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John Swing

Unreleased House Dubs Vol.2

John Swing's steadily been doin' his thang, based out there in Berlin, sometimes conjuring up fiery pieces of late night house music voodoo, other times keeping it stripped back with functional, mechanized DJ tools and rhythm tracks.

"Unreleased House Dubs Vol. 2" sees some truly hot shit from our main man, and I'm gonna stick my beak out and say this is some of his finest work to date folks!

"Desire" kicks us off with a dusty and saturated nod to Larry Heard and Boo Williams - radiant, grooving deep house with optimistic chord progressions and bustling beats; decorated wonderfully with the odd spoken word passage. John's layering up of different yet perfectly intertwining rhythms gives him the edge over other producer's that just run out a preset sample pack rhythm across the masters..."I Say House" has got our resident Pigeon flapping his feathers already as John skillfully dissects a bass line from classic disco (track ID to follow! - ed) and loops it up over delicate beats and this sexy AF female vocal sample. Pure house bliss! "I Like It" gets those elbows out as rollin' beats accompany some DJ Sneak-esque vocal hooks and gliding low-pass filtered bass. This EP just keeps on giving! - closing up on the rambunctious stomp of "Keep Moovin'". Rough-as-a-bear's-arse but absolutely loving life at every possible moment, this is house music done as it should be. John Swing's back in our hearts, and in our record boxes! - Recommended!


Matt says: John Swing's best record to date bar none! This is the real deal folks - 100% OG house spirit, alive and kickin' in 2018. Essential stuff.

8th instalment from the mighty Relative and it's a belter! Vinalog churn out some more tapey, squashed but mightiyl infectious house music, full of their usual grit, charm and swing. This release concentrates on four traxx all based around the same theme - soundsystem friendly bangers for the peaktime. Ranging from loopy vox, machine-code drum and sweeping breaks, this is specialist tackle for DJs out in the field. Tough and uncompromising, with a very live, highly energetic feel yet never losing its unrelenting grip on the dancefloor. Absolute magic, every last one of these jams. John Swing and EMG could well be the hottest thing in house right now. Most recommended.

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