestalt, utilizing a vocal sample from Third Generation (Kerri Chandler) and a healthy dose of sub bass, but Juan hardly apologizes for his masochistic tendencies and certainly never relents into an uplifting mood. Closing the EP, Juan serves an antidote of sorts with 'Cuko', as if suggesting a way out of the swamp, but leaves it up to the listener’s intuition to not only see the carrot, but actually follow it into the light, thus completing the quest.

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Matt says: Deep mushroom chug from Juan Ramos perfectly in sync with the bumper harvest we've been experiencing. Facing your inner demons in the 5th dimension - this will empower and untangle your chakras!

                    TRACK LISTING

                    A1. Agua Del Cenote
                    A2. Agua Del Cenote (Harald Grosskopf Synthesist Mix)
                    B1. Let It Loose (Freaks Only)
                    B2. Cuko

                    Louis Fitton aka Louf's debut EP, "Kilopascal" on Omena is excellent proof of his ability to deliver forward-thinking music with a fresh and experimental focus. Sometimes less is more and even though not every track on this release contains drum programming it feels complete through his expert and wholesome use of modular elements and synth patches; the title track a perfect example of this proficiency. Elsewhere on the EP we get dub-techno soundscapes paired with crisp electronic beats and glacial, polyphonic patterns with a very upfront patina.

                    Finland's Saine is a regular on Omena, and here the producer remixes "Tides" to great effect, melding abstract synthesis techniques with house music's steady propulsion.

                    Already garnering massive support from Ben UFO, George Fitzgerald and Gilles Peterson.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    A1. Trailing Dub
                    A2. Tides
                    A3. Kilopascal
                    B1. Tides (Saine Remix)
                    B2. Don't Think Too Hard

                    House head, soul man and jazz aficionado Envee is back on Local Talk with 'Gotta Work' featuring Nick Sincklair on vocals.

                    Packed to the rafters with high quality deep and soulful house, “Gotta Work” has both inflections of both vintage US garage and the uplifting sound of modern house. Trev, a producer bringing some of the freshest sounds in broken beat delivers two versions, both with ultra-deep bass and wonky time signatures.
                    Local Talk can do know wrong!

                    TRACK LISTING

                    Gotta Work (1st Take)
                    Gotta Work (Trev Remix)
                    Gotta Work (2020 Mix)
                    Gotta Work (Trev Dub)

                    Marco Shuttle's third album, Cobalt Desert Oasis, features a varied collection of music recorded across a two year period. Often traveling to remote destinations, Marco would come back to Berlin with field recordings, images, and other inspirations to process in his studio and turn into sound.

                    The theme of the journey turns into a something more abstract than a travel diary, where environmental sounds blend in with modular synthesis, drum machines, effects and analog oscillators resulting in a cinematic listening experience where psychedelia, ritualism, and mysticism weave together in a sort of alien soundscape - that as the title of the album suggests, is reminiscent of a parallel utopian world.

                    The album is rich in complex rhythmics, and more than in any of his previous work, has strong acoustic elements. Amongst other percussion instruments, Marco used the Tombak, a traditional Persian hand drum capable of reaching a very wide range of frequencies - from deep round subby toms, to high pitched sharp rimshots, throughout the record.

                    Marco Shuttle is certainly not new to these sort of elements, but in Cobalt Desert Oasis he brings the environmental element of his sound into the forefront in a way that takes the listener into a hazy expanse where it is sometimes difficult to distinguish the machine elements from the natural - and where the music almost becomes a visual experience, which relates to Marco's own photography used throughout the cover and insert images. 

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Matt says: A truly immersive and ear-prickling listen which takes in found sounds, music concrete, advanced synthesis and exotic percussion.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    A1. AfA
                    A2. Danza De Los Voladores
                    A3 .Through The Cobalt Desert
                    B1. Il Serpente Cosmico
                    B2. Tombak Healer
                    B3. Acrobat
                    C1. Winds Of Cydonia
                    C2. Polysolation
                    C3. Into Thin Air
                    D1. Bembe Bongo
                    D2. 4Dimensional Soundwaves

                    Pictish Trail

                    Natural Successor - Inc Django Django Mix

                      A purgative surrender to nature’s whim driven by a clattering machine drumbeat and rolled in a puddle of filthy dirty fuzz, ‘Natural Successor’ is the riotous new single from isle of Eigg based Scottish psychedelic electronic-pop ogre Johnny Lynch AKA Pictish Trail.

                      Set for release on limited-edition 12” vinyl by Fire Records, with support from Johnny’s own label Lost Map Records, it’s the first taste of a set of brand-new Pictish recordings produced by longterm collaborater Rob Jones (The Voluntary Butler Scheme, The Gene Dudley Group).

                      The 12” single features exclusive remixes by Django Django and Makeness

                      STAFF COMMENTS

                      Matt says: Always nice to hear from the driving force that is Johnny Lynch. "Natural Successor" is soaring psychedlic rock with stadium potential. Django Django jump on board with a baggy, ALFOS-friendly tweak too. Then Makeness twist things up with a frenzied jungle refix.

                      TRACK LISTING

                      A1. Natural Successor
                      A2. Natural Successor (Instrumental)
                      B1. Natural Successor (Django Django’s Fazed And Confused Mix)
                      B2. Natural Successor (Makeness Remix)

                      Guided By Voices

                      It's Not Them, It Could Be Them It Is Them!

                        It’s been just a few months since Guided By Voice’s faux rock opera Earth Man Blues garnered four-star and five-star reviews, with Rolling Stone proclaiming that it “squarely hits all the marks that make Guided By Voices great - again and again and again.”

                        “Again and again and again”, is perhaps GBV’s credo, with Robert Pollard’s never-ending supply of fascinating and supremely catchy rock. Just when one thinks one’s got them pinned down, album number thirty-four opens with bizarre percussion, mariachi trumpets, strings and acoustic guitar. The adventurous spirit pervades yet another killer album from the greatest and most versatile GBV line-up. The golden boys (Doug Gillard, Bobby Bare Jr, Mark Shue, Kevin March) can do no wrong.

                        Hooky singles “My (Limited) Engagement”, “High In The Rain” and “Dance of Gurus” intermingle with occasionally dark lyrics and the oddest of GBV oddballs, the ridiculous “Razor Bug”, “Psycho House”, and the “Maintenance Man Of The Haunted House”. The horns and strings return intermittently, with “The Bells Get Out Of The Way” going full Burt Bacharach. It’s Not Them. It Couldn’t Be Them. It Is Them! is a creative tourde- force full of surprises from the most prolific and captivating band on the planet.

                        TRACK LISTING

                        1. Spanish Coin
                        2. High In The Rain
                        3. Dance Of Gurus
                        4. Flying Without A License
                        5. Psycho House
                        6. Maintenance Man Of The Haunted House
                        7. I Share A Rhythm 8. Razor Bug
                        9. I Wanna Monkey
                        10. Cherub And The Great Child Actor
                        11. Black And White Eyes In A Prism
                        12. People Need Holes
                        13. The Bell Gets Out Of The Way
                        14. Chain Gang Island
                        15. My (Limited) Engagement


                        Shiza EP - Inc. Don't DJ / DJ Nobu Remix

                        For the tenth release, Ko-ta joins DJ Nobu's Bitta label. The legendary Japanese producer, known for his releases on Stratosphere Records where he showed a unique take on tribal and off-beat techno tools, now returns with two fresh and fast paced rhythm work outs. After blown away by a tune he heard in a friend's Instagram Stories, Nobu asked the friend about the track which turned out to be a work of Ko-ta's. Nobu immediately suggested Ko-ta to release his material on Bitta, and the result is this outstanding and singular EP for which Ko-ta contributed two amazing originals. Remixed by Don't DJ who flips 'Shiya' into an energetic stripped down drum and bass swinger and DJ Nobu who re-works 'Shiza' with his powerful broken techno touch.

                        STAFF COMMENTS

                        Matt says: Conjuring a cauldron of bass, rhythm and shamanic energy, two far out cats cast spells onto Ko-Ta's "Shiya".

                        TRACK LISTING

                        A1. Shiya
                        A2. Shiya (Dont DJ Remix)
                        B1. Shiza
                        B2. Shiza (DJ Nobu Remix)

                        Following recent appearances on Permanent Vacation, Mute and Correspondant, Terr makes a triumphant return to Phantasy with a deeply dreamy new single, ‘Wings of Time’. Marking Terr's third appearance on the label, and her first since 2019, 'Wings of Time' is complimented by a momentous remix from Tornado

                        ‘Wings Of Time’ serves to underscore Daniela Caldellas’ talents as both a producer and performer, a songwriter and a master of dancefloor atmosphere. Terr’s assured vocal performance once again takes front-and-centre, a warm beckoning light through a journey made of shimmering pads, wistful chords and defined by a powerful sense of groove. An instrumental edition further highlights the arrangement, which resolves with rare, cosmic catharsis.

                        Tornado Wallace appears to stretch the time Terr sings of on his elastic, tunnelling remix, grinding out every inch of tension and detail from the blueprint, expanding minds and widening eyes in the process. While Terr’s original will likely send dancers to the heavens, Wallace reverses the energy source for an unexpectedly bass-heavy interpretation that generates a different, earthier pleasure.

                        TRACK LISTING

                        A1. Wings Of Time
                        B1. Wings Of Time (Tornado Wallace Remix)
                        B2. Wings Of Time (Dub Mix)

                        Heavy South African cut, unearthed by Dene from LCT, All about the massive title track ''Got My Magic Working''...

                        The origins of Amajika is a tale of two worlds colliding at the perfect moment and begin in KwaMushu Township outside Durban. Here would be where a young Tu Nokwe would set up a school to help teach other aspiring youngsters like herself in music, dance and acting. This would become known as the Amajika Youth and Children’s Art Project and would be run from the Nokwe home, a common hangout for artists at the time. Some boast 2000+ pupils going through this program while others claim it wasn’t more than a backyard dance group, but for the lucky group of kids that were members in the mid 80s it would be their chance at stardom.

                        It was during these years that a young aspiring playwright and musician Mbongeni Ngema had come across Tu and her group of gifted youngsters at the Nokwe family home. Although he was touring extensively at the time with the plays Woza Albert and Asinamali, the latter which eventually ended up on broadway, he would spend any time off from the tour with Tu and her dance troop. After being inspired by the American group New Edition, Mbongeni envisioned Amajika as the South African answer and decided to bankroll a studio session.

                        The session would take place in a private studio in Durban.The release of the first single would follow very shortly. The lead track, Tomati-So is a fun swinging groove over some basic programmed drums. The song is dedicated to Tu Nokwe sings of her unique style and kind heart. On his next tour Mbongeni would take the remaining masters with him to the US and had the track remixed. Although it never materialized in a release States side he did return with the remixed tape and release it in South Africa the following year. Much like Tomato So the song was an ode and would be dedicated to the man who was making all their dreams come true. Got My Magic Working sings of going overseas and being a star on Broadway and TV and the man who is making it all happen. All these true predictions are sung on top of a groovy acid bass by a clearly matured troop of artists.

                        During these years of working with Amajika, Mbongeni became very impressed with the exceeding talent of one of the members and decided to cast her in his upcoming musical Sarafina. The other children also wanted to be a part of the Broadway show but not everyone would get a role. This would be the end of Amajika as the next years would be dedicated to creating success on the musical stage. The growing kids that formed Amajika became young adults and pursued their own careers after the fact. Tu Nokwe would leave the country to return years later as the wife of Shaka Zulu on the big screen. To this day she is still very active both on stage and screen while Mbongeni is still writing and adding to the South African Musical Theatre catalog.

                        Fast forward 30 years from the original release to a smokey club where ESA hears Got My Magic Working played by Rush Hours Store’s own Bonnefooi. Instantly he inquires about the track from his homeland and feels it a perfect addition the repertoire of the Afro Synth band he is quietly cooking up. The band’s instrumental take ended up as the B side on a mysterious and limited white label released by Rush Hour in early 2020 but quickly sold out.

                        Here you have compiled the two title tracks from original Amajika singles along with the instrumental version by ESA’s Afro Synth Band for The complete Amajika experience, past to present. 

                        TRACK LISTING

                        Amajika - Got My Magic Working
                        Amajika - Tomati So
                        Esa's Afro-Synth Band- Got My Magic Working (Dub Mix)

                        Mark E

                        In The City EP - Inc. Patrice Scott Remix

                        The third release on 18437 features one of UK's finest producers and DJs, Mark E. While many struggle to find their sound or try to reinvent themselves Mark keeps on doing what he does best, deep and atmospheric house music, full of synth pads and warm chords.It's never been about fast tempos or high energy with Mark, each track is good enough to stand on its own. 'Rain' rolls along with sensuous pads, killer hats and a brilliantly gowmphing mid range gurgle. Following on "Deep Systems" has a little funk in the trunk to sit beneath some classy keys and an expansive mood - there's something reminiscent of vintage Japanese house here. Patrice Scott, who always brings a huge amount of passion and soul into his music, provided a remix of Rain that's straighter, snappier and no less beautiful. Mark closes the EP with another wonked out deep house heater decorated with twinkling Rhodes (which sound a bit like 'U Know What's Up' - never a bad thing).

                        Excellent late night listening music...

                        TRACK LISTING

                        A1. Rain
                        A2. Deep Systems
                        B1. Rain (Patrice Scott Remix)
                        B2. In The City


                        In My Sleep - Inc. DJ Nature / Hardway Bros Remixes

                        In My Sleep is the debut vinyl release from French producer Margee. Having gained a loyal following last summer with a remix for Tommy Guerrero, released on Music For Dreams, this EP showcases his natural ability at creating low-slung, densely layered productions, perfectly aimed at the dancefloor.

                        The release also features two heavyweight remixes. The first of these comes courtesy of underground House legend DJ Nature, who takes the title track and gives it a completely new twist with his inimitable ‘ruff disco’ stylings. Hailing from Bristol (via New York), recent years have seen Nature release on Futureboogie, Golf Channel and Jazzy Sport.

                        The second remix on the release comes from Hardway Bros (AKA Sean Johnson). Having been an early champion of Margee’s work on his regular ALFOS streaming marathons, Sean took the second track on the release, Wrong Dream, and went into heavy-dub mode. The resulting remix clocks in at just over 11 minutes and is everything you’d expect from him, and more…

                        Margee said of the release ‘In My Sleep started while taking a shower. The bassline popped up in my mind and I ran out as quickly as possible to record it. From there, I got pulled into a deep emotional trip with groovy tones and dirty sounds. Wrong Dream is actually a lost project that I had to start over again. It turned out to be more fierce than the first one, experimenting with arps and fuzzy synths, while keeping a certain groove that was easier to reproduce.’

                        In My Sleep is the second release from London based label Other Goodness, following on from Bawrut’s ‘Divergent Emotions’ EP last year, which quickly became a mainstay of the live-streams and a DJs favourite.

                        TRACK LISTING

                        A1. In My Sleep
                        A2. In My Sleep (DJ Nature Remix)
                        B1. Wrong Dream
                        B2. Wrong Dream (Hardway Bros Cosmic Intervention)


                        Run / Stop EP - Inc. D'Arcangelo, Bot1500, Uf0, Utopia Cloak, Anitta, Suso Flores Remixes

                        Braindance mentalism from Mause on Massage Brain Cult! I fuckin' love this label! Never heard of Mause before but I'm really digging this: melodious and velvety, which sets it apart from the more robust and aggressive side of the label. If you liked RX-101 on Sunction, D. Ball on Ourtime and the harmonic side of AFK then you need this in your life!  

                        There's absolutely shed loads to go at across the double vinyl Has remixes from D'Arcangelo, Bot1500 & UF0 whilst Mause's own compositions range hyper-serene futurescapes, dual-sequenced drum chaos (think AFX's "Drukqs") and glitched up neon-rave beauties. There's nods to electro in there too, with all the classic (and not so well known) drum boxes working overtime alongside a vertible array of soft and hard synths. 

                        Honestly, if you're into the multi-dimensional evolution of electronic music that's taken place over the last 30 years or so, then this is gonna proper melt ya mind. Buy the ticket, take the trip - you will not be disappointed! Incredible. 

                        TRACK LISTING

                        A1.DMX Acidheim
                        A2.Evas Bounce
                        B1.Dolpin Funk1
                        B2. Baecon3

                        C1. Dolpin Funk1-Utopia Cloak's "search For Atlantis Re-edit"
                        C2. DMX AcidHeim - Anitta Rmx
                        C3.Thorn(r8) - D'Arcangelo's "whispering Edit"
                        D1. Evas Bounce - Bot1500
                        D2.Erirre - Uf0 Rmx

                        Bouquet Records features Olive T. for their sixth EP release on vinyl to infuse their 2021 roster with the desired verve and energy that dormant club kids are thirsting for.

                        Releasing in early summer, the energetic dance tracks herald a return to the dance floor, uplifted by soul-stirring synthesiser orchestral strings.
                        The native New Yorker and scene fixture was influenced by 90's house, inspired by Raze, Deee-lite, Green Velvet, and smooth disco flows.
                        The ascension sensation of 'Goin' Up' builds on familiar house grooves with digital synths and a thoughtful utilisation of today's technology.

                        Known to play a range spanning hip hop to club, jazz to funk, disco to garage, and more, Olive T has DJ'd countless venues and over international airwaves.
                        An early exposure to house and techno, combined with a wide span of diverse musical taste, shaped her unique style. In 2020 she started her own 2 hour radio show on The Lot Radio.

                        Olive T worked with Tiro! due to her admiration of his use of traditional sounds of the 90's era, sensing he also listened prolifically to 90's house and techno. Tiro!'s remix of 'This Is A Bop' adds organic flare to the original.
                        A long-time fan of Matt Karmil, she invited him to remix 'Opaque' - He flips the track upside down to reveal a different, but still vibrant interpretation, with his technical approach to remixing.

                        Olive T has released singles and remixes on Nervous records, 2MR, and on her own. The four track record 'Goin' Up' marks Olive T's first label-released EP, and first release on San Diego-based Bouquet Records.

                        TRACK LISTING

                        A1. Opaque
                        A2. Opaque (Matt Karmil Remix)
                        B. This Is A Bop
                        B. This Is A Bop (Tiro ! Remix)

                        Alfredo Romero

                        Bottle Job EP - Inc. Interplanetary Criminal

                        More top drawer new garage as Alfredo Romero returns Dansu Discs with his "Bottle Job" EP.

                        4 originals heavily inspired by all things UKG and dubwise. MCR's Interplanetary Criminal also slides in on the action with his remix of "Raspect" - this really isn’t one to sleep on.

                        Reminds be a bit of El-B's classic double pack on Tempa with its intricate, trickski drum programming, sounds sytem rasta idents and beautifully balanced bass. Serious, this one of those records that makes everyone twist their head and / or rush up to the decks to see what's up. 

                        TRACK LISTING

                        A1. Wan More
                        A2. Man Man
                        A3. Raspect
                        B1. Raspect (Interplanetary Criminal Remix)
                        B2. Pet Nat

                        Si Brad Feat Azeem

                        Falling Down - Inc. Psychemagik Remix

                        For their first new release in twenty years, Toko turn to the talents of their original 'in house' producer Si Brad, who calms and charms with the butter smooth Balearic soul of 'Falling Down'.

                        Featuring the rich vocals of Azeem, this sublime sundowner takes Curtom horns on a Moon Safari, a nimble bassline chasing crunchy keys across the horizon before the sublime vocoder soul of the final third transports us from Sheffield to Shibuya. Slow burning, deep and meaningful, 'Falling Down' is your new summer soundtrack.

                        Balearic trailblazers Psychemagik take the controls for the B side, creating an atmospheric extension which is low slung and laid back but still dressed for dancing. Building a haunting riff into the main refrain, they lead us through nearly 12 minutes of floatation tank funk awash with heart-swelling strings and cascading keys. As the breaks and bass intensify, the track swells into a true end of night anthem for the horizontal dancers.

                        Welcome home.

                        TRACK LISTING

                        A. Falling Down (Brass Apes Mix)
                        B. Falling Down (Psychemagik Remix)

                        Jay Duncan Ft Ben Vince

                        In Limbo - Inc. Ricardo Villalobos Remix)

                        London-based DJ and producer Jay Duncan collaborates with saxophonist Ben Vince on her debut release for Phantasy, introducing two wildly imaginative compositions alongside a simmering remix from Ricardo Villalobos.

                        From the first notes of brass, quickly melting into a lucid shuffle, it’s clear that ‘In Limbo’ exists on its own terms. Vince's virtuoso playing, a feature of former collaborations with the likes of Joy Orbison and Mica Levi, is here gradually manipulated by Duncan into a hugely ambitious trip. This meditative and mysterious approach draws listeners deeper into a liminal, minimal space somewhere between the Fourth World as imagined by Jon Hassell and four AM on a dancefloor in South London.

                        Duncan deftly raises the tension for the title track’s more percussive and arguably club-ready sibling ‘Anti-Purgatorio’, drawing out almost impossibly taut and inventive rhythms constructed around wormholes from which spill Vince’s instrumentation, washed downstream amid slippery modulations and a distinctive
                        analogue atmosphere.

                        Ricardo Villalobos adds to his own superlative history of remixes with a characteristically trippy take on ‘In Limbo’. Spanning nearly fifteen-minutes, the legendary Chilean-German innovator subtly reimagines this ambitious record in form true to both his own musical heritage as well as Duncan’s futurism.

                        STAFF COMMENTS

                        Matt says: Recommended if you're into hi-tek bass, smudged garage and future-breaks. Think Sunklo, Aiwo, Eclipse Tribez & Hessle Audio etc.

                        TRACK LISTING

                        A1. In Limbo
                        A2. Anti-Purgatorio
                        B1. In Limbo (Ricardo Villalobos Remix)

                        Cub Scout Bowling Pins

                        Clang Clang Ho

                          Cub Scout Bowling Pins hop in the “Magic Taxi”, turn on the AM radio and time travel forty to forty-five years back in time. The project is mysteriously presented, but it’s a thinly-veiled alias of the ridiculously prolific and talented Guided By Voices.

                          Minus the usual punk and prog influences, there are strong whiffs of bubble gum, psych and soft rock with sugary doses of ornate baroque pop. Long renowned scholars of rock, the Ohio players have occasionally worn their influences on their sleeves, but this time they seemingly have their jackets on inside out.

                          Perhaps conceptually similar to how GBV went tongue-in-cheek “country” backing Cash Rivers & The Sinners in 2018, but Cub Scout Bowling Pins is a thousand times subtler, like an eccentric cousin of GBV with the craziness knob turned up by 10%. And while Cash Rivers discs trade hands among collectors on Discogs for hundreds of dollars, Cub Scout Bowling Pins’ debut 7-inch Heaven Beats Iowa was recently spotted for sale for no less than $10,000.

                          On their debut long player, America’s newest hit-makers dip into retro-futuristic weirdness, side-by-side with whimsical sophistication and candy-coated technicolor complexity. In the flip-flop world of Summer 2021, transistor radios will vibrate with the sweet and hooky “We” and “Nova Mona” while “© 1-2-3” will “climb” the “charts”.

                          “Ride My Earthmobile” spins like an even-more demented 13th Floor Elevators. Is that Jimmy Webb or Lee Hazlewood hidden behind the latest issue of “The Telegraph Hill Gazette”? “Schoolmaster Bones” chortles with a groovy pretzel logic, while “Space Invader” and “Magic Taxi” beckon with jangling guitars, shimmering strings, mellotrons and vintage synths.

                          Following three critically-lauded GBV albums recorded in quarantine in 2020, is this a light-hearted detour, a midlife crisis or just good clean Pandemic fun? Cub Scout Bowling Pins beg the questions: exactly what drugs are they taking? And where can we get some?

                          Clang Clang Ho!

                          TRACK LISTING

                          1. Magic Taxi
                          2. Flip Flop World
                          3. Casino Hair Wife
                          4. Ride My Earthmobile
                          5. Schoolmaster Bones
                          6. Eggs, Mother?
                          7. Strange Walk Home
                          8. Nova Mona
                          9. The Telegraph Hill Gazette
                          10. Everybody Loves A Baboon
                          11. © 1 2 3
                          12. Sister Slam Dance
                          13. It’s Marbles
                          14. Space Invader
                          15. Human Car
                          16. Competitor
                          17. She Cannot Know
                          18. We
                          19. Roll Up Your Nose
                          20. What Crawls Also Flies Over

                          In its original form 'Bij Annie Op Bezoek' was a pretty avant affair involving dubby desk experiments spilling into snippets of folk and spoken word. Here South Of North enlist a trio of full time experimentalists to turn everyone's brains upside down. First up, Robert Bergman, whose released on LIES and BAKK were previous Piccadilly faves recasts TV Orangje as a twisted industrial chugger - slow, low and dripping with high grade narcotics. Next up, Planet Rescue alum Peter Graf York goes IN on his "Voor etc" remix, turning out a leftfield techno wonk machine, which he reprises on the B2 in utterly spangled techno fashion. The B1 belongs to Monty DJ who hooks us up with a rattling, polyrhythmic excursion into woodland house - it's up there with the best early Sueds!

                          TRACK LISTING

                          A1. TV Oranje (Robert Bergman Mix)
                          A2. Voor Een Flat In De Merenwijk (Peter Graf York Mix)
                          B1. Trappenhuis (Monty DJ Mix)
                          B2. Voor Een Flat In De Merenwijk (Peter Graf York Pakje Sap Mix)

                          Summer has arrived and with it our first club release in ages, a high energy burner by KΣITO from Tokyo, Japan. We are more than excited to welcome this talented MPC finger drummer Keito Suzuki to fiery post-lockdown dance floors. He draws inspiration from the South African Gqom and percussive music, and in his own stately way he merges big room intensity with an experimental explosion of weirdness. Expect bare bones techno, full of earworm hooks. Tolouse Low Trax and Kӣr complement this record with a bunch of psychedelic remixes, creating a great balanced journey.

                          TRACK LISTING

                          Kannon Yu
                          6th Street
                          Ao Zora
                          6th Street (Kӣr Remix)
                          Kannon Yu (Tolouse Low Trax South Atlas Remix)

                          Cromby Feat. Tee Amara

                          Que Sientes - Inc. Nicola Cruz Remix

                          Cromby debuts on Phantasy alongside vocalist Tee Amara with a luminous new single, ‘Qué Sientes’. An emergent anthem overflowing with the energy that has come to define the Belfast producer’s ascent as one of the most versatile talents in club culture, ‘Qué Sientes’ is contemporary electro brimming with character, skilfully remixed by Ecuadorian underground favourite, Nicola Cruz.

                          Raw in dancefloor intent, ‘Qué Sientes’ erupts with no hesitation atop Dance Mania-indebted drums, blending Tee Amara’s Spanish-language vocal performance with a seductive acid squelch. Written and recorded in Berlin during lockdown, ‘Qué Sientes’ is the meeting of two friends and lifelong dancefloor enthusiasts from across the world, fluid rave sensuality rendered ideal for Cromby’s already legendary closing sets at Panorama Bar, or any other high-voltage dancefloor.

                          Complementing the Latin flavour of Cromby’s original production, French-Ecuadorian cult favourite Nicola Cruz applies his precision percussion and further cosmological atmospheres to ‘Qué Sientes’. A deeply trippy take, Cruz’s result is late-night house psychedelia rendered both mechanical and mystical.

                          TRACK LISTING

                          A1. Que Sientes
                          B1. Que Sientes (Nicola Cruz Remix)
                          B2. Que Sientes (Instrumental)

                          Chantage (Eve Blouin + Vivien Goldman)

                          It's Only Money - Inc. On-U Sound Dub Version By Adrian Sherwood

                          Chantage are Eve Blouin and Vivien Goldman. This exclusive re-issue features the artwork from the original 7", the extended version of "It's Only Money" from the Chantage 12" and the dub version by Adrian Sherwood which previously was only released on On-U Sound under the project name Playgroup in 1983. Also features Bruce Smith (PopGroup/Slits), Carroll Thompson and Neneh Cherry amongst others.

                          TRACK LISTING

                          A. It's Only Money (Extended Version)
                          B. It's Only Money (On-U Sound Dub Version By Adrian Sherwood)

                          Released in 2020, Rheinzand’s self-titled debut LP heralded an authentic vibe of retro-futuristic disco-pop, distinguishing themselves in the current climate of dance music. The album was met with acclaim, picked by Piccadilly Records as their nr. 1 album of the year. Since, the material on that album have proven fertile ground for practitioners in the art of the remix. On this EP, we release a selection of those efforts.

                          On the first slot, we have Running Back label owner and longstanding DJ heavyweight Gerd Janson polishing off his house music fluency with a gleaming take on ‘Blind’. The swerving vocals of Charlotte Caluwaerts’ reverberate through space ray arpeggiators and burnished drum gates.
                          Belgian compatriot Blitzzega, the neon-drenched moniker of composer Bjorn Eriksson, features with a dizzyingly switched-on version of ‘Mi Mundo’, sporting gnawing synths and hijacked funk licks.

                          Next, dub-pop wizards Peaking Lights serve up a heady brew of plugged-up melodies braided around Reinhard and Charlotte’s shuffling vocals. This remix blends the magenta glow of synthwave with the deep grooves of maybe late Theo Parrish. We round off the EP with a treat form Dennis ‘Citizen’ Kane, the iconic dance music figure who emerged in mid-90s NYC downtown scene. A veteran DJ and disco-head, Kane applies a luminous hand to Rheinzand’s ’14 Again’, deepening the vibe of kittenish mystery through carefully layered work of phasing drones, wandering synths, and mushrooming rhythm section (think T-Connection). 

                          STAFF COMMENTS

                          Mine says: After the success of the first remix EP we'll again be stocking an exclusive 12" by our album of the year winners Rheinzand, this time featuring remixes by Running Back mastermind Gerd Janson and shop favourites Peaking Lights. LUSH!

                          TRACK LISTING

                          A1. Blind (Gerd Janson Dance Mix)
                          A2. Mi Mundo (Blitzzega Mix)
                          B1. Synti (Peaking Lights Disco Dub Mix)
                          B2. 14 Again (Dennis Kane Remix)

                          Guided By Voices

                          Earth Man Blues

                            Is it really a musical?! The 33rd Guided By Voices album, Earth Man Blues, is a magical cinematic rock album, full of dramatic and surreal twists and turns. Lyrics and liner notes trace the growth of young Harold Admore Harold through a coming of age and a reckoning with darkness. Vivid scenes appear: snapshots of youth, fantastical nightmares, unknown worlds.

                            The music hasn’t softened a bit. One will hear the impossibly perfect melodies and word play that you expect from Robert Pollard, with the band playing at peak-heavy. “Trust Them Now” rocks like an instant classic, “The Batman Sees The Ball” is lean, mean rock muscle. Opener “Made Man” tears and slashes at the ears and heart. Sweeping, colossal tracks like “Lights Out (In Memphis, Egypt)” and “Dirty Kid School” stretch far beyond the ordinary vocabulary of rock.

                            Doug Gillard’s brilliant guitar playing explodes out of the speakers. The rhythm section of Kevin March and Mark Shue, always strong and reliable, has grown into a breathing composite organism. Along with Bobby Bare, Jr on rhythm guitar, they drive the songs and make one’s head shake. Producer Travis Harrison ties the talents of the band together, once again recorded remotely and individually, pandemic-style. This group brings to life the sounds in Pollard’s technicolor imagination.

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            Barry says: 33 albums, I mean really now. I would be livid if Earth Man Blues wasn't such a brilliantly constructed and fiery distillation of everything they've done up to now. Hints of psychedelia, fuzzy garage and most of all, stunning power-pop a-la Grandaddy or Weezer. A brilliantly varied and hugely enjoyable listen. If they keep coming like this, then for the love of god i'll keep listening.

                            TRACK LISTING

                            1. Made Man
                            2. The Disconnected Citizen
                            3. The Batman Sees The Ball
                            4. Dirty Kid School
                            5. Trust Them Now
                            6. Lights Out In Memphis (Egypt)
                            7. Free Agents
                            8. Sunshine Girl Hello
                            9. Wave Starter
                            10. Any Repellent
                            11. Margaret Middle School
                            12. I Bet Hippy
                            13. Test Pilot
                            14. How Can A Plumb Be Perfected?
                            15. Child's Play

                            A Grape Dope

                            Backyard Blenders: The Remixes (Inc. Four Tet / Laetitia Sadier / Jeff Parker / Roberto Carlos Remixes)

                            A 4 song EP of remixes of songs from A Grape Dope's "Backyard Bangers" album. Featured remixers are Laetitia Sadier (of Stereolab), Four Tet, Jeff Parker (of Tortoise), and Roberto Carlos Lange (also known as Helado Negro).

                            Laetitia Sadier adds an air of whimsy, holding your hand as she guides you through the enchanted woodland of “Rat’s It Up”.

                            Jeff Parker's wobbly-refix reminds me of classic Derrick Carter! Shuffled and twisted to within an inch of toppling over; it's overlapping arpeggios, hushed robo-vox and multitude of intertwining melodies an overwhelming excursion into peak tech-house territory that'd make Suat squirm!

                            Side B begins with a more relaxed, jazz-indebted affair, Roberto Carlos' remix of "You Don't Have To" a traditionally informed, though rhythmically challenging number comprised of dry drums, piano, bass and some echo-drenched SFX.

                            Completing the record, Four Tet swirls the stems of "Rainbo Locals" into the stratosphere for a dizzying and highly elevating twist which seems destined to turn craniums inside out when unleashed on a mass of people.

                            Nice set of remixes to compliment a very nice album indeed. 10 outta 10.

                            TRACK LISTING

                            1. Rats It’s Up (Laetitia Sadier Remix)
                            2. Rats It's Up (Jeff Parker Remix)
                            3. You Don't Have To (Roberto Carlos Lange Remix)
                            4. Rainbo Locals (Four Tet Remix)

                            JFC. Last week Matt Ward accused someone (in the shop, not the generalised 'Man') of spiking the Piccadilly brews with one or more narcotics. Naturally we all laughed him out of the shop. But now, as I sit slack jawed and lost to the most profound déjà vu, I'm starting to believe the Kicking Pidge is in fact a pit canary. I walked into work as an out of shape, mildly out of touch 30-something - I still find friends funnier than I do unacceptable and haven't yet given up on Gervais - but now, as the sounds of this Romy 12" rattle through my ear drums, I'm young again, living out a Uni-era euphoria of Mkat and Mad Ferret. 

                            Things are the same but different. Romy XX is on an indie label, her voice as pristene as ever, but now the line up of remixers represents the more balanced face of the industry, each one female or non binary and selected by Romy herself. Though the POV may be different, the purpose is the same, retool an indie OG for the various dance subsets out there. Jayda G takes the tech-house approach, taking the Innervisions approach of jazzy keys and moody bass whomps, while Planningtorock's "Let It Happen" remix is as close to electroclash as anyone dares to get in 2k21.Though the instrumentation may stray a little too close to Whitey's "Leave Them All Behind" the adventurous use of vocal pitch shift more than makes up for it. Kicking off the flip HAAi's in some sort of MBV meets EDM fever dream, translating the OG into a euphoric call back to Skream's "In For The Kill" remix (on a side note, the isolated vocal in the breakdown here has a distinctly Appalachian flavour - country EDM 2.0?) before local shero Anz pairs breaks and bass oomph with some rather sophisticated keys. 

                            Four mixes for four different sets and one neat A Capella to show off those vocals in splendid self isolation. 

                            TRACK LISTING

                            Lifetime (Jayda G Baleen Mix)
                            Lifetime (Planningtorock 'Let It Happen' Remix)
                            Lifetime (HAAi’s Green Lamborghini Romix)
                            Lifetime (Anz’s Togetherness Remix)
                            Lifetime (A Capella)

                            Three years in the making only to be held up nearly another whole year due to COVID, this dark brooding monster of an EP by Brussels based Strapontin, aka multi-disciplinary artist Patrick Belmont, is finally seeing the light of day.

                            Clocking in at over 35-minutes the record is almost album length and spans a multitude of depths and moods with elements of techno, new wave, rock 'n' roll, house and tribal; all glued together with a sleazy atmosphere reminiscent of the electronic body music pioneered by Strapontin’s Belgian forefathers Front 242 and their German peers DAF.

                            Add to this a heads-down-no-nonsense darkroom beast of a remix by techno maestro Sascha Funke and the package is complete.

                            Strapontin provides us with some insight:

                            'It started with a desire to move away a bit from my 'dancefloor' side and go into more undefined fields, I wanted to work with blurry sensations that I can't understand. I like mixed feelings. Dramatex 300 is made of that ambivalent mood. The voice is saying 'I'm feeling empty' and 'I'm feeling healthy' at the same time. I like that paradox. Eunuque is a song but is also a character I will develop in a short movie (which will act as the 'music video' of the song). The Eunuque is a character full of anger yet he doesn't want to fight nor has he a target to aim at. A restrained aggressivity is boiling inside him/it that has no opportunity to escape from the body and gain release. The song is the fever he feels from these inner battles. I think Le Bain d'Huile and Anti-sceptical have the same slow and angry feeling. I'm proud of these tracks because they are a bit mysterious to me and it feels like they controlled me more than I controlled them.'

                            Getting plays from Monika Seta & Alexis Le-Tan. 

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            Matt says: Have a penchant for the otherworldly, slightly shamanic, and often inventive? You know what to do by now surely! Invisible, Inc. come on strong once again with a new release from the ridiculously named Strapontin. I have no idea why he or she are called that but fuck it - the music's great. Dark and gothy as seems to be the flavour of the month but engrossing, magnetic and intriging at every step.

                            TRACK LISTING

                            A1. Eunuque
                            A2. Eunuque (Sascha Funke Remix)
                            B1. Anti-Sceptical
                            B2. Dramatex 300
                            B3. Le Bain D’Huile 

                            Guided By Voices

                            Styles We Paid For

                              Styles We Paid For is Guided By Voices’ third album of 2020 and it stands as a testament to this Year In Isolation, reflecting these dark days through Robert Pollard’s prism, with the band sounding as confident and authoritative as ever. The fifteen tracks were recorded remotely during quarantine from five states (Ohio, New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Tennessee) to comprise GBV’s ninth album since 2017.

                              Pollard’s searing vocals hold center stage, with endless melodic invention and impeccable phrasing. The massively crescendo-ing opening track “Megaphone Riley” seems to be inspired by a diabolical politician-in-chief, and like an indie-rock Nostradamus, presciently highlights the “Jumbo Virus”, while in the final couplet of the album closer “When Growing Was Simple” Pollard urges “Don’t drink and drive / stay at home and eat”.

                              Other album highlights include include Big Rock standouts like the incredibly hooky “Mr. Child” with the band in full arena rock power swing, while the titular protagonist is mentioned by name no less than sixteen times; the touching beauty and lyrical relevance of “Stops” and the majestically elegant “In Calculus Stratagem”, a bubbly pop rock joyride in “Crash at Lake Placebo”; the subtle current-day technological observations of “They Don’t Play The Drums Anymore” and the sleek “Electronic Windows To Nowhere” (written by a man who owns neither a smart phone or a computer). It’s notably heavy in it’s worldliness, lyrical content, texture, and approach—and rides out like a cinematic journey of the bizarro world one find oneself in. While other bands have been napping, GBV have achieved their second consecutive hat-trick (three albums per annum), and have further cemented their status as rock legends for achieving more in this bleak year then most bands do across their entire careers.

                              TRACK LISTING

                              1. Megaphone Riley
                              2. They Don't Play The Drums Anymore
                              3. Slaughterhouse
                              4. Endless Seafood
                              5. Mr Child
                              6. Stops
                              7. War Of The Devils
                              8. Electronic Windows To Nowhere
                              9. Never Abandon Ship
                              10. Roll Me To Heaven
                              11. In Calculus Strategem
                              12. Crash At Lake Placebo
                              13. Liquid Kid
                              14. Time Without Looking
                              15. When Growing Was Simple

                              The Finishing Touch

                              Second Best (Is Never Enough) - Inc. Mike Maurro Remix

                              Philly Groove and Brookside are back at it! This time with a remix edit of Finishing Touch - 'Second Best (Is Never Enough)'. For the uninitiated, this pearl is a smooth and sumptuous slice of disco soul along the lines of Barry White's Love Unlimted Orchestra. Side A gets a Mike Maurro Remix, edited down to a DJ friendly 7'' version and the B Side contains the original single version. Pressed on limited edition blue vinyl 7'' for the collectors.

                              TRACK LISTING

                              A1. A Mike Maurro Remix (Edit)
                              B1. Original Version

                              Mila Anatoli

                              Too Late / Kathy - Inc. Skyrager / Jonny Rock Remixes

                              For every musician who tastes significant success, there are countless others who fall through the cracks: artists whose dreams of carving a career out of their passion were dashed, despite the quality, inventiveness and imaginative nature of the music they made. Most never get to see the music they slaved over get released, or a new generation of listeners appreciate the demos they worked so hard on for an extended period of time.
                              Mila Anatoli is one such artist. Had it not been for Spacetalk’s Danny McLewin grabbing one of only 10 acetates pressed of her early 1980s demo recordings from a record dealer in New Jersey, her remarkable story and impressively off-kilter music would never have seen the light of day. Yet Anatoli deserves her moment in the spotlight and a chance to tell her tale.
                              Despite the hand-written information on McLewin’s acetate being almost 40 years out of date, Spacetalk managed to find to find her – Mila had married and changed her name some years ago making the search significantly harder.
                              The small amount of information the acetate provided led the search to celebrated jazz producer and photographer Hank O’Neal who had hung out with Mila back in the early 80s New York. He regularly took her to events and used his contacts to offer introductions to a mixture of local heroes and global music stars. Through O’Neal, Anatoli met Arthur Russell, Astrid Gilberto, Michael Moriaty and photographers Bert Stern and Berenice Abbot. At one point, O’Neal even took Anatoli to a downtown studio to watch The Clash making a recording with Allen Ginsberg.
                              Amazingly Hank still had many photographs of Mila taken during their time as friends in NYC and the images used on this new release have all been taken from Hank’s archive. Completing the reissue package alongside the original songs Danny McLewin in his Skyrager guise and Jonny Rock have added their editing skills to two of the tracks.

                              TRACK LISTING

                              A1. Too Late
                              A2. Kathy
                              A3. To Be Cruel
                              B1. Too Late (Skyrager Edit)
                              B2. Kathy (Jonny Rock Edit)


                              Get On The Funk Train - Inc. Louie Vega / Michael Gray & Mark Knight 7" Remix Edits

                              Anané Electrifies With New Version of Dancefloor Classic “Get On The Funk Train”

                              Known worldwide as one of the New York City’s most vibrant, charismatic and talented producer / DJs, Anané is uniquely positioned to bring light to the 1977 Number 1 Disco Hit “Get On The Funk Train,” originally released by the Munich Machine and produced by the renowned Giorgio Moroder

                              In addition to being a singer Anané is also DJ with residencies in New York, Ibiza and Naples. She knows how to move the dancefloor and how to elevate the mood of the room from first creating the vibe to getting the crowd into a groove; ultimately taking the dancefloor into full fledged party mode. Her strong and distinctive character can be traced to her experiences growing up in Cabo Verde’s capital city of Praia located on the island of Santiago during a time of extreme political strife, and to her many years of working hard to establish herself in the always competitive music industry. It takes a lot to tackle a classic and make it uniquely your own, but that’s exactly what Anané has accomplished with this fresh and vibrant new version of “Get On The Funk Train.”

                              With her wealth of talent as a performer, Anané is also highly accomplished as a record label owner. Her Nulu and Nulu Electric imprints over many years have been the source of some of the most played and sought after club bombs in the Afro House genre that is currently in vogue with DJs around the world. Her Nulu Movement line of merchandise represents the stylish, cutting edge fashion vibe of her NYC residency at Le Bain in the Standard Hotel, with designs created by Anané herself.

                              As befitting an artist so well respected and admired in the community, the producer and remixer team behind this project consists of several of the most legendary and successful producers in the industry. The recording was originally produced by Grammy Award winning producer / artist Louie Vega, one of the world’s premier producers who has the rare distinctive of attaining massive success in multiple genres including House, Freestyle, R&B and just recently he has been focusing on revitalizing the great musical genre known as Disco. The production includes live strings arranged by two of the most highly accomplished members of NYC’s storied musical history Patrick Adams & Leroy Burgess, and electric guitar by Carlos Alomar, formerly David Bowie’s music director. Remixes were supplied by Todd Terry, a man who is known as one of the original New York City based producers who help create the House Music genre that we know today, and by the recently formed production team of Michael Gray and Mark Knight, two of England’s most respected and successful producer / DJs. These two stars of the industry have generated a uniquely groove focused remixer style that has had DJ’s worldwide eagerly waiting each new production.

                              TRACK LISTING

                              A1. Get On The Funk Train (Louie Vega Mix)
                              B1. Get On The Funk Train (Michael Gray & Mark Knight Remix)


                              Days - Inc. John Talabot / Ex-Terrestrial / Fit Siegel Remixes

                                'Days' is like no other track Round has produced to date. For a start, it's the first song he has ever written without using samples. It's also the first time he's worked with a vocalist. Truth is that everything surrounding the track's conception is somehow exceptional. The melody came to Torsten as a sudden spark, which he discretely hummed into his phone while walking in Assistens Cemetery in Copenhagen. "I always feel an urge to make music when I feel emotional, and like many other people I remember the emotional periods in my life", he recalls when questioned about what inspired him of that particular time and space. He then asked danish singer Astrid Engeberg to record vocals and after some work with the laptop the song was born. So simple, so special. The three remixes manage to be faithful to the original's haunting oddness while offering radically different takes on it. First off John Talabot pushes it into slow and sludgey mollusc break territories with a shamanic translation, then Ex-Terrestrial offers a sedated IDM interpretation for fans of BOC etc, finally the Fit Siegel gets his music box on with a deranged bit of technofunk.

                                TRACK LISTING

                                A1. Days
                                A2. Days (John Talabot Skoooldub Remix)
                                B1. Days (Ex-Terrestrial Remix)
                                B2. Days (Fit Siegel's Bow Legged Mix)

                                Sascha Funke / Niklas Wandt

                                Kreidekreis - Inc. Alexander Arpeggio / Whodamanny Remixes

                                Follow-up EP for Multi Culti from this Berlin duo merging sleek Krautrock influences, decades long production experience, jazz-percussion chops and funky German vocals.

                                ‘Kometenschweif’ will sound the most familiar to fans of Sascha Funke’s club-ready tracks, with percussive and vocal flourishes from Niklas Wandt. ‘Kreidekreis’ takes the tempo down while ramping up the trippiness, a circular journey into funk bass, synth prog, and again, a percussion masterclass.

                                Finally, ‘Weg Vom Leder’ sounds like a lost Falco tune, brought up to date. On the remix side, Alexander Arpeggio somehow manages to swing ‘Kreidekreis’ into a digital reggae slowburner, while Whodamanny turns Kometenschweif toward indie-kraut-wave bop.

                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                Patrick says: My favourite percussive piss-taker gets back in the ring with Sascha Funke for a very German edition of the oddball house / shamanic electronics experience. Post kraut hypnotism, commune funk and NDW chuggers on the OGs, while Alex Arpeggio and Whodamanny embrace the cosmic and leather clad on their remixes.

                                TRACK LISTING

                                A1. Kometenschweif
                                A2. Kreidekreis
                                B1. Kreidekreis (Alexander Arpeggio Remix)
                                B2. Kometenschweif (Whodamanny Remix) 
                                B3. Weg Vom Leder

                                NuNorthern Soul proudly presents Dimun, an overlooked neo-classical / ambient fusion track by Faroe Islands-based producer Kristan Blak’s Yggdrasil project. Label boss ‘Phat’ Phil Cooper was playing G! festival on the Faroe Islands in 2019 and as part of the experience the delegates, artists and DJs where invited to see and experience some of the cultural spots and institutions of the Faroe Islands. One of those was Tutl records owned by Kristian Blak. Tutl records is a wonderful record store and label representing the wealth of amazing Faroese recording talent and has been around for years.

                                Kristian invited a few people to his house and he played the piano line of Dimun, Phil recorded it on his phone and could not stop watching it… He eventually contacted Kristian to ask about the music which led to it being licensed for this release.

                                Mike Salta* steps up with studio partner Marty ‘Mortale’ to create an epic 12 minute version with a nod to the heritage and sounds of Cafe Del Mar circa 1998 and with added new flavours of Ibiza al la Mark Barrott / International Feel. The flip sees UK producer & DJ, Chris Coco** take the helm with his dreamy New Age version chilled to the perfect temperature for lost La Torre sunset moments. Finally we have the original version and to quote David from One Million Sunsets "This is ace, all three versions, you could put them together to make one long track. New Age finally making a proper comeback."

                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                Patrick says: In its original form, "Dimun" is a neoclassical gem, easily as beautiful as anything messers Frahm or Arndalds have released - and the remixes are on point too, Chris Coco harnessing Vangelis in Blade Runner mode and Mike Salta & Mortale translating the track into a Padilla-style serenade.

                                TRACK LISTING

                                A1. Dimun (Mike Salta & Mortale Remix)
                                B1. Dimun (Chris Coco A Las Estrellas Remix)
                                B2. Dimun (Original)

                                Hell Yeah call upon their merry crew of grown up groove makers to revisit key tracks from Quiroga's widely acclaimed Passages album, with Whodamanny, Jazz N Palms, A Vision of Panorama and My Friend Dario all stepping up.

                                The original album was noted as Piccadilly Records' Best Balearic Album of 2019 and a year on is still providing solace for us in these strange times. First to add his own spin to it is Periodica associate Whodamanny from Naples, whose magical take on 'Martinica Feelings' made it onto the excellent recent Buena Onda compilation, which is out now. It is a big hearted vocal reinterpretation filled with stomping kicks and twisted synths that bring the funk next to withering sci-fi effects and happy piano chords.

                                Then, up steps man of the moment Jazz N Palms, a resident at the cult Ibiza venue Pikes and regular at London's Ronnie Scotts. He has recently started his own self titled label and here offers a mad Latin jazz take on 'Africa Addio' that brims with energy and sunshines. The busy percussion will make you move your ass and the whole thing has a sexy 70s vibe.

                                Saint Petersbourg's very own balearic legend A Vision of Panorama is hailed as the king of the modern balearic sound thanks to EPs on labels like Omena. He takes care of 'The Zoist' with sentimental melodies and sunset grooves to die for. His arching pads speak to the soul and melt the heart.

                                Last of all, Hell Yeah's very own discovery My Friend Dario (who soon has an EP coming on NuNorthern Soul, recently remixed Calm and Gallo) tackles 'Chiaia Sunset'. The result is a laidback and cathartic track that slowly unfolds on tumbling drums and wooden hits as synths leave vapour trails high up in the clear blue sky above.

                                These are four more high class remixes that will keep the summer vibes alive long into Autumn.

                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                Patrick says: My pick for best Balearic record of 2019 returns in remix form here, with a quartet of top musical talents taking on Quiroga's amazing 'Passages'. It's an all styles, all flavours affair with Whodamanny's Neapolitan funk rubbing shoulders with the Latin interpretation of Jazz N Palms on the A-side, while dreamy Balearic interpretations come from A Vision Of Panorama and My Friend Dario on the flip.

                                TRACK LISTING

                                A1. Martinica Feelings (Whodamanny Reinterpretation)
                                A2. Africa Addio (Jazz N Palms Remix)
                                B1. The Zoist (A Vision Of Panorama Remix)
                                B2. Chiaia Sunset (My Friend Dario Remix)

                                This week's Ronseal award goes to Cole Odin for the lush and perfectly titled "Warmth" EP, a much needed dose of mid afternoon sun in the week my boiler broke down. On A-side cut "This Kitchen Is For Dancing", Cole is in full Claremont 56 mode, combining sunkissed arps and nuanced drum programming beneath a chiming, chorus soaked guitar, recalling the horiztonal magic of the finest moments from Messers Smith & Mudd. "The Warmth Of Your Sun" switches the style but retains the vibe, dropping the tempo for a dubby downbeat jam absolutely dripping with hallucinogenic agents. Remixes come from Jack Priest and Adam Warped who strip back and speed up the cuts respectively for some full blooded Balearic house heat. 

                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                Patrick says: Lovely stuff from Cole Odin on Eclectics here, ensuring we all stay toasty throughout the imminent winter. Dreamy guitars, bubbling electronics and unchecked optimism wait within.

                                TRACK LISTING

                                A1. This Kitchen Is For Dancing
                                A2. This Kitchen Is For Dancing (Jack Priest Remix)
                                B1. The Warmth Of Your Sun
                                B2. The Warmth Of Your Sun (Adam Warped Remix)

                                Kai Alcé Ft Rico & Kafele Bandele

                                Take A Chance (The Dubs) - Inc. Mr. Fingers / Larry Heard Remixes

                                Pre-orders essential on this super limited NDATL release featuring two remixes from the legendary Larry Heard!


                                TRACK LISTING

                                A.Take A Chance (Mr. Fingers Full Ambient Acid Instrumental)
                                B1.Take A Chance (Kai Alce Original Dub Mix)
                                B2. Take A Chance (Larry Heard Dub Remix)

                                Erik Sumo

                                Run Into The Wild - Inc. Mytron & Ofofo / E. Live Remixes

                                  Erik Sumo is one of the most established Hungarian music producers of the last 20 years. His various acts gained national and international, underground and mainstream success, he scored movies - think of the now cult "Liza, The Fox Fairy" soundtrack. His latest album "Mount Fuji" came out in November 2019, it contains "Run Into The Wild", an odd yet catchy leftfield floor-filler with an unmistakable mood built of glamorous disco vibes and sinister imaginings from the woods around Fujisan.

                                  On this EP you can hear the previously unreleased disco dub version of the song and 3 remixes taking the original into completely different directions.
                                  Mytron & Ofofo of Multiculti fame chose to go the tribal way by adding some extra percussion and reconstructing the chorus making the track even more dance floor friendly than it was originally.
                                  Oakland based producer E. Live turned the tune into a contemporary boogie burner, while Budabeats staple M.W.D.'s version has an atmosphere that is impossible to describe but straightforward to enjoy.

                                  Limited to 400 copies worldwide.

                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                  Matt says: Pop-flecked disco taken thru a variety of moods via a veritable selection of modern day music maestros. This is really good!

                                  TRACK LISTING

                                  A1. Run Into The Wild (Disco Dub Version)
                                  A2. Run Into The Wild (Mytron & Ofofo Remix)
                                  B1. Run Into The Wild (E.Live Remix)
                                  B2. Run Into The Wild (M.W.D Remix)

                                  Gooch returns to Specials Worldwide with his sophomore EP “Caught Up In You”. A loveable melange of naive pop drenched with Italo influence and an earnest but refined approach to easy going and light hearted summertime music.

                                  The EP consists of sketches formed on an extended vacation to Los Angeles in the spring of 2019 that were later brought to life and polished in Vancouver, British Columbia alongside DJ D.DEE (Pacific Rhythm), and Ryan Eno of the legendary The Warehouse Studios.

                                  All additional production on the EP was provided by a group of Gooch’s nearest and dearest who conveniently all happen to be world class session musicians laying their heads across Vancouver, Montreal, Copenhagen, and the Ukraine. Two remixes from Local Artist of the cult label Mood Hut and the Kaifeng born, Vancouver based artist Yu Su round out the EP. 

                                  TRACK LISTING

                                  A1. This Groove Ft. Rionika
                                  A2. This Groove Ft. Rionika (Yu Su Remix)
                                  A3. Can You (Local Artist Extended Mix)
                                  B1. Caught Up In You
                                  B2. Can You

                                  1988: Six years after entering the music scene, and just a few months after the release of the teen, 80s earworm, “Bonne bonne humeur ce matin” by Tristan, the producer and arranger, Michel Bassignani, recorded “Tu me tues” in Belgium. Dissatisfied with the result, Michel went back to the drawing board at Waldbery Studios in Paris recording all instrumentals (except sax). After hearing his new work, Dominique, a high school pal, proposed to sing for Bassignani. Dominique's stage name became Maureen, and in addition to the single and extended versions, the duo recorded a “Dance mix”. 

                                  TRACK LISTING

                                  A1. Tu Me Tues (Original 1988 Dance Mix)
                                  B1. Tu Me Tues (JKriv Remix) 

                                  Guided By Voices

                                  Mirrored Aztec

                                    When we last heard from Guided By Voices, they had released an astonishing four albums in just over 12 months. Each has a distinctive creative identity: Zeppelin Over China was a meat-and-potatoes double album, Warp And Woof was a return to the band’s low-fidelity roots and under-two-minute earworms, Sweating The Plague was a slice of moody stadium rock, and Surrender Your Poppy Field was an unpredictable grab-bag of all of the above. After venturing through the tangled brambles of Plague and Poppy Field, here is a sunny summer reprieve, a relentless barrage of hooks—Mirrored Aztec is the latest stop on this runaway train.

                                    Like its immediate predecessors, Mirrored Aztec is both its own entity and unmistakably GBV. It’s also their most immediately welcoming and inviting offering in years—there’s nothing a fan of The Who, Big Star, or Wire, wouldn’t love. For the GBV uninitiated, the clean, confident hooks of highlights “Bunco Men,” “Haircut Sphinx,” “A Whale Is Top Notch,” “Party Rages On” and the strummy “To Keep An Area” will resonate immediately. It also contains some unprecedented GBV moments, too, like “Math Rock,” an apparent tribute to the titular subgenre featuring classroom instruments and a children’s choir, “Please Don’t Be Honest,” a dreamy reversal of the band’s 2016 song and album Please Be Honest, and “Thank You Jane,” perhaps the most open-hearted, guileless power-pop song from Pollard’s pen in ages.

                                    If Pollard’s discography—107 albums and counting—seems intimidating, do not fear! With a brand-new, high-quality, all-the-way there album every several months, it’s abundantly clear that no band’s fanbase has more fun.

                                    TRACK LISTING

                                    1. I Think I Had It. I Think I Have It Again
                                    2. Bunco Men
                                    3. Citizen’s Blitz
                                    4. To Keep An Area
                                    5. Easier Not Charming
                                    6. Please Don’t Be Honest
                                    7. Show Of Hands
                                    8. Lip Curlers
                                    9. Math Rock
                                    10. Transfusion
                                    11. Biker’s Nest
                                    12. A Whale Is Top Notch
                                    13. I Touch Down
                                    14. Haircut Sphinx
                                    15. Screaming The Night Away
                                    16. Thank You Jane
                                    17. The Best Foot Forwards
                                    18. Party Rages


                                    Visions - Inc. Flamingo Flame / Max Manetti Remix

                                    Eclectics serves up a soothing elixir for troubled times. Essex-based trio Statues make their label debut with a four-track EP showcasing two original compositions, each with its own remix.

                                    “Lele” begins with a marimba ringing out – a Balearic clarion call if ever there was one. What follows is live and direct. Keyboard lines that glisten and atmospheres that bed in and circle around you, leaving you dazed but never fazed. 

                                    Birmingham’s Flamingo Flame step up to the plate for remix duties and use some weighty acid lines and a beautiful vocal to anchor the spirit of the original to something altogether more terrestrial, but no less magical.

                                    “Visions” on the other hand is a tantric delight – all build and the promise of potential. Proving once and for all that soul isn’t a four-letter word, saxophone, keys, strings and delayed guitar build a suitably jazz-infused backdrop for the subtle vocal to move around, while the listener gets lost in the detail. And let’s face it – we could all do with losing ourselves in something these days.

                                    “Papa” Max Manetti, fresh from his vinyl debut with Eclectics, takes the baton for remix duties on this one, translating it into a track that retains the spirit of the original, giving it a new bassline and a gentle percussive sense of purpose without once losing the laidback lustre.

                                    When circumstance pushes people apart, music remains a unifying force. With this release, Statues have perfected that irresistible pull.

                                    TRACK LISTING

                                    A1. Lele
                                    A2. Lele (Flamingo Flame Remix)
                                    B1. Visions
                                    B2. Visions (Max Manetti Remix)

                                    Ess O Ess & Saul Richards Feat. Laura Lee

                                    Totem - Inc. Hardaway Brothers / Otologic Remixes

                                    Ess O Ess have finally joined the Kinfolk stable with a thunderous release featuring Laura Lee of Khruangbin fame. Entitled "Totem", the original mix is a wailing guitar-heavy psyche rock-out that sees Laura Lee's vocals carrying it across a peyote-filled landscape. Saul's "Swamp Crawl" version sees the slow 'n' heavy rock elements kept in the mix but with added electronic flourishes. Head nodding is an optional extra while The Hardway Brothers decided to tune in with the spirit of Johnny Jenkins and haul it through New Orleans via a pit stop at John Carpenter's desert holiday home. Otologic bring up the rear with an altogether different take by donning their finest digi dub garb and take it as far away as they can from its psyche out beginnings; laced with 'lectronic dread and wacked-out tape delays. Mega!

                                    TRACK LISTING

                                    A1. Totem
                                    A2. Totem (Swamp Crawl)
                                    B1. Totem (Hardway Brothers Remix)
                                    B2. Totem (Otologic Dub)

                                    Back in stock Cover of Does It Make You Feel Good - Inc. Greg Wilson & Ché Wilson / Mind Enterprises / CC: DISCO! X DJ BORING Remixes by Confidence Man.

                                    Confidence Man

                                    Does It Make You Feel Good - Inc. Greg Wilson & Ché Wilson / Mind Enterprises / CC: DISCO! X DJ BORING Remixes

                                      Following their much acclaimed and loved debut album “Confident Music for Confident People”, Confidence Man returned at the end of last year sounding like Donna Summer and Giorgio Moroder gleefully discovering house music via Dee-lite with a brand-new track “Does It Make You Feel Good?”

                                      Talking about the Greg Wilson & Ché Wilson remix Confidence Man said: ‘When you work with a father son duo this talented and this god damn good looking you know good things will happen. They’ve got twice the brains and a multi-generational love for bangers. Greg and Che have taken the track to outer space and left it in Jupiter’s orbit for a while it’s always nice to expand the journey.’

                                      And on the CC Disco + DJ Boring remix they added: ‘Our good friends CC and DJ Boring joined forces for this master dub remix with these two fire breathers bringing some sweet sticky heat to ya ears. Sexy soulful and oh so tasteful they lend their skills to help you achieve your true party potential. You deserve it honey.’

                                      Limited 12” vinyl pressing on Heavenly. 

                                      TRACK LISTING

                                      A1. Greg Wilson & Ché Wilson Remix
                                      A2. Greg Wilson & Ché Wilson Remix Instrumental
                                      B1. Mind Enterprises Remix Instrumental
                                      B2. CC: DISCO! X DJ BORING MINISTRY OF DUB MIX

                                      Last year Swiss savant, deep digger, production whizz and superstar DJ Lexx put a spell on us with his superb debut LP, "Cosmic Shift". Filtering disco, dub and Balearic through the shimmer of heat haze, he soundtracked a particularly toasty Piccadilly summer, and now returns on a remix tip to bring on the spring. 
                                      The party starts with Phantom Island natives Kejeblos, who transform "Wave" into a hard hitting but sophisticated bit of deep house which references vintage Prescription, summer of love euphoria and Italo House in the best way possible. Closing out the A-side is an extra scorching Balearic-dub mix of lead single "Too Hot", perfect for poolside coolers and daytime DJ sets. Flip it and we fall deeper into the dub with Second Circle-man Androo bringing the On-U vibrations to "Universal Prayer". Trippy tape fx and occasional burts of melody ride a moody digital groove right into the witching hour, persuading even the most straight edge to take a sip of the tribal brew. On the B2 it's the turn of another acclaimed psychonaught, boogie shaman Eirwud Mudwasser who transplants the Black Ark to Alexandra Park for a ultra dubby rockers mix of "Too Hot". Lastly Lexxy brings us the bonus with the fretless bass, dreamy keys and heartswelling beauty of "Expanding Happiness", a moment of light in these dark times.

                                      TRACK LISTING

                                      A1. Wave (feat Ella Thompson - Kejeblos Remix)
                                      A2. Too Hot (feat Woolfy - Red Hot Mix) 
                                      B1. Universal Prayer (Androo Rework)
                                      B2. Too Hot (feat Woolfy - Eirwud True Rocker Version)
                                      B3. Expanding Happiness

                                      Circa Waves

                                      Sad Happy

                                        An album of our times, ‘Sad Happy’ is formed of two diametrically distinctive sides – the first half of the record contains the Happy tracks, the latter the Sad tracks. Lead single ‘Jacqueline’ is unveiled today as the first taste of ‘Sad Happy’. Listen here. An infectious, Soweto flavoured groove, ‘Jacqueline’ is another bold slice of bright, life-affirming pop from the pen of Kieran Shudall, who is establishing himself as one of Britain’s most prolific young songwriters. With it’s infectious chorus and refrain of ‘Good times are coming around the bend’, Jacqueline is at once instantly recognisable and also another bold sonic leap forward for Circa Waves. It’s a song that’ll sit effortlessly amongst a setlist already brimming with anthems.

                                        ‘Sad Happy’ was written and produced in full by Kieran Shudall, and mixed by Grammy winners Dan Grech-Marguerat and Matt Wiggins. Today’s album announcement comes a little over six months after the release of April’s Top Ten Charting UK Album ‘What’s It Like Over There’. The prolific nature of Kierans’ writing, coupled with Circa Waves relentless appetite for playing live and their own label imprint, are cementing the Liverpool four piece’s reputation as one of the UK’s most dynamic and exciting bands.

                                        TRACK LISTING

                                        2.Be Your Drug
                                        3.Move To San Francisco
                                        4.Wasted On You
                                        5.The Things We Knew Last Night
                                        6.Call Your Name
                                        7.Love You More
                                        8.Sad Happy
                                        9.Wake Up Call
                                        11.Battered & Bruised
                                        12.Hope There’s A Heaven
                                        13.Train To Lime Street
                                        14.Birthday Cake

                                        DJs, producers and unrivaled selectors, Danny McLewin and Tom Coveney have shared the next taste of their debut album ‘I Feel How This Night Should Look’ via their stunning next track, ‘Ghost Particle’.

                                        Recorded at Canterbury’s Cosmic Forest Studios, ‘Ghost Particle’ features English psychedelic-rock Syd Arthur frontman Liam Magill. A gorgeously emotive and glistening space prog infused moment track for the album, Ghost Particle glides along at cruising altitude.

                                        Released last year on their own imprint Psychemagik Recordings. ‘I Feel How This Night Should Look’ is an album with a phenomenal backstory spanning back over a decade. ‘I Feel How This Night Should Look’ is testament to the duo’s deep understanding and love of their craft, an LP which hones a layered intelligence that only long-term dedication to the art and craft of the DJ can deliver.

                                        TRACK LISTING

                                        A1. Ghost Particle (Feat. Liam Magill)
                                        A2. Ghost Particle (Instrumental)
                                        B1. Ghost Particle (Feat. Liam Magill) (Cable Toy Club Mix)

                                        Guided By Voices

                                        Surrender Your Poppy Field

                                          Starting off the year with a 100-song marathon in Los Angeles on New Year’s Eve, Robert Pollard is setting a mighty high bar for Guided By Voices in 2020. Following three acclaimed and stylistically distinct full-length albums in 2019, Surrender Your Poppy Field, is a headspinning tour de force: a bit of everything... plus more! And hands down the most adventurous GBV album ever. There are lo-fi four-track tape recordings, there are songs recorded with a single microphone in a basement, there are big studio fullyproduced hook-laden pop songs, and there is a lot in between. Seemingly, the guiding concept of Surrender Your Poppy Field was to make the songs sound as different from one another as possible: sudden shifts in mood, tempo and rhythm, unexpected chord progressions, false endings and codas, string orchestrations, mysterious voices... It’s an exhilarating and dizzying trip to an inventive world of strange characters: Andre the Hawk, Queen Parking Lot, the Cul-de-Sac Kids, the Hard Hitter, the Steely Dodger, the Stone Cold Moron, A Man Called Physician, A Man Called Blunder... Not content with their usual mastery of the 4 P’s (punk, pop, prog, psych) Professor Pollard pushes the envelope on Poppy Field, and continues to redefine GBV from a myriad of angles. Anyone who thinks that he’s gotten complacent after 104 albums hasn’t been paying attention! Don’t miss out.

                                          Completing a red hot trio of remix EPs of Calm’s "By Your Side" album is this final part with Lucas Croon, Cantoma and Gallo and Yuri Shulgin all serving up expansive and mind altering new versions.

                                          He doesn’t release often but when he does you need to listen to Lucas Croon. His unique take on ‘Before Landing’ is a proper dance floor heater to get you on your toes. Once you're there, a gentle rush of rave euphoria tases over you and sends shivers down your spine as old school breakbeats and glowing pads complete the trip.

                                          Elsewhere, long time Balearic pin up, scene hero and all round blissed out boss man Phil Mison has a new album coming the spring. Before that, he becomes Cantoma for a timeless version of ‘You Can See The Sunrise Again’ that has bright blue skies and jaunty chords making you move.

                                          Regular label artist homie Gallo is in the form of his life right now - he's resident DJ at Hell Yeah's weekly Balearic night Buena Onda in Berlin, has a growing reputation for being one of the best eclectic selectors in the game and is currently working on compiling the forthcoming BUENA ONDA comp with label head Marco. He gets long legged on his deep cut remix of ‘Sky Color Passing’ which is another killer that slowly but surely works you in a slow motion acid trance.

                                          Completing this most exquisite outing is Yuri Shulgin, a multi-instrumentalist music producer from Tajikistan with credits on Cocktail d'Amore Music. His spellbinding take on 'Ending of Summer, Beginning of Autumn' is a fusion of jazz, leftfield and electronica will have you in a spin and your head lost in the clouds amongst the twinkling stars and cosmic pads.

                                          STAFF COMMENTS

                                          Patrick says: Marco flexes the Hell Yeah Rolodex yet again, inviting a ridiculous cast of production talent to complete this triptych of Calm conversions. Berlin based Gallo gives us a divine and dreamy chugger, Yuri Shulgin indulges both the arps and his inner Gilmour for a cosmic expedition, Phil Mison enjoys a PSB-oogie by the Med, before Lucas Croon gets ravey with a basement friendly future breaks romp.

                                          TRACK LISTING

                                          A1. Sky, Color, Passing (Gallo’s Mellow Mellow Acid Remix)
                                          A2. Ending Of Summer, Beginning Of Autum (Yuri Shulgin Remix)
                                          B1. You Can See The Sunrise Again (Cantoma Remix)
                                          B2. Before Landing (Lucas Croon Remix)

                                          Jacknife Lee

                                          Made It Weird / Sisa Wabaya Inc. Open Mike Eagle & Muthoni Drummer Queen

                                            These are the first two songs released from “The Jacknife Lee”, the new album from Jacknife Lee. "I wanted to work with people i’d been a fan of so I found out their email addresses and sent beats. Open Mike Eagle was the first person i contacted and he came to the studio and we did “Made It Weird””.
                                            The track is built around sample of Francis Lai’s “Young Freedom”.

                                            "I loved “Kenyan Message” by Muthoni Drummer Queen and dm’d her on instagram. I sent her three beats and she chose this one. “Sisa Wabaya” is about being a wild badass. Muthoni tours all the time so she recorded her vocal in Switzerland with some friends”. 

                                            Jacknife Lee

                                            Hit The Bell / Firewalls Inc. Sneaks And Haviah Mighty & Petite Noir

                                              This is the second 7” released from the album “The Jacknife Lee” by “Jacknife Lee”. I absolutely loved the first two Sneaks albums, I just couldn’t get enough of them and I sent a fan letter to Eva saying if she ever wanted a studio or anything i would love to help out, and so we began working together. She sends ideas and I send her ideas. “Hit The Bell” was one of those. Eva came up with the chorus and then it needed some verses. Haviah Mighty released one of my favorite records last year so I asked her to try something.

                                              Petite Noir’s “Blame Fire” and “Beach” blew me away. We met up in London last summer and came up with “Firewalls” one night. This is one of my favorites on the album.

                                              Guided By Voices

                                              Man Called Blunder / She Wants To Know

                                                A-side “Man Called Blunder” - Robert Pollard says "the recording is perfectly executed, the best performance of a GBV song, ever...”. Non-LP b-side is a sparkling remake of "She Wants To Know" from GBV’s 1986 debut Forever Since Breakfast. A side is Track from forthcoming NEW album!!!

                                                Guided By Voices


                                                  A-side “Volcano” plus non-LP b-side “Sun Goes Down” is a piano ballad written and sung by GBV drummer Kevin March, an outlier in the GBV canon. Volcano from the NEW album… get on it.. these are mega limited.

                                                  Guided By Voices

                                                  Sweating The Plague

                                                    Guided By Voices is now an unlikely candidate for the most perfect rock band of all time, while at the same time being a thoughtful reflection on what a rock band is, a fantasy that becomes a fact. Sweating The Plague, the band’s 29th album and their third this year, spars playfully with stadium-sized fidelity and uncharacteristically impactful arrangements. Producer Travis Harrison’s counterintuitive approach to Guided By Voices’ historically lo-fi sound is that he doesn’t want it to sound homemade, while the grinding tectonic plate guitars of Doug Gillard and Bobby Bare Jr. anchor the album. Play it loud! Being a fan of Guided By Voices can feel like standing in a ticker-tape parade and reaching out to grab at stray releases as the endless flurry of output from the Needmore Songs publishing house billows around—but here’s twelve compatible nuggets of Pollard content in one handy package, all boxed up and ready to go.

                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                    1. Downer
                                                    2. Street Party
                                                    3. Mother's Milk Elementary
                                                    4. Heavy Like The World
                                                    5. Ego Central High
                                                    6. The Very Second
                                                    7. Tiger On Top
                                                    8. Unfun Glitz
                                                    9. Your Cricket Is Rather Unique
                                                    10. Immortals
                                                    11. My Wrestling Days Are Over
                                                    12. Sons Of The Beard

                                                    Jarv Is

                                                    Must I Evolve? - Inc. David Holmes & Keefus Ciancia’s Unloved Rework

                                                      From Jarvis re the mix: “David Holmes & Keefus Ciancia invited Catherine Rebeiro, Ennio Morricone, The Vampires of Dartmoor, Jean-Claude Vannier, La Düsseldorf, Alan Vega, Sergio Leone, Dario Argento & Jaromil Jireš to our Rave in the Cave.”

                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                      Must I Evolve (Original Version)
                                                      Must I Evolve (David Holmes & Keefus Ciancia’s Unloved Rework)

                                                      Vancouver's Pacific Rhythm crew launch their new label Specials, featuring remixes from Project Pablo and DJ Sports.

                                                      Providing the source material is Vancouver’s own ZDBT who's joined by Washington, DC's Dreamcast (who's previously released on PPU & Future Times) on vocal duties. "Take A Chance (On Love)" is a projectile of deep, yearning late night house music. The vocal - stricken with a bitter sweet emotion - riding buoyantly across a galloping 4/4 beat peppered with snares a two three note B-line.

                                                      Project Pablo takes the track into bigger realms, adding an anthemic, hooky bassline and an endorphin-cruising chord progression to elevate the track into peak time trajectory.

                                                      "Time For You" flips the energy into a carnal swell; throbbing along with skillfully programmed drums and another sterling vocal performance, riddled with feeling.

                                                      One more flavour before kicking out time: DJ Sports' dub of "Time For You" which strips the vocal away and concentrates on that sweltering midday haze, adding cascading dub echoes and a pluming sub bass to blanket the listener in a thick, opiated patina that's tailor made to get lost inside your mind on a hammock with a carrot in hand! Jah blessings! 

                                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                                      Matt says: Mega release with all four performances scoring highly on the pidgeometre! Get it in the bag!

                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                      A1. Take A Chance (On Love)
                                                      A2. Take A Chance (On Love) (Project Pablo Remix)
                                                      B1. Time For You
                                                      B2. Time For You (DJ Sports Dub Mix)

                                                      Alongside a killer long player from label mainstay Lexx, Phantom Island treat us to a new solo effort by Zurich based Drummer and Multi Instrumentalist Domi Chansorn. He is best known for playing in and producing numerous Swiss bands like Fai Baba or Evelinn Trouble. Everything you hear was written, played, sung, arranged, produced, recorded and mixed by Domi Chansorn. With "Strawberry Moon" he has created a timeless psychedelic Pop-Opus which takes the listener on a trip to another sphere. The aforementioned Lexx pops up on remix duties, dropping a typically Balearic mix combining dub swelter, open hearted melodies and an irresistible day time disco groove.

                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                      A1. Strawberry Moon
                                                      B1. Strawberry Moon (Instrumental)
                                                      B2. Strawberry Moon (Version By Lexx) 

                                                      Especial introduced the well respected Phil Gerus to its famed halls. "Still Blind" welds boogie, electro and proto-house music into a emotive, cosmic dancefloor stew that should find favour right across the board.

                                                      Electric enough to be nocturnal, soulful enough for the discotheque and arranged perfectly, "Still Blind" has A N T H E M subtly written into its fresh grooves. I wouldn't be surprised to hear synth-jizz extraordinaire Il Bosco reaching into his pockets and shelling out for this new explosion!

                                                      So good it leaves the rest of the record for remixes, Philip Lauer & Jamie Paton conjure up very contrasting versions...Lauer opts for a more Italo-tinged edge to proceedings, but keeps those classic 80s drum machines and synths firing on all cylinders. Jamie Paton meanwhile throws a digital blanket over the source material, bringing in right up to date with a minimal house / late night Balearic feel that again, should find fans in a variety of music camps.

                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                      A1. Still Blind
                                                      A2. Still Blind (Lauer Remix)
                                                      B1. Still Blind (Jamie Paton Remix)
                                                      B2. Still Blind (Jamie Paton Dub)

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