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Defo / Mansaba - Inc. TDJ Reconstruction

The Finnish tropical troupe Maajo return with two tracks on Queen Nanny. "Defo" kicks off the EP with a driving 5/4 rhythm. Reminiscent of Mark Ernestus’ Ndagga sounds, but somewhat more cheerful and accessible, those traditional instruments combine beautifully with Maajo deft disco inflections. Trevor Deep Jr.’s version straightens out the original’s unconventional time signature and hits a Berlin dub techno slant with aplomb. Possessing that Basic Channel rootsical heartbeat and layering up rainforest sounds into a broth of voodoo dread - breathtaking!

"Mansaba", takes up side B with a 14-minute epic; detailing the rich life and spirit of this exotic new sound world. This studio jam, recorded largely live, is a wild mixture of polyrhythmic sequences, krautrock guitar licks, equatorial forest percussion and violin synths. The trip starts slow and soothing, sneakily picks up pace and keeps growing and growing, eventually exploding into a full-on tribal dance. Strong stuff here most recommended! 

Dubkasm Feat Christine Miller

There's A Love / There's A Dub

With one discogs user stating: '21st century urban electric gospel reggae. Warning: this tune might make you believe in God...', "There's A Love" by future dub maestro Dubkasm comes suitably hyped. You gotta give it to online user JohnDeLaHughe, who's perfectly encapsulated the vibe of the record across a few choice words. There's a spiritual element, unhurried and relaxed, while the razor sharp production and reggae-indebted nuances are difficult to ignore. Fluttering waves of sub bass perfectly carry the syncopated downbeat groove while Christine Miller's angelic voice rests unwaveringly on top. It's heartfelt and poignant lyrical content finally ensuring a million sing-a-long moments across festivals, bedrooms and double-decker busses up and down the country. Comes with a killer dub version, laced in blackness and ready for battle in the club.

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