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As the Record Shack reissue train steams on, we benefit from another freshly remastered blast of pure dancefloor power. ‘Snap Crackle Pop’ might just be the best describing words which is the more satisfyingly title ever. David Morris A-side track is a top notch funky tune to be listened to endlessly it’s a pure gem. B-side presents a change of tone with a slow pace matched with smooth and silky vocals with a heavenly funky bass. An absolute must!


Millie says: Offfft! This is a beauty of a 7” which Record Shack kindly reissued, drenched in funky bass! Snap (crackle and pop) this one up while you can!


A1. David Morris - Snap, Crackle, Pop (alternative Take)
B1. James Tindal - Easy Does It (unreleased)

South Side / Combo Kings

I Feel A Groove Comin' On / Groovey

Record Shack delivering some stone-cold classics from South Side we have the immense single “I Feel A Groove Comin’ On” which is packed with jammin’ grooves that can uplift any dreary day with powerful soul beats. On the B Side Combo King’s “Groovey” does exactly what it says on the tin, wild soaring notes of soul-jazzy goodness fill the air. This is a record you need to have for any event to get mood lifted and dancing the night away!


A1. South Side - I Feel A Groove Comin' On
B1. Combo King - Groovey

Record Shack keep the fire burning bright with this unlikely reissue of one of the rarest funky northern / modern soul / disco dancers of all time. Utterly mysterious, David Rhodes' "Hung Up In Mid Air" was originally found as a one-off Pye Acetate belonging to none other than Blackpool Mecca legend Ian Levine. Though he rocked the spot regularly with this gem back in the day, Ian kept its identity under wraps until a 7" on Chi-city records hit the shelves in 2002. Limited to a long gone 100 copies, that pressing didn't spread the word too far, so any ignorance around this one can be easily forgiven. A stunning slice of blue eyed soul, "Hung Up In Mid Air" sees the Peter Gabriel collaborator laying an emotive vocal over a punchy groove alive with wah guitar and slick bass. On the flip, Italy's finest Paolo Scotti & Giacomo Silvestri work their magic with a bubbling disco rework that should please fans of serious spinners like Sadar Bahar and Al Kent.


A1. Hung Up In Mid Air
B1. Hung Up In Mid Air (Paolo Scotti & Giacomo Silvestri Disco Mix)

Freedom Now Brothers / RDM Band

Sissy Walk / Butter Your Popcorn (Acetate Version)

Record Shack are back on a reissue tip with more officially licensed and remastered badness for the soul dancers out there. This time round the Austrian imprint go back to back with two Philly funk instrumentals from way back when. First up, Freedom Now Brothers come through with the an all time classic inspired by a dance craze named 'The Sissy'. Originally issued in 1969 on Sonny Hopson's All Brothers label, this jam was later sampled by Fatboy Slim for the massive "Gangster Trippin". On the flip, the label dive into the deepest and dustiest crates to dig out an unreleased acetate version of RDM Band's rare as hen's teeth deep funk groover.


A. Freedom Now Brothers - Sissy Walk
B. RDM Band - Butter Your Popcorn (Acetate Version)

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