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Private Funk-Shun

All That I Wanted Was You / Fantasy

Private Funk-Shun were a band formed in 1984 originating from the Loughton and Tottenham areas of north east London & Essex, and featured the vocal talents of Maxeen Edman-Messam - who would later go on to find fame in the early 1990s as key street soul artist Maxeen.

Originally performing under the name of Slipstream, but changing to Private Funk-Shun in 1985 after finding out another group were operating under with the same name, they toured around London & South East bringing a dedicated brit-funk following with them. Despite writing approximately 20 original tracks in their time, this self-released two-track 7" from 1986 was their only official output and has since become a certified rare groove, fetching upwards of £250 on the secondhand market.


1. All That I Wanted Was You
2. Fantasy

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