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New Mini LP featuring 5 hyper-textured earthy pieces from Priori. The music flows and breathes, recounting stories from the perspective of a little flower. ''First we all grow in a row. But as the land expands and the hills rise, we take pleasure in chaos... and covet the unknown'' 

The sounds is unfathomably deep & textured, indebted to dub, techno and glitch whilst with a personality and style that's instantly accredited to the producer. 

Floating on a serene plane, and placing a heavy emphasis on the sheer enjoyment of production, Priori's fast becoming one of our favourite, under-the-radar producers on the scene at the moment. Do check this out! 


Martin says: Shadow-lurking futurist Priori let us in on some earthly tones and hi-gloss rhythms on this mini-LP for Petitefleur.


A1. Sour Fruit
A2. Sleepyhead
B1. Loam
B2. Bite Soft
B3. Little Flower

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