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Berliner Stefan Junge last dropped on Power Station in 2018, using his preferred Piska Power moniker for the creeping mechanics of 'Landung', a whacked out tempo-grinding release which still gets plenty o' play from your pal Patch. Now he returns with 'Eiter Mit Stulle', a second six track serving of industrial funk, skewed techno and punk electronix. Opener "Stulle" employs growling low end, wriggling synth riffs and guttural vocals over a rigid beat, softening us up for the skewed stomp of "Eiter", a feisty cut which serves the same ingredients flambéd, backmasking vocals and tuning the lead synth into a Ferrari roar, only pushed into the red by "Grad III". Flip it for more mechanized scuzz, whether the pacey and pinging "Eine Frau Eine Man" or apocalyptic wave of "Joyeuse Bureau", before Stefan sees us out with some vintage NDW on "Strigoi", a post punk snarler with chipset blips.


Patrick says: I'm always hyped for a new Power Station and new material from Piska Power, so this release is buzzing squared. Jamming his fingers into the mains, the Berlin producer delivers 6 tracks of slamming industrial funk with plenty of nods to post punk and new wave.

Though it's been a while since I last dipped into my childhood stack of Marvel Comics, I'm of the opinion that Decepticons deserve love too - and if you're gonna rewire for romance, you're gonna need love songs. In steps Eva with the wondrous industrial balladry of "Einsam". Wrapping forwards / backwards vocoder over a heat treated industrial rhythm, the mysterious producer slips through doomy bass sounds, classic electro bleeps and a whole load of minimal wave eyeshadow, achieving a heartwrenching chugger finna bring a tear to an LED eye. If the A-side was the moment of serene synthetic connection, B1 BANGER "The Gitter" soundtracks the computer copulation, all throbbing synth funk, thrusting percussion and the eventual eruption of hot solder all over a chromed out breastplate. Last but not least, "P808", predictably goes to town on the drum programming, offering a massive tool to stimulate your patchbay.


Patrick says: After disaster struck our first shipment of this minimal wave / machine funk / electro beauty, we finally get our hands on "Einsam". The title track is a vocoder-romance worthy of Daft Punk's "Something About Us" (albeit with much more club-ready punch) while machine funk bomb on the B1, "The Gitter", is my current JAM. Highest recommendations.

More frazzled, circuit bent flora from the new world environment. Piska Power seems to harness high voltage electrical currents before channeling the energy into ancient rhythms and mechanical hum. Six non-linear arrangements that churn, whirl and clang like a broken down factory line being forced through its operations. There are moments of harmony for the brave and patient, and moments of head splitting mayhem too; all confined to slow n steady tempos throughout. Honest, this is some seriously arresting musica, but done so in a subtle and none attention grabbing way. Ace.

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