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The final release on Trevor Jackson’s previously unreleased archive label Pre- is an album under his own name titled "System"

8 tracks originally recorded between 2002-2010, these works consist of music taken from the same sessions that became his highly ambitious Vinyl Factory music and installation project "Format" in 2015. Edited and complied from a series of lengthy nocturnal synthesizer, drum machine & 8 bit sampler improvisations they range from melodic IDM, driving electro, Motor City techno & tripped out house excursions.
The album originally launched at the London Independent Label market in May this year, was only available as an ultra limited edition of 150 CD’s and sold out immediately. This second final edition is packaged in a unique screen printed case designed by Jackson himself, and marks a symbolic end to his musical past (after making over 100 unreleased tracks available during the past 3 years) and a long overdue venture into unchartered new musical territories.

The fourth release on Trevor Jacksons' newly minted Pre- label is by Skull (which turns out, is yet another alias of TJ!). "Black Static" is 'a visceral journey into experimental noise and no wave, avant grade beatscapes'. Last appearing on Jacksons' own Output Recordings way back 1999, Skull also grace a couple of Mo Wax "Headz" compilations alongside Autechre, Air and DJ Shadow. It was Trevor reacting to the contempt he felt against hip-hop and coffee table trip-hop of the era, pushing himself into uncomfortable sonic territories that were too abstract and obscure for his Underdog moniker which was churning out major label remixes at the time.

Influenced as much by the industrial pioneers, post punk and new wave of the past as much as the burgeoning post rock scene in the mid 90’s and produced between 1996-2000, "Black Static" has remained unreleased until now. Dusty samples, raw beats, tape loops, and primitive effects combine to create sounds relevant to the current levels of disenchantment reflected in modern society, making this EP a hard-hitting and arresting statement. 

Dark They Were And Golden Eyed

Design Your Dreams

Trevor Jackson's second release on his unreleased archive recordings label Pre- is a heady collection of subterranean minimalist synth jams, blissful technicolour textures, somber distorted drones and expansive cosmic soundscapes.
Recorded during 2010-2014 with a limited analog vintage hardware set up - Elka Sythex, Roland Jupiter 6, Roland 808, Roland Chorus Echo, Bel BD80 delay & Tape, these solo recordings were created at unearthly hours as lengthy improvised compositions and cathartic personal experiments. Heavily manipulated using classic effects units, harmonic layers slowly evolve, arpeggiated melodies mutate, discordant drum machines and fractured voices merge elegantly into noise. "Design your Dreams" is Jackson at his best, uncompromising and considered, progressive and unique.

"Y.O.U" is an emotive album of tripped out ambient hip hop instrumentals, written and recorded in the mid 90s under Trevor Jackson’s infamous production persona The Underdog. Originally planned as a vocally-led, song-based project that should’ve surfaced between his production for The Brotherhood's legendary British hip hop album "Elementalz" in 1996 and his acclaimed debut Playgroup release in 2001, for multiple reasons it hasn’t seen the light of day, until now. The LP consists of 11 tracks which see dream-like synth lines, ambient melodies, blissful guitars, raw beats and soft, fractured vocals draw you into a hallucinatory 12-bit world. Drawing on Jackson’s progressive and jazz rock influences as well as psychedelia and early electronics, the album closes with "Belladonna" - a piano-sampled homage to the east coast golden age hip hop pioneers.

All created on an Akai S950 mono sampler (limited to only 20 seconds sampling time), an Akai MG1212 12 channel mixer (which recorded on Betamax style tapes) and primitive outboard gear, Jackson honed his skills from his bedroom, where he produced the majority of his output at the time. With a huge collection of obscure vinyl, he dug deep into uncharted territories for samples and sound clips - using material no one knew about (or would think about touching) in the mid 90s. Sentiment and purity pour out of this collection of ideas, with limited technology but a creative mind Jackson was able to offer a softer and a more cerebral side to the other downbeat projects and instrumental hip-hop around at the time. Shelved until now, this is a brilliantly rose-tinted retrofit of this particularly creative spell for Jacko. 

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