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The boys from Munich are back on RNT with a 4-tracker of serious flavor! 'Express Lane' launches the 12” on the disco highway for a wild ride of cheeky vocals, horn stabs, and vocoded synths, then veers south for some North-African New Wave with 'Libyan Sun'.

The B side kicks off with the Afro-disco monster 'Don’t Oho', already a staple in RNT sets and then finishes with the minimalist electro-soul bounce of 'Emergency Loop'. Sure-shots, the lot of 'em!

Felipe Gordon & Vagabundo Club Social

Felipe Gordon & Vagabundo Club Social Edits

Another week another razor 12"! Seriously, this label seems unstoppable with their creations. Are they worth it though? You be the judge! 
I have never come across a Felipe Gordon remix, edit or production so this is my first encounter and it is not a bad one. Commencing proceedings is 'Shakala', an afrobeat cum latin with serious house beats that brings Fela / Femi Kuti to mind straight away. Seriously good and will be a clear invitation to the dancefloor. 
On the flip you get 'Los Bareteros', a funky salsa exercise, again underpinned by a house beat that quantizes the original bits and makes it extremely dancefloor-friendly. 
To finish it all off - and to not leave stone unturned regarding Afrro-Caribbean music genres - Felipe gives us an outstanding Cumbia-inflected that goes hand in hand with the margarita you will be ordering at the bar. This 12" is the perfect soundtrack. 


Sil says: Top class edits by the well established Razor N Tape headquarters - this time Felipe delivers the goods - 3 mega edits to shake your hips to Afro-Caribbean vibes in style.

Marcel Vogel aka Em Yee joins the RNT roster with a 4-pack of unsurprisingly heavy edits. The Lumberjacks In Hell label boss takes us on a little trip through one of his own eclectic sets, starting with the oddball boogie of "You Move Me" and then moving on to the hands-in-the-air positivity of "Spreading Energy".

On the flip it’s the up-tempo afro burner "Don’t Be Sabi Say", with the 12” concluding on the whimsically catchy "I Wish I Knew The Words". Tried and tested and found true!

Frank Booker

Frank Booker Edits Pt. 2

Another Frank Booker set of edits. At Piccadilly Records we regard him as a 'very good' editor. Not 'mint' but 'very good'. So attention is given to anything that lands at the counter with his name on it. 

Straight off the bat ‘Be Yourself’ takes you on a sensuous journey around the disco cosmos. Interplanetary echoes, stratospheric strings and a bass and brass beamed down directly from the outer galaxy are brought together with those heavenly vocals alluring any lost souls. What is not to like?

‘More’ follows up – a hair raising, funk fuelled edit combining luscious vocals, a badass bassline and the kind of guitar riffs that will leave you straight up salivating for more. This is peak time, delectable disco with an added umph and rhythms that are kind to the discerning DJs out there.

Closing out the EP things get slowed down to galactic chugger territory, marshalling the funky starship to the underground with the pied piper of supercharged jazz flutes leading the dance. Totally bonkers? No. Just genius.

He may be reaching the 'mint' status fairly soon at this rate!


Sil says: Top notch high quality and high octane edits from a man who knows what is doing. Buy on sight!

Kan Sano

Everybody Loves / Music Overflow


    Razor-n-Tape present a special 7 inch release featuring Japanese artist Kan Sano with a cover version of the Roy Ayres classic.

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