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Red Axes

One More City

    Comprised of Dori Sadovnik and Niv Arzi, Tel Aviv based Red Axes are informed by post-punk, new wave, and a plethora of club sounds old and new – their understanding of the connection between post punk and dance comes via their beloved Factory records. Hedonistic, mischievous and bristling with rock’n’roll energy. ‘One More City’ is the second album to come out on fabric Records and features artists like A.Lonzo, Clams, Autarkic, Adi Scotheque & JANSET, Cole Alexander, and Justin Strauss.


    1. Kid Caffeine Ft. Clams
    2. High Speed Ft. Fantastic Twins
    3. HEY Ft. A.Lonzo
    4. Goodbye Mary
    5. Out Of My Head Ft. Autarkic
    6. Outside In
    7. Marshmallow Ft. Adi Scotheque & JANSET
    8. Beast Ft. Echo
    9. Bring It On Ft. Cole Alexander
    10. All Over Again Ft. Justin Strauss
    11. In The Eyes
    12. Here In The Sky

    Red Axes

    Relax Shiva - Inc. DJ Gregory Remix

    Red Axes return to Crosstown Rebels with their absorbing new single “Relax Shiva”, featuring a remix from DJ Gregory.

    An electronic duo at the forefront of house and techno, Tel-Aviv-based pairing Dori Sadovnik and Niv Arzi, aka Red Axes, continue to advance and develop their own ever-evolving eccentric and idiosyncratic sound. Informed by new wave and post-punk through to electronic genres across the spectrum, their releases on Erol Alkan’s Phantasy Sound, Jennifer Cardini’s Correspondant and Life and Death, coupled with recent material on Higher Ground and Shall Not Fade, have welcomed a plethora of varying soundscapes. This versatility and range is something they explore once again as they return to Damian Lazarus’ Crosstown Rebels - following on from 2015’s “Sabor” - with their latest single, “Relax Shiva”.

    An intensely hypnotic and entrancing effort that slowly wanders and creeps between sounds and spheres covering all hours of the night, the warping “Relax Shiva” utilises resounding and deep organic percussion alongside a spiraling deeply rooted acid line at its core to guide the trance-inducing vocal calls across a near-eight-minute trip. Providing the remix on the package, Parisian house legend DJ Gregory, aka Point G, harnesses the vocals while introducing crisp, rolling drums and winding melodies, a sure-fire remix BOMB!


    Matt says: Red Axes' singular and inimitable sound traverses into the electronic music powerhouse that is Crosstown Rebels. "Relax Shiva" fires acidic machine gun fire over a trench of barbed drums and deep bass. DJ Gregory's remix is a nice and tribal take, full of head splitting fx to boot. Top stuff.


    A. Relax Shiva
    B. Relax Shiva (DJ Gregory Remix) 

    Red Axes return to Phantasy with a double A sided single that captures and expands on the creative relationship forged between the cult Israeli duo and Erol Alkan’s highly regarded London label. The single arrives in tandem with a new compilation ‘The Phantasy Collection (Part 1)’, collecting an enviable run of EPs between 2018 that have resulted in Niz Arzi and Dori Sadnovil’s deserved prominence in DJ sets spanning genres.

    Carving a hypnotic path against the maximalism currently au-fait in club culture, ‘The Phone Calr’ is as peculiar as it is powerfully effective, a stripped back groove serving as the backdrop to the Axes’ playful deconstruction of an obscure broadcast concerning telephone area codes. A lesser staple of club culture, Sardnovik and Azri transform archival public information into club disorder, stretching a short burst of dialogue to absurd limits before releasing the tension with vampish pianos.

    ‘Sound Text XoX’ meanwhile finds the pair delivering a surprising alternative take on the lead track from their 2019 EP, retaining its central escalating countdown but adding a powerful, dystopian acid line. The resulting track transforms an already beloved club tool into a frenetic powerhouse.


    Matt says: A new record by Red Axes always causes a bit of a stir. Here they get seriously psychedelic with a whole manner of trippy sound design and granular delays across both tracks that are bound to cause damage in the big hangers at Sonar Festival or The Warehouse Project.


    A. The Phone Call
    B. Sound Test XoX

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