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Berliners EMG and John Swing stand out alone in the house music world. For the last few years they've crafted their own sound that's rough-as-a-bear's-arse, gritty but highly infectious. Suiting the long sessions the German city's famous for, a good few of their records have been direct enough to translate across to Manchester's intense, 10-4am party ethos. Still awaiting that first booking here in our fine city (c'mon promoters!), they're still both deliciously under the radar and undervalued. Drawing inspiration from the European progressive movement of the late 90s these three burners are as incendiary as they come. "Tape Mix 1" may take the more seasoned ravers back to Sven Vath's legendary Dance Valley appearances. Raw n gritty but with a stadium-filling energy and wonderfully laced with 303s this epitomizes the hedonism and relentlessness which is rarely seen on some of our dancefloors today :( "Tape Mix 2" dunt let up either, as a growling, Reese-esque bassline swamps the duo's trademark clipped beatz and is further driven home by swirling acid line accompaniment. I'm sweating just listening to this on my stool! Finally, "London Cassette Mix" revists that concentric, hypnotic groove that only the best house heads can accomplish. A seriously strong release from two of the coolest cats in house music.

20th release from the Relative family. A split EP by founders John Swing and EMG with 4 chunky and funky, rough-as-a-bear's-arse house thumpers from these unique cats. "Private Affair" wraps a seductive female spoken word around frazzled house beats and quirky licks that'll get you wiggling. "Free Time Groove" sees the serotonin levels rise as the pair slowly unfold a joyous filtered house loop over their typically infectious drums. "Snowboarding" sees a nagging acid line accentuate a headturning warehouse track. It's another wonderful foray into fresh new house territories by these two fearless producers. Top stuff.


Matt says: Look who's back?! John Swing and EMG with more of their now trademark, ruff-n-dusted house sound. Still yet to debut MCR - pull your fingers out promoters!

8th instalment from the mighty Relative and it's a belter! Vinalog churn out some more tapey, squashed but mightiyl infectious house music, full of their usual grit, charm and swing. This release concentrates on four traxx all based around the same theme - soundsystem friendly bangers for the peaktime. Ranging from loopy vox, machine-code drum and sweeping breaks, this is specialist tackle for DJs out in the field. Tough and uncompromising, with a very live, highly energetic feel yet never losing its unrelenting grip on the dancefloor. Absolute magic, every last one of these jams. John Swing and EMG could well be the hottest thing in house right now. Most recommended.

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F L O K Bar Manchester sees our Kickin Pigeon grace the platters 2nite from 8pm if anyone's looking for some shelter from this blizzard!
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