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Rudy (aka Robin Lee from Faze Action) makes a welcome return on Faze Action Recordings, taking in the atmosphere of sunnier climes. The title track's opening cascades and swirling synths soon fall into an easy Balearic groove, while singing melodies, exotic marimbas and chugging synth bass conjure scenes of Compass Point on holiday in St Tropez. The hypnotic tones of analogue arpeggios and haunting synth solos invoke the "Sky Goddess" on the A2 before we head back down to earth for B1's invitation to sail down the "Shimmering Coast". A relaxed guitar groove and gleaming keyboard flourishes are beautifully underpinned by a stunning 80s sounding bass line. Dropping anchor at "Fortune Lagoon", we are treated to some of Rudy's personally designed analogue keyboard sounds, which mange to challenge yet retain tropical warmth. Finally live chorus bass introduces us to "Body Wave" which manages to fuse easy French disco with jazzy Fender Rhodes hooks. "By Nature" is a reflection of white washed houses, palm trees, refreshing coastal beaches and yacht parties. Don't forget your sunglasses and tanning oil!


Patrick says: Faze Action's Robin Lee dons his Rudy's Midnight Machine alias to take us for a trip to the tropics across five Balearic disco bombs. Proper Compass Point in the Med stylings found within.


A1. By Nature
A2. Sky Goddess
B1. Shimmering Coast
B2. Fortune Lagoon
B3. Body Wave

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