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Roberto Musci / Giovanni Venosta

Water Messages On Desert Sand

Another great release in the prestigious ReR Recommended vinyl reissue series. "Water Messages on Desert Sand" was the very first sound creation from the Italian avantgarde duo of Roberto Musci and Giovanni Venosta. A classic work in the genre, released by Chris Cutler's Recommended Records in 1987. Back in the mid Eighties, Musci & Venosta, both on sampler, synthesizer, guitar, piano, effects and tapes were masters in overlaying and constructing rhythmic and harmonic pictures of transparent sound from electronic, acoustic and documentary source, taking ethnic field recordings (from Africa, Indonesia, Asia, India) as their thematic centre. "Water Messages" finds place In the realm of Eno-Byrne "My Life in the Bush of Ghosts" but far more accomplished and developed. A rich moving and still very stimulating work and an essential purchase for anyone interested in adventurous modern art informed by ethnic music and sound explorations. In two words: Highly Recommended!


71 Minutes

    With Magma, Faust was one of the most important of all the European groups of the 70's.

    Compiled from "lost" and unreleased material, originally released as "Munich & Elsewhere" on the 10th Anniversary of their disbandment (inc.prophetic pre-dub mixing) as well as most of the unreleased "Faust Party 3" LP.

    Intense, eccentric, hypnotic, a true timeless classic.


    The Faust Tapes

      'This was the release that 'broke' Faust to a British audience, mostly because of a marketing gimmick whereby the then-infant Virgin label sold it in shops for half a pound. Still, it's no mean feat to sell 50,000 copies of rock this avant-garde, no matter what the cost. A continuous 43-minute piece with about 26 discrete passages, it roams from crash'n'mash drums and fierce art rock jamming to rather pretty, if inscrutable, bits of folk-rock and spoken word, with odd shards of melody sticking out like glass in a tire.' - All Music. A staggeringly great krautrock album, you need this.

      Classic second album from the Krautrock masters Faust. A fractured masterpiece that further expanded their ground-breaking approach to music making, crossing and mixing styles in their unique Faust way. "It's A Rainy Day, Sunshine Girl", "No Harm" or "So Far" are just some of the mythical titles featured on an album that's a key piece in the Faust history.


      CD Info: German re-issue in a lovely digi-pack and with a new booklet in German and English.

      Fred Frith

      Guitar Solos

      Fred Frith has long enjoyed the challenge of solo work. On "Guitar Solos", released by the Virgin subsidiary Caroline in the early 70s, he plays electric and acoustic guitars but in such innovative and challenging ways that the album became a hugely influential benchmark at the time. Utilising multiple pick ups, scrapers and other new techniques for getting sounds out of his instrument it is as far away from conventional guitar music as you can get. It launched Frith's career as a solo improviser of world stature and is an album of great importance.

      Bob Drake

      Skull Mailbox

        Bob Drake was one half of Hail, and still plays bass with ruthless avant progsters The 5UUS. His bizarre series of solo albums, with no one else there to curb his wild imagination, continues with the Skull Mailbox. With this CD Drake has lost it altogether. Strange little picked guitar pieces are the basis for grotesque songs; a seance goes horribly wrong, headless ghosts fly about, and everyone ends up dead, or locked in the cellar, or both. Interjections by massed choir and orchestra suggest a 19th Century comic opera, and influences are as diverse as the Beatles and Henry Cow. Drake's choir-boy vocals and the occasional off-beat heavy riff also cast a glance at prog rockers like Yes or King Crimson.

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