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With the fantastic 'Black Rabbit,' dub don Prince Fatty masterfully navigates the realms of dub and reggae, infusing each track with his signature vintage sound and infectious grooves. The single is a great trip through rich basslines, swirling echoes, and soulful melodies that all showcase Fatty's exceptional production skills and deep understanding of Jamaican music traditions. From the laid-back instrumentals to his lively vocal performance, this tune has timeless charm and undeniable authenticity so is a testament to Prince Fatty's enduring influence in the contemporary reggae scene.


Black Rabbit
Black Rabbit (Dub)

With his Disco Deception album, Prince Fatty (who links up with Shniece for the occasion) delivers a captivating blend of disco-infused reggae and soulful grooves. Each track resonates with his signature low-end energy, and is fuelled by Fatty's impeccable production and Shniece's soul-stirring vocals. From funky basslines to shimmering horns, the album captures the essence of classic dub and ska while infusing it with modern flair and plenty of hooky horns and melodies. Shniece's dynamic range and emotive delivery elevate each song to really create a magnetic atmosphere that keeps listeners engaged from start to finish, all with character to spare.


Side 1
1. Take Me As I Am (feat Horseman)
2. 90% Of Me Is You
3. Love Me Right
4. Fever
5. You Got What You Wanted

Side 2
1. Funkin' For Jamaica (NY)
2. Funkin' For Jamaica (NY) (Dub)
3. The Model (feat Horseman)
4. The Model (Dub)
5. Dub Fever

Prince Fatty Feat. Shniece / Horseman

Mercedes Benz

Prince Fatty's 'Mercedes Benz' with Shniece and Horseman is a rub-a-dub version of a 1970s hit from Janis Joplin that now gets a very special and very limited edition pressing courtesy of Lovedub Limited. The A-side kicks off with the spine-tingling and epic original vocal before disappearing into a world of reverb. At that point the dubby low end arrives and brings a different vibe to the stunning vocals but one that really makes a mark next to new bars from Horseman, police sirens and funky riffs. It's a tough sound system groove that is backed with a fine version and has been a firm fixture of Prince Fatty's record box for a while now.


Barry says: I couldn't imagine a better version of this classic than this Fatty version of Janice Joplin's original. It's a floor-shakingly rich and full-spectrum dubbed-out wonder.


Mercedes Benz
Mercedes Benz (Version)

Prince Fatty

Prince Fatty Meets The Gorgon In Dub

    Presented with a carefully selected set of digital multitrack master recordings from the archives of the iconic Jamaican Reggae Producer Bunny Striker Lee, next generation UK producer and dub engineer Prince Fatty (Mike Pelanconi) fed the audio into the analogue realm for mixing through a carefully built audio analogue system similar to that used by Osbourne Ruddock (King Tubby), producing 10 new dub mixes for the modern age.


    1. Jah Jah Dub The Conqueror
    2. The Invasion
    3. Press The Dub Along
    4. Don't Try To Dub Me
    5. Dub Is Shining
    6. Give Thanks & Dub
    7. Garden Of Dub
    8. Prophetic Dub
    9. No Dub In Their Heart
    10. Abudajonoi

    Prince Fatty

    In The Viper's Shadow

      After dropping ‘The Clone Theory’ in 2015 production connoisseur Prince Fatty has been paving the way for something very special ever since. 2019 sees him release his second solo album ‘In the Viper’s Shadow’. Featuring a whole host of reggae and dub royalty, this project boasts a who’s who of global talent including the likes of Cornell Campbell, Tippa Irie, Big Youth, George Dekker, Shniece McMenamin, Earl 16, Winston Francis, Marcia Griffith and Horseman.

      Renowned for flexing his studio muscle with some of the freshest and versatile dub sounds around, Prince Fatty’s blending old-school reggae with his own eccentric, futuristic twist, have turned industry heads for decades and ‘In the Viper’s Shadow’ is no exception. This album is 10 tracks of reggae goodness, produced to perfection in a melting pot of influences that span from multiple eras and stretch to just about every corner of the planet. Prince Fatty has worked with everyone from Lily Allen, Hollie Cook, Graham Coxon (Blur), Mungo’s HiFi, The Last Poets, The Skints, Gregory Isaacs to name a few.

      After moving from Brighton to live in Sao Paulo, Los Angeles and Thailand, he’s taken inspirational sounds from across the globe and has built up a reputation of being one of the go-to producers of recent times. With a knack for selecting the perfect collaborators, whether it’s an up and coming artist or a genre-defining hero, his ability to showcase foundation laying percussion skills, mesmerising vocalists, bass-heavy triumphs and everything in between has resulted in some of the most expressive sounds around, and ‘In The Viper’s Shadow’ is the perfect example of his commitment to the cause.


      Matt says: Modern reggae flagbearers Prince Fatty rarely write a bad riddim. And flanked by a who's who of voices from the scene, this is an essential set for lovers of global reggae.


      Two Timer Feat. Cornel Campbell & Tippa Irie
      Get Ready Feat. Big Youth
      & George Dekker
      Deep Sleep Feat. Shniece McMenamin
      Cassandra Feat. Earl 16
      Everything Crash Feat. Big Youth & George Dekker
      The Break Feat. Winston Francis
      Steppin’ Out Of Babylon Feat. Big Youth & Marcia Griffith
      Queen Of The Minstrel Feat. Cornel Campbell
      Tonight Feat. Big Youth & Earl 16
      Trouble Feat. Shniece McMenamin & Horseman

      Prince Fatty Versus Mungo's Hi Fi

      Prince Fatty Versus Mungo's Hi Fi

        Mr Bongo is extremely proud to announce the much-anticipated release of the next installment from the legendary Prince Fatty. This time Prince Fatty is up against the mighty Mungo's Hi Fi Soundsystem.

        Prince Fatty is a group put together by producer and engineer Mike Pelanconi, (whose credits include Lilly Allen's smash 'Alright Still' and Little Barrie 'Stand your Ground' ). The group also includes; Little Roy, Bubblers from the Ruff Cut Band, Style Scott from the Roots Radics, Winston Francis and Hollie Cook. Prince Fatty has worked with the likes of Bukky Leo, Nostalgia 77, Prince Buster, Lee 'Scratch' Perry and Studio One and won't disappoint the lovers of the early 70s sound.

        Mungo's Hi Fi champion the evolution of reggae, dub and dancehall music and are re-invigorating soundsystem culture. They have developed formidable live shows, collaborating with foundation legends like Ranking Joe, Sugar Minott and Sister Nancy as well as top vocalists on the scene at the moment including Charlie P, Solo Banton, Mr Williamz, YT and Scotland's own lyrical lassie Soom T.

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