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Steve Moore

MAYHEM (Official Motion Picture Soundtrack)

    Steve Moore (Zombi) returns with another hypnotizing new score for the acclaimed action/horror film Mayhem, starring Steven Yeun (The Walking Dead, Okja). A veritable portrait of shock and dread across seventy-plus minutes of analogue synth tension, SteveMoore methodically crafts pulsating rhythms and penetrating arpeggios that constrict the listener into a deep sense of aural anxiety. With four soundtracks under his belt, STEVE MOORE is quickly becoming one of the most sought out synth composers in the horror realm and Mayhem is the ultimate demonstration of his unquestionable mastery of the style

    Recommended if you like: Zombi, Goblin, John Carpenter, Tangerine Dream,
    S U R V I V E, Trans Am


    says: I'm a firm believer that nothing Steve Moore does can possibly ever be bad. Since his mindblowing cinematic synth odyssey 'Pangaea Ultima', our Steve has been working hard, and this is his latest and most inspired soundtrack to date. Incredible.

    After the massive Stranger Things phenomena, it has become clear just how influential this duo are (and seemingly will continue to be) in the field of soundtrack/not-actually-a-soundtrack composition. RR7349, and the recent reissue of the equally excellently named HD015 have given inspiration to both fans and other artists. What we have here is four remixes of well-known survive tracks by some of the hottest names in avant electronics and leftfield dance. 

    We kick things off with Salon Des Amateurs resident Lena Willikens taking that hypnotic arpeggio and slowly morphing it into a pulsing industrial techno banger. Machinated hits and steam-vent snares militantly work away, underpinned by the churning groove of the main refrain. 

    House favourite and all-round avant electronic genius Not Waving takes things into space for his rework of 'High Rise' retaining the slowly growing organic pads, but injecting them with a sense of urgency with a throbbing resonant 303 chattering away over the top, before breaking down into a fractured deep groover, puctuated by bit-crushed percussion and rich, swirling sines. 

    Next up, and Sam Haar (one half of New-York duo Blondes) takes Wardenclyffe into a suitably hypnotic direction, reducing the melodic elements into a persistent and euphoric concentrate of percussion and echo, with an ever-increasing focus on the chaotic build-up of the elemental, churning background. 

    Last place on the B-side goes to Godflesh/JK Flesh/Jesu mastermind and avant-metal demigod JK Broderick, with a suitably glimmering distillation of Other, complete with the growing malaise of shuddering distortion and soaring string synths. Brutal, but beautiful. 



    says: A varied, but consistently excellent reinterpretations of classic Survive moments, smashed out by some of the most recognisable names (and sounds) in the experimental synth scene. Throbbing techno, shadowy bunker tackle and euphoric drones. A stunner.

    Steve Moore

    The Mind's Eye - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

    STEVE MOORE (of Zombi fame) returns with a mesmerizing new score for the action/horror film 'The Mind's Eye'. More vivid and dynamic than ever, 'The Mind's Eye' demonstrates STEVE MOORE's mastery of the vignette alongside his ability to weave together cohesive, consistent themes. Over the course of eighty-five minutes, STEVE MOORE crafts a riveting portrait of tension and terror through a variety of textures ranging from probing dark ambient and slick arpeggiations to anxious sound collage and epic, gothic bombast. The latest testament to STEVE MOORE's legacy of synth supremacy

    RIYL: Zombi, Goblin, S U R V I V E , Trans Am, John Carpenter, Mogwai, Tangerine Dream, Explosions In The Sky. 

    • Over 150 minutes of new music spread across two CDs and four LPs, available as two separate double LP sets

    Renowned Japanese innovators BORIS WITH MERZBOW have teamed up with Relapse for their new collaborative 2xCD/4xLP Gensho, one of the artists' most daring works to date. Named after the Japanese word for "phenomenon", Gensho is a unique release featuring over 150 minutes of new music spread across two CDs and four LPs, available as two separate double LP sets or a deluxe 4xLP edition. The BORIS songs are completely new, percussion-less reinventions of classic tracks from the band's storied catalog, while MERZBOW's songs are entirely new compositions. The two sets are intended to be played at the same time at varying volumes so that the listener can experience their own "gensho/phenomenon" every time. As with every BORIS WITH MERZBOW release, the only thing to expect is the unexpected, lending the album near-infinite potential for aural discovery and encouraging direct interactivity with the listener rarely found in such unconventional music. An untouchable paroxysm of noisy, droning experimentation!

    FOR FANS OF: Sunn0))), My Bloody Valentine, Sonic Youth, Earth, Boredoms, Melvins, Prurient, Whitehouse


    2xLP 2 Info: Gensho Pt.2.

    2xLP 2 includes MP3 Download Code.

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