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Massive Birth bounces on slapped bass, Mod Jazz organ grind, and tumbling percussion. Wielding guitars that cut a Psyche edge. Mind Fair`s remix tames and tinkers with the hand-drums, and focuses on that b-line. Emphasizing its Post-Punk-Funk groove. Sky Dump is Afro Cosmic Prog Rock (think Alan Parsons or Skyy) pushed through Italo machines.

Talorypo pits 80s Pop marimba against a buzzing bionic bass-line. The resulting bubbling, fidgeting Electric Ethno fusion is given a more Industrial bashing by The Warehouse Preservation Society. Step-by-step, hitting a Bobby Orlando / Morroder-on-Mogadon chug.

Nirosta Steel is a sometime alias of Steven Hall - musician and survivor of the `80s NYC`s art melting pot. "Everybody Sing" dances like Steven`s long-term collaborator and lost-way-too-early friend, Arthur Russell. Riding low rumbling bass, phased guitar & rhythmic picking that flickers in and out of the mix. Strings, choir boy falsetto, and blue yodel all working at cutting through its delay-drenched, dancefloor delirium.

L.A.`s Cole Medina delivers two reworks. His "Heavy Disco" take is intro`d by cowbell and synth swirls. Cymbals crash like sampled surf while Stratocaster microtones and echoes of the original, wash over an electronically re-imagined B-line and trippy keyboard sequences.

Cole`s "Knuckles Tribute" sets punchy B-line, poignant piano and gated orchestral euphoria against a classic Def Mix groove. Clarifying the lyric`s call for unity, the sheer warmth and texture of the mix should be plenty for nocturnal revelers to embrace.

Mind Fair`s version goes in for some tribal disco thumping. Stripping the track down before building it back up. Its big chesty kicks firing off like a cocaine-fuelled heartbeat Imagine Coati Mundi-meets-Jah Wobble and they make a track for The Loft and you'll be halfway there! Tasty EP this, full of fun and goodness! 

Stoke's Rogue Cat / Mind Fair firm return, ably abetted by Location 141. Ben Shenton & Dean Meredith have been quietly garnering a loyal following due to their impeccable DJ selection, ear for good sound (check out their 'Rotation' sound system events - Klipschorn-powering, high end listening!) and excellent production skills. I have to confess, I know very little about Location 141, but "Silk" is a dreamy, hypnotic trip into hazy textures and distant drums. Drenched in reverb and rich in texture, the track languidly drifts in and out of focus while intricate synth nuances occasionally burst from the ocean of sound. "In The Sky" deploys a similar palette of highly textured sounds combined with hypnotic rhythms to conjure up a breakthrough psychotropic journey. Our favourite Rogue Cats get busy on side B, "Symphony Rising" is a delightfully emotive, piano led Balearic groover containing delicate percussion and lush strings. "Beijing Freeze" concludes with twinkling arps, sci-fi leads and vintage drum machines all working in tandem to create a shimmering slice of mid-tempo joy. All in all, a wonderful selection of track. Nice one chaps.

Mind Fair Presents No Stress Express

Runaway Bay

The No Stress Express rolls back into town with their second offering for Rogue Cat Sounds, picking you up and transporting you to the sunnier climes and headier days of the 1980s Caribbean. "Runaway Bay" lilts out of the speakers in a clatter of steel drums, loose-limbed percussion, lazy synth stabs and carefree basslines, all infused with a whiff of Woodbines, jerk chicken and dark rum. As the sun sets, the party picks up momentum and breaks out into barefoot beach dancing and tipsy, mellow moods. On the B-side a couple of like minded souls drift ashore with fresh supplies for this never ending party. Location 141 funk that groove right up, transforming the original mix into a beatdown groover with a funky wah guitar part, dubby horns and muted vocals. It's the perfect ammunition for your next Balearic house throwdown! Kinfolk's Soft Rocks arrive on the flip to ease our cares, weaving "Runaway Bay" into a dense and tranquil fug of tropical daze and splendour. Circular keys and a dubby beat cast a hypnotic spell on the listener, filling the room with sweet smoke before the track transforms into a synth heavy cosmic trip. 

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