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Cat Power


    Cat Power returns with "Jukebox", her second album of cover songs and a tribute to the great vocalists who have influenced her over the years. Recorded in Dallas, Memphis and Miami with Stu Sikes (who also worked on Loretta Lynn's Grammy-winning "Van Lear Rose"), it contains twelve tracks, eleven of which are covers and one, "Song To Bobby", is brand new and a suitable inclusion as she wrote it about meeting Bob Dylan for the first time (it also precedes her version of "I Believe In You" on this record). This is the first record she has made with her band Dirty Delta Blues – the quartet of Dirty Three's Jim White, Delta 72's Gregg Foreman, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion's Judah Bauer and Lizard Music's Erik Paparozzi – and they make up a big part of this album. Also making guest appearances on the record are Spooner Oldham (Neil Young, Janis Joplin), Larry McDonald (Toots & The Maytails, Taj Mahal), Teenie Hodges (Al Green, Memphis Rhythm Band) and Matt Sweeney (Chavez). Time Out once wrote that Cat Power was 'a master of interpretation' and "Jukebox" highlights just that. Although her second album of covers, it's not really the sequel to "The Covers Record" (2000), instead a fascinating new chapter in Chan Marshall's artistic arc.


    New York (Frank Sinatra)
    Ramblin (Wo)man (Hank Williams)
    Metal Heart (2008 Version) (Cat Power)
    Silver Stallion (Highwayman)
    Aretha, Sing One For Me (George Jackson)
    Lost Someone (James Brown)
    Lord, Help The Poor & Needy (Jessie Mae Hemphill)
    I Believe In You (Bob Dylan)
    Song To Bobby (Cat Power)
    Don't Explain (Billie Holiday)
    Woman Left Lonely (Janis Joplin)
    Blue (Joni Mitchell)

    Ruby Goon

    Brand New Power


      1 The Globe
      2 The Tide
      3 Spicy Space Pasta
      4 Cold Wind
      5 Brand New Power
      6 Leech!
      7 Movie Groovie
      8 Rub It
      9 Taste Of Goodbye

      Noori & His Dorpa Band

      Beja Power! Electric Soul & Brass From Sudan's Red Sea Coast

      A soundtrack of Sudan's revolution and the first ever international release of the Beja sound, performed by Noori and his Dorpa Band, an unheard outfit from Port Sudan, a city on the Red Sea coast in eastern Sudan and the heart of Beja culture.

      Beja Power! is a living archive of the finest, most heartfelt Beja songs—a six-track portal to another time and place, of melodies long forgotten and never before interpreted by an electric and brass-driven ensemble. Few older Beja recordings were produced. Even fewer, if any, remain.

      Electric soul, blues, jazz, rock, surf, even hints of country, speak fluently to styles and chords that could be Tuareg, Ethiopian, Peruvian or Thai—all grounded by hypnotic Sudanese grooves, Naji's impeccable, airy tenor sax, and of course, Noori's tambo-guitar, a self-made unique hybrid of an electric guitar and an electric tambour, a four-string instrument found across East Africa.

      A truly ancient community, Beja trace their ancestry back millennia. Some say they are among the living descendants of Ancient Egypt and the Kingdom of Kush. They are even depicted in the hieroglyphics. Beja melodies—nostalgic, hopeful and sweet, ambiguous and honest—are thousands of years old. Yet their sounds are also reminiscent of Dick Dale's 1963 "Misirlou" and jazz great Charlie Rouse's 1968 "Meci Bon Dieu". This album could be 6,000 years, 60 years, or 6 months old.

      Along with his Dorpa Band, formed in 2006, Noori's instrumental Beja music forms the latest link in an unbroken chain of an inherited, arresting sound that is local as it is global, a gift of a storied past and the exchanges of the well-traveled Red Sea.

      Ostinato Records is honored to bring the nearly forgotten Beja sound in all its nostalgia, sweetness, honesty, and power, recorded and mastered to maintain the warmth of Sudan's signature aesthetic, to your sound system.

      180g heavyweight vinyl with a 10" x 10" insert.


      1. Saagama
      2. Qwal
      3. Al Amal
      4. Jabana
      5. Wondeeb
      6. Daleb

      Jonny Greenwood

      The Power Of The Dog (Soundtrack From The Netflix Film)

        “The year's indisputable soundtrack pinnacle” - Peter Travers, ABC “The year’s best film score” - The New Yorker

        “Greenwood’s latest score - and the one that might be likeliest to finally win him an Oscar” - Stereogum 

        Jane Campion’s masterful ‘The Power of the Dog’ is the most honoured film of the year. The critically acclaimed original score by Academy Award and BAFTA-nominated composer Jonny Greenwood has won Best Score at 13 major critics organisations and is now SCL nominated for Outstanding Original Score for a Studio Film.

        This incredible score recently received the Academy Award nomination for Best Original Score, BAFTA nomination for Best Original Music, Golden Globe nomination for Best Original Score along with loads of other nominations. As well as the score, the film has been incredibly popular this awards season, picking up many nominations.


        1. 25 Years
        2. Requiem For Phil
        3. So Soft
        4. Detuned Mechanical Piano
        5. Prelude
        6. The Ravine
        7. Mimicry
        8. West Alone
        9. Miss Nancy Arrives
        10. Figured It Out
        11. Viola Quartet
        12. Best Friends
        13. Paper Flowers
        14. A Lovely Evening
        15. They Were Mine
        16. West
        17. Psalm 22

        Johnny Marr

        Spirit Power & Soul (Vince Clarke Remix) (RSD22 EDITION)


          Following his latest album, Fever Dreams Pts. 1 - 4, Johnny Marr releases the Record Store Day exclusive 12" single containing Spirit, Power & Soul (Vince Clarke Remix)  a previously unreleased track, alongside the B-side album track "Human".

          50 Foot Wave

          Power + Light (RSD22 EDITION)


            1000 pressed. A much sought-after Kristin Hersh side project. Black Vinyl LP. Back on vinyl for this bracing, ever twitching opus made of seven fluid pieces that fold into one continuous mantra. An essential release from the Throwing Musesí offshoot helmed by Kristin Hersh and Bernard Georges, with Chalk Farmís Rob Ahlers on drums.

            "Menacing, stalking, spirals of lean, hungry riffs." Drowned In Sound 9/10. 

            TRACK LISTING

            1 Medicine Rush
            2 Honeysuckle
            3 Power+Light
            4 Skeleton Key
            5 Broke
            6 Wax, 7 Sun Dog Coma

            Ghost Power

            Ghost Power

              Ghost Power are Jeremy Novak [Dymaxion] and Timothy Gane [Stereolab, Cavern of Anti-Matter and Turn On].

              Duophonic Super 45s have previously released music by both artists - Novak via a Dymaxion compilation album and 7", Gane via various Stereolab, Cavern of Anti-Matter and Turn On releases.

              Having previously released a limited edition 7" in 2020, Ghost Power by Ghost Power brings the two musicians together for a full length album.

              The tracks were recorded in Berlin and New York, both remotely and with Novak and Gane working together in each city.

              TRACK LISTING

              1. Asteroid Witch
              2. Panic In The Isles Of Splendor
              3. Lithic Fragment
              4. Inchwork
              5. Zome Primer
              6. Grimalkin
              7. Heavy Bubbles
              8. Vertical Section
              9. Opsimath
              10. Astral Melancholy Suite

              Poppy Ajudha

              The Power In Us

                Poppy Ajudha epitomises the uniquely diverse musical culture that exists in London. Her South London, St. Lucian-British background, the scene she has grown up in, and the musicians and creatives she regularly works with have all been pivotal in the forward thinking, socio-politically aware unique blend of R&B, Soul and Pop that she creates. Unafraid to stand up for what she believes in, her lyrics speak of the feminism, colonialism, gender politics, current social issues and more.

                Speaking on her upcoming debut album, Poppy says:
                “This album is made up of all the things swimming in my mind, from women’s rights, to the right to cross borders, to the power of young people to inspire and be unafraid to rock the boat in the name of progress. Women don’t have to be just what they are taught to be, there is so much more to us than Mothers, Sisters, Daughters, Girlfriends and our relation to men. I want men to engage more heavily in feminism and really see how their defiance against it only holds both women and men back. There are so many boxes we put ourselves in; I want us all to break out of them. We are in an era of so much information and I feel the weight that young people take on because we are the generation bombarded with global politics and a million causes that need fighting for. This calls for better understanding around mental health and a society that nurtures us rather than demands of us everything we have until all that is left is our Demons. Every song on this album touches on these issues because they are all I think about everyday, all I see around me in my friends and my family. I hope it flips a switch in your mind, like it did for mine.”

                The album features a host of stellar production including Joel Compass (Jorja Smith, Snoh Allegrah, FKA Twigs, Mabel), Karma Kid (Dua Lipa, Octavian, Arlo Parks, Shy Girl), Wyn Bennett (Janelle Monet, Goldlink, Haim), Itai Shapira (Grammy nominated, Baby Rose, Rhye, Kadjha Bonet), Wesley Singerman (Anderson Paak, Kendrick Lamar, Pink Sweat$)

                TRACK LISTING

                1. Who's Future? Our Future!
                2. Playgod
                3. Holiday From Reality
                4. Mothers Sisters Girlfriends
                5. Interlude / Reclaim Yourself
                6. Demons
                7. Interlude / All For You
                8. Fall Together
                9. Fall Together Outro (Ft. Nubya Garcia)
                10. Land Of The Free
                11. London's Burning
                12. Power You Might Share

                Sea Power

                Everything Was Forever

                  Sea Power (formerly British) announce what will be their first new album in five years – Everything Was Forever. Their music has won them some remarkable admirers – Lou Reed, David Bowie and London's National Mari- time Museum. Indeed, the BSP fanbase now includes Doctor Who, Harry Potter and Sherlock Holmes. Peter Capaldi is a con- firmed BSP fan. "A band of stark originality," he wrote in his foreword for the reissue of the band's 2003 debut album, The Decline Of British Sea Power. "BSP's songs bring you the bite of the wind, the fury of the sea, and music that is simply exhilarating." Daniel Radcliffe has talked in detail about his plan to get a BSP tattoo (featuring the 2002 T-shirt slogan Bravery Already Exists). Benedict Cumberbatch is also an admirer of the band.

                  Supported by their ever loyal fans who have very generously crowd funded the making of the next studio LP, BSP were able to get through the ravages of Covid and are on course to release their 7th studio LP later in 2021 and hopefully get back on the road.

                  Fifteen years on from their first concert, British Sea Power continue to make bold, galvanising, idiosyncratic marks on the world. Race horses and massive ocean-going yachts have been named after the band. London's National Maritime Museum recently opened a new £35m exhibition wing. Visitors are greeted by huge, sculpted quotations from Shakespeare and Coleridge – and a lyric from British Sea Power.

                  STAFF COMMENTS

                  Barry says: Sea Power return, with 33.3% less name and at the very least 85.6% more dedication to angsty, cinematic rock a-la Arcade Fire / Sufjan / Codes In The Clouds et. al. It's a vibrant and rousing selection, and one that is as beautiful as it is nuanced. Really lovely stuff.

                  TRACK LISTING

                  Scaring At The Sky
                  Two Fingers
                  Fire Escape In The Sea
                  Fear Eats The Soul
                  Green Goddess
                  Lakeland Echo
                  Vestiges *
                  Amsterdam *
                  We Only Want To Make You Happy 

                  * Bonus Tracks For Deluxe 2LP Editions.

                  Cat Power


                    Cat Power returns with Covers, Chan Marshall’s third album of her celebrated reinterpretations of songs by classic and contemporary artists including Lana Del Ray, Nick Cave, Frank Ocean & The Pogues.

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Barry says: A beautiful new album from Cat Power, comprising of (you guessed it), her versions of some well-known (and some less well-known) cover versions. It's a beguiling affair throughout, the majority of which are solemn but beautiful, with the odd curveball thrown in there for good measure. Typically well done, and quintessentially Cat Power.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    1 Bad Religion
                    2 Unhate
                    3 Pa Pa Power
                    4 White Mustang
                    5 A Pair Of Brown Eyes
                    6 Against The Wind
                    7 Endless Sea
                    8 These Days
                    9 It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels
                    10 I Had A Dream Joe
                    11 Here Comes A Regular
                    12 I'll Be Seeing You

                    Another classic from the Power Music / DJ Duke - imperium in the rebound. This time it's PMD-039 from 1996 by Red Hook, including remixes by Kenny Dope and Johnick!

                    Unequivocally representative of the label's chunky, sample-heavy style, complete with looping, rumbling B-line; the three different cuts of "Your Love" are beautiful examples of mid-90s US house music. "Jammin'" offers up something a bit different; guided by hefty snare hits and deep subs it deploys a variety of piano licks and string sections in what must have sounded pretty maverick at the time. Again, the cut-and-paste aesthetic combined with a adventurous, anything-goes ethos meant some of the best house music ever made was during this golden period. Back in stock for a limited time don't miss out on this under-the-radar classic!

                    TRACK LISTING

                    A1. Your Love (Kenny Dope Remix)
                    A2. Your Love (Johnick Dub)
                    B1. Your Love (Original Mix)
                    B2. Jammin' (Bonus Cut)

                    Various Artists

                    You Got The Power: Cameo Parkway Northern Soul 1964-1967 - Black Friday Edition


                      LIMITED TO ONE PER PERSON.

                      An exceptional 20-track collection compiling some of the most sought-after soul and R&B records from Philadelphia’s Cameo, Parkway and Fairmount labels, which were popular during the late 1960s/early 1970s Northern Soul club scene. Includes rare tracks that sell in the thousands at record fairs and on eBay when found in their original 45 RPM vinyl single format, some of which were only released as white label promotional copies. Features soul and R&B recordings by label mainstays Chubby Checker, The Orlons, Bunny Sigler, Eddie Holman, Lonnie Youngblood and Evie Sands as well as seminal recordings by Yvonne Baker, Christine Cooper, Bobby Paris, Jerry Jackson, Vickie Baines and future R&B hitmaker Frankie Beverly. These recordings feature some of the great Philly Soul and New York production teams of the mid-1960s: Gamble & Huff; Thom Bell; Jerry Ross & Kenny Gamble; Chip Taylor & Al Gorgoni; Sal Trimachi & Ritchie Cordell; John Madara, Dave White & Leon Huff; Weldon McDougal III, Luther Randolph & Johnny Stiles; Stuart Weiner & Mike Lewis plus arrangers Jimmy Wisner, Joe Renzetti and Artie Butler/ Features an essay by soul and R&B historian Ady Croasdell/ Mastered from the original master sources from ABKCO’s Cameo Parkway archive/ Bespoke printed inner bags including extensive liner notes and period photos.

                      Various Artists

                      Essiebons Special 1973 - 1984 Ghana Music Power House

                        Dick Essilfie-Bondzie was all ready for his 90th birthday party when the Covid pandemic hit - The legendary producer, businessman and founder of Ghana's mighty Essiebons label had invited all his family and friends to the event and it was the disappointment at having to postpone that prompted Analog Africa founder Samy Ben Redjeb to propose a new compilation celebrating his contributions to the world of West African music

                        For most of the 1970s Essilfie- Bondzie's Dix and Essiebons labels were synonymous with the best in modern highlife, and his roster was a who's-who of highlife legends. C.K. Mann, Gyedu Blay Ambolley, Kofi Papa Yankson, Ernest Honny, Rob 'Roy' Raindorf and Ebo Taylor all released some of their greatest music under the Essiebons banner.Yet Essilfie- Bondzie had been destined for a very different career. Born in Apam and raised in Accra, he was sent to business school in London at the age of 20, and returned to the security of a government job in Ghana. But his passion for music, inspired by the sounds of Accra's highlife scene, had never left him, and in 1967 he figured out a way of combining music and business by opening West Africa's first record pressing plant.The venture, a partnership with the Philips label, was a huge success, attracting business from all over the continent. By the early 1970s Essilfie-Bondzie had left his government job to concentrate on his labels, and by the mid-seventies he was on a hot streak injecting album after album of restless highlife into the bloodstream of the Ghanaian music scene.Essiebons Special features a selection of obscure workouts from some of the label's heaviest hitters. But in the course of digitising his vast archive of master tapes, Essilfie-Bondzie found a number of Afrobeat and Instrumental maszterpieces tracks from the label's mid-70s golden age that, for one reason or another, had never been released. Those songs are included here for the first time.Sadly Essilfie-Bondzie passed away before the compilation was finished. But his legacy lives on in the extraordinary music that he gave to the world in his lifetime

                        TRACK LISTING

                        Kofi Psych - Ernest Honny
                        Dee Mmaa Pe - Joe Meah
                        Yeaba - CK Mann & His Carousel 7
                        Shakabula - Santrofi- Ansa
                        Tinitini - Seaboy & Nyame Bekyere
                        Ahwene Pa Nkasa - Joe Meah
                        Ernest Special - Ernest Honny
                        Africa - Seaboy
                        Medley - Nyame Bekyere
                        Say The Truth - Ernest Honny
                        Wonnin A Bisa - Black Masters Band
                        Egye Tu Gbe - Sawaaba Soundz
                        Fa W‘akoma Ma Me - CK Mann Big Band
                        Odo Mframa - Ernest Honny

                        Tony Allen

                        N.E.P.A. (Never Expect Power Always)

                          Comet Records presents from Afrobeat pioneer Tony Allen, N.E.P.A Reissue LP Vinyl remastered and coming in an heavy Deluxe Tip-On Jacket.

                          In 1979, Tony Allen decided to leave Fela Kuti & Africa 70 and moved to London in 1982. Originally Released in 1984 on Earthworks Records, this reissue holds an extra track previously unreleased on vinyl called “Olokun”. N.E.P.A (Never Expect Power Always) is a searing critique of the Nigerian Electric Power Authority, an organisation that governed the use of electricity in Nigeria.

                          It starts out with the title track, with a definite Afro-beat punch. Electro-claps stand as part of the percussion line, adding to a more modern look at what Afro-beat was becoming. This is followed by an even further modernized piece of Afro-beat, as the title track is given a dub mix. “When One Road Close” has a similar pace, and is similarly followed by a dub remix, complete with the necessary space-effects reverb. And to make this reissue extra special the track “Olokun” was never released on vinyl before.

                          Blending the nascent rise of electronica into Afrobeat production, it’s tighter than any Fela album and became a definitive project in shaping Allen’s future sound. Whether it’s the electro beats or the punchier, multilayered arrangement, it instantly stands out in Allen’s vast and expansive discography.

                          TRACK LISTING

                          A1. N.E.P.A. (Never Expect Power Always)
                          A2. N.E.P.A. Dance Dub
                          B1. When One Road Close (Another One Go Open)
                          B2. Road Close Dance Dub
                          B3. Olokun

                          Brigid Mae Power

                          Burning Your Light EP

                            ‘Burning Your Light’ is a new six-track EP of covers from the remarkable Brigid Mae Power, it follows ‘Head Above the Water’ (2020) which saw her unique vocal style and music heralded in all corners. Power’s ability to interpret songs is unquestionable, as is her love of the art of songwriting. She skilfully brings joy from pain which is perfectly illustrated on this new EP.

                            Ranging from the brittle collapse of ‘Didn’t It Rain’ (Songs: Ohia) through to the slings and blows of Aretha Franklin, Bob Dylan and Patsy Cline, she brings hope and reverence to these classic songs.

                            The EP features ‘I’ll Be Here In The Morning’ from the late great pioneer of alt-country Townes Van Zandt’s essential album ‘For The Sake Of The Song’ (1968), ‘One More Cup Of Coffee’ hails from Bob Dylan’s ‘Desire’, Aretha Franklin’s ‘It Ain’t Fair’ from her 1970 album ‘This Girl’s In Love With You’, Songs: Ohia’s ‘Didn’t It Rain’ to ‘Leavin’ On Your Mind’, a country standard by Patsy Cline from 1963, that’s now taken to new depths of despair.

                            Also reworked is ‘May Morning Dew’ an Irish ballad that allows Brigid’s voice to ululate in the best tradition of the genre; the traditional sound is brought into a new decade with its chilling ambience.

                            "A remarkable Irish singer emerges from filigree and shadow" Mojo.

                            “The magic is in the folk singer’s extraordinary voice” Sunday Times.

                            "A remarkable Irish singer emerges from filigree and shadow" Mojo.

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            Barry says: Well, it's certainly a week for the cover versions isn't it? First Angel Olsen and now the folk stylings of Brigid Mae Power with her wonderful collection of folky covers of classics. It's Powers' voice that really tie together the songs here, filled with unrivalled emotion and brittle folky charm.

                            TRACK LISTING

                            A1. I’ll Be Here In The Morning
                            A2. One More Cup Of Coffee
                            A3. It Ain't Fair
                            B1. Didn't It Rain
                            B2. May Morning Dew
                            B3. Leavin' On Your Mind


                            Solar Power

                              “The album is a celebration of the natural world, an attempt at immortalising the deep, transcendent feelings I have when I’m outdoors. In times of heartache, grief, deep love, or confusion, I look to the natural world for answers. I’ve learnt to breathe out, and tune in. This is what came through.”

                              STAFF COMMENTS

                              Barry says: There's something inherently intoxicating about Lorde's easy-going, sun-dappled sound. Having been hotly tipped by none other than David Bowie, it's no surprise that she's going from strength to strength, and this sweltering set of sunny ballads does little to prove the great man wrong. Lovely stuff.

                              TRACK LISTING

                              1. The Path
                              2. Solar Power
                              3. California
                              4. Stoned In The Nail Salon
                              5. Fallen Fruit
                              6. Secrets From A Girl (Who's Seen It All)
                              7. The Man With An Axe
                              8. Dominoes
                              9. Big Star
                              10. Leader Of A New Regime
                              11. Mood Ring
                              12. Oceanic Feeling

                              Gazelle Twin & Max De Wardener

                              The Power - OST

                                Gazelle Twin and Max de Wardener’s score to “The Power”, directed by BAFTA nominated director Corinna Faith.

                                Taking about the soundtrack, Gazelle Twin expands, “Working on The Power with Corinna and Max didn’t feel much like work. It was a long haul thrill, from our field trip to the derelict wing of Goodmayes Hospital to record squeaky trolleys and smashed pill bottles, to making countless experiments with samples, voice, and electronics, pushing them in every extreme direction we could think of. The results bring me a lot of joy. I hope the collaboration continues.”

                                Max de Wardener goes on to say, “For this score we tried to match Corinna’s terrifying vision of the dark by creating music that was both as ambiguous as it was frightening. Keeping the palette small to increase the feeling of claustrophobia, this ranged from quiet dusty out of focus sounds, to full blown dense vocal textures with pounding synths to evoke our primal fear of the unknown. Gazelle Twin’s brilliantly inventive approach to vocal music became such an important part of the film.”

                                Summoning the spirit of classic ghost stories such as Susan Hill’s novel The Woman in Black and the intense psychological atmosphere of Dario Argento’s Suspiria, The Power is set in a crumbling East London Royal Infirmary in 1974.

                                TRACK LISTING

                                First Day
                                Prayer In The Dark
                                Dream Come True
                                On Trial
                                Intensive Care
                                Dark Won’t Hurt
                                Dark Shift
                                Nothing Happened
                                Black Pages
                                Babs’ Eyes
                                Gail Returns
                                White Sheets
                                You Will Listen To Us
                                The Well

                                Buffet Lunch

                                The Power Of Rocks

                                  BUFFET LUNCH are a Scottish group who make it their mission to craft satisfyingly imperfect pop songs filled with imagery and humour.The group’s elementary parts are Perry O’Bray (Vocals/Keys/Guitar), Neil Robinson (Bass), John Muir (Lead Guitar) & Luke Moran (Drums), united by a shared love of music on the ABBA-to-Beefheart axis.

                                  These four ricochet between Glasgow and Edinburgh, creating music that bristles with DIY spirit and upbeat wonkiness. Their tracks are vigorous excursions, meandering into clattersome terrain as often as hiking up into the breezy, melodious foothills.The desire to lead the listener along a curious tale helps tie things together, showcasing a lyrical playfulness that pins down their puzzle of sound.

                                  Having been an active band for a few years, playing regularly north of the border with like-minds such as Irma Vep, Robert Sotelo and Kaputt, Buffet Lunch spent early 2020 working on the follow-up to their two EPs on Permanent Slump.The fruits from such labour bore out as the band’s debut album ‘ThePower of Rocks’, out may 7th on Upset The Rhythm.

                                  ‘ThePower of Rocks’ was recorded in a Crofters cottage/studio on the banks of Upper Loch Fyne in Argyll, over four nights and five days at the beginning of March 2020, before Covid-19 made itself such an ongoing concern. Back then four people could occupy the same space and make music, lunch and dinner together. Days fell into a pattern of long sessions and long meals.The album came together as a luminous mix of Buffet Lunch’s live chestnuts, some sparky recent songs and some new material entirely written and recorded in situ. All tracks were recorded by Neil Robinson acting as the in-house engineer.

                                  As the seriousness of the virus and talk of national lockdowns developed - there was a feeling of anticipation more than fear in the air, but being holed up in cottage in a wild corner of Scotland surrounded by snowy mountains still took on an apocalyptic feel, albeit an apocalypse where the band were safe and overdubbing vocals. After leaving the cottage, reality (as it must) set in and finishing the album became a more remote task.

                                  Over the following months, an extended period of listening awarded the recordings a deeper realisation, as they bounced between band members computers. Perry also started writing on his Casio keyboard and collaborated on a couple of songs (‘Ten Times’ & ‘Ashley’s New Haircut’) with Jayne Dent (of electronic music project Me Lost Me), drawing on her ethereal singing voice as a counterpoint to his own more ‘spoken’ vocals on the album. These gauzy, dreamlike tracks were then sent to other members of Buffet Lunch to add their respective parts, creating evocative new dimensions to close each half of the album with.

                                  The Power of Rocks’ rattles along like a short-story collection, exploring a variety of narratives. When it comes to the music itself, Perry describes their approach as “see what happens” but admits to a preference for simple synth melodies, plenty of percussion, and prickly guitar-parts. ‘Red Apple’ opens the album with a dizzy swagger, guitars and keyboard notes swirling in forays whilst its lyric tackles notions of social bravado. ‘Orange Peel’ follows equally serpentine with its blattering tune and jagged, yet jolly melodic twists.The themes across the album are wide-ranging and personal, from irritation with out of touch politicians (‘Pebbledash’), to love letters to seaside living (‘Bladderwrack’), to even the frailty and confusion of old age (‘Said Bernie’, ‘It Helps to Know’). Title track ‘ThePower of Rocks’ is an ode to the power of nature sunk within a rolling wave of cheery jangle. “Do you believe in the power of rocks when the sun is too hot on your face?” sings Perry as the song zigzags with consequence. ‘He Wore Two Hats’ sports similarly bop-worthy riffs and addictive nods as it deals with its story of savvy man who’d bitten off more than he could chew.

                                  Buffet Lunch’s debut album accomplishes a lot in its brief 38 minutes. It stuns and startles, intrigues and entwines, drawing the listener further into its characterful world. When asked about any intent posed with this debut record Perry confides that “we hope people can hear the joy the band had making the album and the curiosity and frustration that went into the writing. There was no process or design, but there is detail, and deliberateness in our wish to explore and create.” It’s this attentive focus alongside a keen sense of humour that really sets Buffet Lunch apart, with ideas darting wilfully to and from the poignant truths at hand.

                                  TRACK LISTING

                                  01. Red Apple
                                  02. Orange Peel
                                  03. Pebbledash
                                  04.ThePower Of Rocks
                                  05. Bladderwrack
                                  06. Ten Times
                                  07. Looking At Liz Talent’s Chair
                                  08. Said Bernie
                                  09. Helps To Know (Time Moves)
                                  10. He Wore Two Hats
                                  11. Ashley’s New Haircut

                                  Phwwwwooar! This is a bit of alright! Blackdown and Burial, joined by Heatmap for a four (count em!) track EP of unfathomable fresh, future musica!

                                  Keysound label head Blackdown gets us underway with a wild barrage of drum machines, strings, phazed atmos and ghosted vox with his track "This Journey VIP". London's cloaked, emo-garage antihero hits next, dropping two tracks of his iconic, smudged, two step hybrid he's singularly promoted over his near-20 year dominance of the UK underground. I guess calling this megastar 'underground' in 2021 is pushing it a bit, but no one can deny Mr. Bevan has stuck firmly to his remit without ever compromising his truly original style. Anyway, lovers of his pioneering sound won't be disappointed, "Dark Gethsemane" sticks to his classic formular of coke-can drums, skitty rhythms and pitch-bent angel vox. Much like "Clausto", it has an interlude bit in the middle which drops into an even more euphoric climax towards the end, united the global optimistis with a message of love. 

                                  Side B sees Heatmap remixed by Blackdown; "Arklight" transformed into a laser-guided beast destined for the big stages with its big wobbly bass, incessant hand claps and space-age arps. Finally, Burial completes proceedings with "Space Cadet" - a skeletal and moody number filled with hushed whispers, enchanted harps and crackles of static - again morphing into a rush of endorphins and good vibes towards the end.

                                  Full marks all around. Limited copies - be quick! 

                                  TRACK LISTING

                                  1. Blackdown - This Journey VIP
                                  2. Burial - Dark Gethsemane
                                  3. Heatmap - Arklight (Blackdown Remix)
                                  4. Burial - Space Cadet

                                  Born and bred in the quiet, sleepy Derbyshire town of Matlock, Patawawa are a contemporary concoction of the sparkling synths and glittered guitar riffs popularised by Pet Shop Boys and Prince. Charismatic and cathartic in equal measure, Patawawa have stormed the indie DIY scene since their arrival in 2015 with their blood-pumping beats and biting bass lines.

                                  With a BBC 6Music ‘Track of the Week’ and live session, soundtrack collaboration with Millie Bobby Brown’s new fashion brand and a viral Spotify hit with French producer Tez Cadey under their belts, Patawawa are quietly establishing themselves as disco-pop pioneers.

                                  In addition, the band have announced UK-wide live performances in 2021. With their contagious energy, Patawawa’s live shows are an unmissable joy. 

                                  TRACK LISTING

                                  1) Title Screen
                                  2) Galaxy Caramel
                                  3) Just Not With You
                                  4) Content
                                  5) Quest
                                  6) Forget About It
                                  7) Disco Video
                                  8) Harmonics
                                  9) Adadadadeya
                                  10) Side Mission
                                  11) Red And White
                                  12) So Late
                                  13) Holmesfield Close
                                  14) Victory Tap
                                  15) Final Boss / Victory Lap

                                  Brigid Mae Power

                                  Head Above The Water

                                    Brigid Mae Power paints expansive songs that are effortless, hypnotic and folk-oriented like Judee Sill, Bill Callahan and Sharon Van Etten.

                                    The third album from the celebrated singer/songwriter, ‘Head Above The Water’ is a coming of age opus featuring a ground-breaking amalgamation of traditional folk and country - an engaging blend of strings, bouzouki, piano and Power’s distinctive vocal make this an achingly beautiful body of work.

                                    Recorded in analogue studio The Green Door in Glasgow with Alasdair Roberts co-producing alongside Brigid and Peter Broderick. It’s a continuing tale of everyday survival; more diverse, different, a bigger canvas, with broader brushstrokes…

                                    Country and traditional folk rub shoulders, making for a juxtaposition of threads, with added instrumentation from five musicians lured into the studio to provide larger dynamics.

                                    “Power meditates on the dichotomy that’s always existed in her work, melding atmospheric bliss and stark desperation.” Pitchfork.

                                    “Power invokes the elements, either in contrast to internal weather or in sympathy with it.” The Guardian.

                                    “Haunting and haunted” (The Line Of Best Fit), ‘Head Above The Water’ continues in that vein becoming more ethereal, more personal and even more alluring.

                                    TRACK LISTING

                                    Side A
                                    A1 On A City Night
                                    A2 Wearing Red That Eve
                                    A3 Wedding Of A Friend
                                    A4 Not Yours To Own
                                    A5 I Was Named After You

                                    Side B
                                    B6 We Weren't Sure
                                    B7 You Have A Quiet Power
                                    B8 I Had To Keep My Circle Small
                                    B9 The Blacksmith
                                    B10 Head Above The Water

                                    British Sea Power

                                    Open Season - 15th Anniversary Edition

                                      The expanded reissue includes additional live sessions, B-sides and rarities from the period and extensive new sleeve notes.

                                      The majority of the original album was recorded by Mads Bjerke (Spiritualized, Primal Scream, Girls Aloud) and mixed by Bill Price (Sex Pistols, The Clash, Sparks). Two tracks were recorded and mixed by Graham Sutton (The Delays, Bark Psychosis) and Phill Brown (Sly Stone, Led Zeppelin, Talk Talk).

                                      TRACK LISTING

                                      It Ended On An Oily Stage
                                      Be Gone
                                      How Will I Ever Find My Way Home?
                                      Like A Honeycomb
                                      Please Stand Up
                                      North Hanging Rock
                                      To Get To Sleep
                                      Victorian Ice
                                      Oh Larsen B
                                      The Land Beyond
                                      True Adventures

                                      It Ended On An Oily Stage (recorded For The Mark Radcliffe Show On BBC Radio 2 – First Broadcast On 31st March 2005)

                                      How Will I Ever Find My Way Home? (recorded For The Mark Radcliffe Show On BBC Radio 2 – First Broadcast On 31st March 2005)

                                      Don’t You Want To Be A Bird? (recorded For The Gideon Coe On BBC Radio 6 – First Broadcast On 28th March 2005)

                                      When I Go Out (recorded For The Gideon Coe On BBC Radio 6 – First Broadcast On 28th March 2005)

                                      Crystal Horse (originally Appeared On ‘It Ended On An Oily Stage’ CD Single 2)

                                      Over In The Corner (originally Appeared On ‘Please Stand Up’ CD Single 1)

                                      How Will I Find My Way Home? (Organ Version) (originally Appeared As A Hidden Track On Open Season CD)

                                      How Animals Work (Mike Hedges Version – Previously Unreleased)

                                      Runaway (originally Appeared As ‘Gale Warnings In Viking North’ On ‘Please Stand Up’ 7”)

                                      Green Grass Of Tunnel (originally Appeared On ‘It Ended On An Oily Stage’ CD Single 1)

                                      Grey Goose (originally Appeared On ‘Please Stand Up’ CD Single 2)

                                      Chicken Pig (True Adventures Instrumental Demo) (originally Appeared On ‘Please Stand Up’ CD Single 2)

                                      I Am A Cider Drinker (originally Appeared On The Split 7” Single By British Sea Power And The Wurzels)

                                      New Order

                                      Power, Corruption & Lies - Definitive Edition

                                        Following last year’s inaugural box set, Power Corruption & Lies is the next Definitive Edition to chronical the history of one of the UK’s most enduring and influential groups.

                                        The box which includes an LP, two CDs, two DVDs and a book, features the album remastered for the first time from the original analogue tape masters on LP, and CD. The Extras CD contains previously unreleased writing sessions from New Order’s Manchester rehearsal rooms and the 1982 John Peel Session for the BBC. The DVDs capture New Order live during 1982 & 83 at The Hacienda and Kilkenny, the 1984 Play at Home Channel 4 TV documentary and other rare live & TV performances. Finally a beautiful 48 page hardback book of rare photos and brand new essay from Dave Simpson completes the Peter Saville designed box.

                                        Power, Corruption & Lies was recorded in 1982 at Britannia Row Studios, Islington and produced by New Order.

                                        STAFF COMMENTS

                                        Darryl says: One of New Order’s finest albums gets the Definitive Edition treatment. Following on from last year’s ‘Movement - Definitive Edition’, Rhino present a stunning Peter Saville designed box set including an LP and CD of the original album remastered for the first time from the original analogue tape masters, an extras CD containing previously unreleased sessions, two DVDs featuring live and TV performances and a sumptuous hardback book of rare photos and a brand new essay from Dave Simpson.

                                        TRACK LISTING

                                        Power Corruption And Lies (for CD And LP) (2020 Remaster)
                                        Age Of Consent
                                        We All Stand
                                        The Village
                                        5 8 6
                                        Your Silent Face
                                        Leave Me Alone

                                        Power Corruption And Lies - Extras (CD)
                                        Writing Session Recordings
                                        Age Of Consent *
                                        The Village *
                                        5 8 6 *
                                        Your Silent Face *
                                        Ecstasy *
                                        Leave Me Alone *
                                        John Peel Session
                                        Turn The Heater On
                                        We All Stand
                                        Too Late
                                        5 8 6
                                        John Peel Session Outtake
                                        Too Late (instrumental Rough Mix) *
                                        New York Demo #1
                                        Thieves Like Us*
                                        Writing Session Recordings
                                        Thieves Like Us *
                                        Murder *
                                        Blue Monday *
                                        Blue Monday *
                                        Album Session Recording
                                        Blue Monday (Instrumental Outtake)
                                        *Previously Unreleased

                                        New Order - Power Corruption And Lies DVD
                                        DVD 1
                                        Live Shows
                                        The Hacienda, Manchester, 1982

                                        In A Lonely Place
                                        The Village
                                        We All Stand
                                        Chosen Time
                                        5 8 6
                                        Everything's Gone Green
                                        Rosehill Hotel, Kilkenny, Ireland 1983
                                        We All Stand
                                        Leave Me Alone
                                        The Village
                                        Age Of Consent
                                        Blue Monday
                                        Everything's Gone Green
                                        TV Sessions
                                        Blue Monday (BBC Top Of The Pops, London, 1983)
                                        Confusion (Countdown – 1983)
                                        Age Of Consent (Switch – 1983)
                                        Blue Monday (Switch – 1983)
                                        Thieves Like Us (BBC Top Of The Pops, London, 1984 )
                                        Your Silent Face (The Hacienda, Manchester, 1983)
                                        5 8 6 (The Hacienda, Manchester, 1983)
                                        We All Stand (Recreation Centre, Tolworth, 1983)
                                        Leave Me Alone (Recreation Centre, Tolworth, 1983)
                                        Love Will Tear Us Apart (Tower Ballroom, Birmingham, 1983)
                                        Ultraviolence (First Avenue, Minneapolis, 1983)
                                        The Village (Uni-Mensa, Dusseldorf, 1984)
                                        Thieves Like Us (Alabamahalle, Munich, 1984)
                                        Blue Monday (Alabamahalle, Munich, 1984)
                                        Lonesome Tonight (Metropol, Berlin, 1984)
                                        Confusion (Metropol, Berlin, 1984)

                                        DVD 2
                                        Play At Home
                                        Channel 4, 1984 Documentary Made By New Order
                                        Live Show

                                        The Hacienda, Manchester, 1983
                                        Blue Monday
                                        Age Of Consent
                                        Lonesome Tonight
                                        Your Silent Face
                                        Leave Me Alone
                                        5 8 6
                                        Thieves Like Us
                                        In A Lonely Place
                                        Everything's Gone Green

                                        The Creation

                                        Power Surge

                                          The Creation was formed in 1966 from beat combo The Mark Four, and was quickly signed to a production deal with Shel Talmy, The Who’s producer. The first release was the urgent “Making Time”, which featured guitarist Eddie Phillips playing his guitar with a violin bow, two years before Jimmy Page started doing so.

                                          Creation Records founder Alan McGee named his label after the band, and named his band Biff Bang Pow after one of their songs. So perhaps it was no surprise when in 1995 he came up with the idea of The Creation recording a song called “Creation” to be released on the Creation label. In the wake of reunion shows at The Mean Fiddler in 1993 and 1995, the original line-up re-convened, and the recordings expanded into an album. “Power Surge” was released in 1996.

                                          TRACK LISTING

                                          1. Creation
                                          2. Power Surge
                                          3. Someone’s Gonna Bleed
                                          4. Shock Horror
                                          5. That’s How I Found Love
                                          6. Killing Song
                                          7. Nobody Wants To Know
                                          8. City Life
                                          9. English Language
                                          10. Free Men Live Forever
                                          11. Ghost Division
                                          12. O+N 

                                          Leila Moss

                                          Who The Power

                                            "If you’re going to deconstruct the modern psyche," says Liela Moss, "you might as well dance to it." On her second solo album, ‘Who The Power’, Moss fulfils that remit with all the power its title calls for. After 2018’s deeply personal ‘My Name Is Safe in Your Mouth’ - a debut solo album at times serene, at others stormy, on every front sumptuous - Moss entered a period of profound creative and personal self-reflection. When she emerged, she forged an album of questioning intensity and synth-loaded drama, with the expressive force in her voice refuelled by the urgent desire to interrogate the role of selfhood in fraught times. And, crucially, backed by the urgent grooves needed for the job.

                                            As Moss says of her feelings during the build-up to the album: “To make music for the sake can sometimes feel like a narcissistic thing to do, and very reflective of our times. So much of being a musician and live performer is about projecting energy outward, which can be a beautiful and powerful thing. I experienced a good round of that over previous years, and now wanted to explore my fears of tipping the scales the other way: why should I continue to reenact the narcissistic habits of our generation, desperate for validation, desperate for space, for ‘a platform’?”

                                            Album opener ‘Turn Your Back Around’ is a yearning eco-lament set to banked synths over a propulsive beat. Or, as Moss puts it: “One filthy, upbeat, downhearted, close-your-eyes-and-dance-by-yourself pop song, offered as a parting gift to Mother Earth.” ‘Watching The Wolf’ is another forthright song for today, its brooding, near-gothic swagger framing a righteous modern-day folk tale about wolves converging to unseat a toxic political pundit. A controlled rage shows in Moss’s voice, which grows more liberated still amid the simmering darkwave throb of ‘Atoms At Me’, where Moss issues a call to free the senses from the call to consume.

                                            That sense of freedom further shows in the album’s dynamic focus and passion. The nearceremonial ‘Always Sliding’ draws power from the idea of impermanence, from the call to “keep searching.” ‘The Individual’ sets a Paradise Lost-ish narrative to a sulphurous bassline and lunging synths, while the graceful synths and infectious melody of ‘White Feather’ frame lyrics with teeth. “‘White Feather’ is a lament for the earth, sung with fingers crossed behind my back,” explains Moss. “Humanity is losing connection with something vital, and willingly letting itself slip into an abyss. This isn’t as simple as my reaction to the distressing reality of environmental damage; it is my thoughts on our lousy behaviour to one another.”

                                            Elsewhere, the moody elegance of ‘Battlefield’ and bruised plea of ‘Nummah’ rank among Moss’s finest vocal performances. ‘Suako’ offers pulsing synth-rock impetus to risk starting anew, while the blissful ‘Stolen Careful’ ends the album on a palpable note of revitalisation, all risks rewarded as Moss emerges refreshed in her hunger to explore new, meaningful ways to engage with the world.

                                            As with the widely acclaimed ‘My Name Is Safe in Your Mouth’, that engagement took place close to home. Working again with partner / producer Toby Butler, Moss wrote and recorded the album in their studio in Somerset, where they live with their child. The difference this time, she explains, was a desire “to create something more urgent,” which captured a sense of renewal while conveying a strong sense of despair at modern culture. “Perhaps that oscillating energy is best expressed musically via machines. We spent much of our time playing with vintage synths and drum machines, building a more visceral palette. I wanted the album to convey a depth of field, to be multi-layered yet feel simple, and to groove.”

                                            Widescreen ambitions fulfilled, the result is another bold leap forward for one of alt-rock’s most magnetic, exploratory voices. Over 14 years, Moss’s work with the Duke Spirit (on pause) ranged from brawling riff-rock to more cinematic ventures. Other gigs have included synth-rock recordings with Butler under the name Roman Remains and various collaborative ventures – with UNKLE, Nick Cave, Giorgio Moroder and Lost Horizons, as well as serving as muse for fashion icons Alexander McQueen and Phillip Lim, among others.

                                            TRACK LISTING

                                            1. Turn Your Back Around
                                            2. Watching The Wolf
                                            3. Atoms At Me
                                            4. Always Sliding
                                            5. The Individual
                                            6. White Feather
                                            7. Battlefield
                                            8. Nummah
                                            9. Suako
                                            10. Stolen Careful

                                            Cat Power

                                            The Greatest - 120g Vinyl Pressing

                                              ‘The Greatest’ is the seventh studio album by indie rock artist Chan Marshall, a.k.a. Cat Power.

                                              The album debuted at #34 on the Billboard 200, her highest charting album at the time.

                                              Backing band The Memphis Rhythm Band includes Teenie Hodges, Steve Potts, Dave Smith, Rick Steff, Doug Easley, Jim Spake, Scott Thompson and Susan Marshall. String arrangements were contributed by Harlan. T Bobo and Jonathan Kirkscey.

                                              ‘The Greatest’ won the 2006 Shortlist music prize, making Marshall the first woman to win the honour. It was also named Number 6 Best Album Of 2006 by Rolling Stone Magazine.

                                              Fela Kuti

                                              V.I.P. (Vagabonds In Power)

                                                ‘V.I.P.’ (Vagabonds In Power) was recorded live at the Berlin Jazz Festival in Autumn 1978 and released the following year. It is a ferocious and lyrically exalted attack on the abuse of state power. The festival straddled the cusp of the break-up of Afrika 70 and the formation of Egypt 80 in Spring 1979 and ‘V.I.P.’ was the last album Fela made with the drummer Tony Allen, who had been with him since 1964 and acted as Afrika 70’s bandleader.

                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                V.I.P. (Part 1)
                                                V.I.P. (Part 2)

                                                Power Of Zeus

                                                The Gospel According To Zeus

                                                  Formed in Detroit in 1968, Power of Zeus became the first rock band to be signed by Motown subsidiary label, Rare Earth. The group drew inspiration from British hard rock and heavy metal giants like Cream, Black Sabbath, and Led Zeppelin when they created this well-produced, seminal post-hard rock album. After ‘The Gospel According to Zeus’, the group never made another album and the band slipped into obscurity, until it was discovered by the hip hop diggers. The drum beat from “Sorcerer of Isis” has been one of the most sampled in hiphop music, including KRS-One, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Cyprus Hill, Tribe Called Quest and Eminem to name a few.

                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                  It Couldn’t Be Me
                                                  In The Night
                                                  Green Grass & Clover
                                                  I Lost My Love
                                                  The Death Trip
                                                  No Time
                                                  Uncertain Destination
                                                  Hard Working Man
                                                  The Sorceror Of Isis (The Ritual Of The Mole)

                                                  Power Of Zeus

                                                  The Gospel According To Zeus (RSD19 EDITION)

                                                    Seminal funk-rock album originally released on Rare Earth in 1970. Transferred from 2 x 1/4" analog reels at 192kHz/24-bit and released specially for Record Store 2019. Featuring the monster breakbeat on 'The Sorcerer Of Isis’. The drum beat from "Sorcerer of Isis" has been one of the most sampled in hip-hop music, including KRS-One, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Cyprus Hill, Tribe Called Quest and Eminem to name a few. Half-speed mastered by Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios, London.

                                                    Tanzania Albinism Collective

                                                    White African Power (We Live In Danger) / Stigma Everywhere

                                                      Ukerewe is the largest inland island in Africa and can only be reached by an overpacked four-hour ferry ride on Lake Victoria. It is a place so remote that historically people often traveled there to abandon their albino children, based on the regional belief that they are in some way “demonic.”

                                                      Eighteen members of the Standing Voice community volunteered for their first ever songwriting workshop, ranging in age from 24 to 57. But even among the willing, singing-out proved difficult, considering the group routinely avoided eye contact, rarely spoke above a whisper, and were unaccustomed to dancing.

                                                      Produced by Grammy-winner Ian Brennan (Tinariwen, Zomba Prison Project, Ramblin’ Jack Elliott), the Tanzania Albinism Collective actively pushes the boundaries of what is considered Eastern African and “world music,” while continuing to attract greater awareness and confront the dangers that the collective face daily due to prejudice and persecution at home.
                                                      For fans of: Francis Bebey, Uyghur Folk Music.

                                                      Various Artists

                                                      Harmony In My Head - UK Power Pop & New Wave 1977-81: 3CD Box Set

                                                        HARMONY IN MY HEAD is another of Cherry Red’s celebrations of a bygone era – this time, the boom in Power Pop and New Wave which followed the Punk explosion in 1977. This triple-CD box set spins off the success of the 4-CD compilation Action Time Vision (2016), which documented Punk on independent labels. New Wave was a term coined in 1977 to describe a clutch of new artists whose music shared much of the energy of punk, but boasted a more sophisticated level of musicianship and a heavier reliance on traditional pop melodies. Although the term had such a wide definition in the States that it was quickly rendered almost meaningless, it was more strictly applied in the UK, with the radio-friendly likes of Elvis Costello and Squeeze scoring numerous hits and influencing younger bands to the extent that, by the early Eighties, the New Wave itself had become Old Wave.

                                                        The British scene’s reiteration of the appeal of a more traditional pop approach saw several attempts to provide an alternative to the unsatisfactory ‘New Wave’ epithet. Nick Lowe coined the phrase “pure pop for now people” to describe his approach, early brand leaders The Pleasers described their sound as Thamesbeat (a literal update of Merseybeat), while a handful of bands (including The Monos! and The Monochrome Set) played regularly at a London club that marketed itself as Newbeat, “a reaction to punk”. But none of these terms caught on, and instead the genre became known as Power Pop. Once again, there was a significant difference between the UK and US models, but Britain had its own Power Pop scene that slowly mutated into the Mod Revival. Many of the Mod bands drew heavily on melodic 60s records (it was, after all, The Who’s Pete Townshend who had coined the term ‘Power Pop’ back in 1967), although by late 1981 that scene had in turn morphed (in London, at least) into the short-lived New Psychedelia movement.

                                                        HARMONY IN MY HEAD includes many of the New Wave/Power Pop scene’s biggest hitters alongside the more melodic Punk bands. Name acts include Elvis Costello, Squeeze, Buzzcocks, Eddie & The Hot Rods, Nick Lowe, The Jags and Wreckless Eric, who are joined by other less successful but nevertheless key players (The Records, The Freshies, The Flysetc) as well as a host of rare 45s on tiny labels, many of which have never been on CD before. The deluxe clamshell package includes a weighty booklet full of illustrations, with a 12,000-word sleeve-note incorporating band-by-band biographies by compiler David Wells.

                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                        Disc: 1
                                                        1. HARMONY IN MY HEAD - The Buzzcocks
                                                        2. YOU BELONG TO ME - Elvis Costello & The Attractions
                                                        3. TIME GOES BY SO SLOW - The Distractions
                                                        4. TAKE ME I'M YOURS - Squeeze
                                                        5. TROUBLE WITH LOVE - Any Trouble
                                                        6. RICH KIDS - Rich Kids
                                                        7. TEENARAMA - The Records
                                                        8. BORN A WOMAN - Nick Lowe
                                                        9. SUFFICE TO SAY - Yachts
                                                        10. FIRST TIME - The Boys
                                                        11. HE'S FRANK (SLIGHT RETURN) - The Monochrome Set
                                                        12. SARAH SMILES - Bram Tchaikovsky
                                                        13. YOU KNOW WHAT I'M THINKING GIRL - The Pleasers
                                                        14. DOES STEPHANIE KNOW - Squire
                                                        15. HOWARD HUGHES - The Tights
                                                        16. SHE'S GONNA BREAK YOUR HEART - Salford Jets
                                                        17. TEENAGE CRUSH - The Trend
                                                        18. STRIKE TALKS - The Donkeys
                                                        19. COULDN'T BELIEVE A WORD - The 45's
                                                        20. THIS IS THE WAY â| OK - Bleeding Hearts
                                                        21. (YOU'RE GONNA) LOSE THAT GIRL - The Name
                                                        22. CAN'T SEE - The Drones
                                                        23. TURN THE LIGHTS OUT - Venigmas
                                                        24. CRAZY TODAY - UXB
                                                        25. (I WISH IT COULD BE) 1965 AGAIN - The Barracudas

                                                        Disc: 2
                                                        1. DO ANYTHING YOU WANNA DO - Eddie & The Hot Rods
                                                        2. I'VE GOT A HEART - The Realists
                                                        3. THE REAL ME - Radio Stars
                                                        4. IRENE - The Photos
                                                        5. I'M SORRY - Straight Eight
                                                        6. WEST ONE (SHINE ON ME) - Ruts
                                                        7. BILLY - The Circles
                                                        8. BROKEN DOLL - Wreckless Eric
                                                        9. I NEVER WAS A BEACH BOY - The Jags
                                                        10. BIFF! BANG! POW! - The Times
                                                        11. LET'S TALK ABOUT THE WEATHER - The Radiators
                                                        12. JILLY - The Piranhas
                                                        13. EVERYDAY, EVERYWAY - Really 3rds
                                                        14. HOW ABOUT ME AND YOU - The Carpettes
                                                        15. UFO - The Monos!
                                                        16. 9 O'CLOCK - Snips
                                                        17. SHATTERED BY IT ALL - TV21
                                                        18. HEY BABY - Disguise
                                                        19. SOME BOYS - Going Red
                                                        20. DON'T WANT YOU BACK - The Letters
                                                        21. RUBY TOOT - The Vandells
                                                        22. WHILE I'M STILL YOUNG - The Autographs
                                                        23. WASTING TIME - Strangeways
                                                        24. CURTAINS FOR YOU - The Accidents
                                                        25. DOWN AT THE ZOO - Those Naughty Lumps
                                                        26. 24 HOURS - The Chefs

                                                        Disc: 3
                                                        1. LOOK AT THE OUTSIDE - Chelsea
                                                        2. PLAIN JANE - New Hearts
                                                        3. CRAZY WEEKEND - Staa Marx
                                                        4. STRAIGHT LINES - New Musik
                                                        5. COMMON TRUTH - Amazorblades
                                                        6. YOU'RE SO FUNNY - Fast Cars
                                                        7. SHE'S SO GOOD LOOKING - Knox
                                                        8. ANGRY WITH MYSELF - The Smirks
                                                        9. MY BUSINESS - Eater
                                                        10. NOW THAT IT'S OVER - The Users
                                                        11. SCIENCE FICTION (BABY YOU'RE SO) - The Dodgems
                                                        12. LADY OF THE AFTERNOON - Shooter
                                                        13. NO MONEY - The Freshies
                                                        14. NAME DROPPING - The Flys
                                                        15. OUT OF PLACE - The Outsiders
                                                        16. MAGIC ROUNDABOUT - The Stiffs
                                                        17. SOMETHING TO TELL YOU - The Wasps
                                                        18. (I CAN'T) PUT MY FINGER ON YOU - The Amber Squad
                                                        19. MR. SAD - The Thought Police
                                                        20. SONS OF SURVIVAL - Doctors Of Madness
                                                        21. HAPPY SONG - The Nips
                                                        22. WAIT A MINUTE - The Cherry Boys
                                                        23. HIGH RISE - The Trainspotters
                                                        24. DRUMMER MAN - Tonight
                                                        25. HEARTS IN HER EYES - The Searchers

                                                        Cat Power


                                                          Produced in its entirety by Marshall, Wanderer includes appearances by long-time friends and compatriots, as well as guest vocals courtesy of friend and recent tour-mate Lana Del Rey. Written and recorded in Miami and Los Angeles over the course of the last few years, the new album Wanderer is a remarkable return from an iconic American voice.

                                                          Wanderer’s 11 tracks encompass “my journey so far,” says Marshall. “The course my life has taken in this journey - going from town to town, with my guitar, telling my tale; with reverence to the people who did this generations before me. Folk singers, blues singers, and everything in between. They were all wanderers, and I am lucky to be among them.”

                                                          STAFF COMMENTS

                                                          Barry says: A beautifully produced, bittersweet collection of twinkling guitars, acoustic percussives and Marshall's unmistakable vocal stylings. Brimming with low-key country influences, rhythmic momentum and enchanting, hypnotic drive. Quintessentially Cat Power, superb.

                                                          TRACK LISTING

                                                          In Your Face
                                                          You Get
                                                          Woman (feat. Lana Del Rey)
                                                          Robbin Hood
                                                          Nothing Really Matters
                                                          Me Voy
                                                          Wanderer / Exit

                                                          More frazzled, circuit bent flora from the new world environment. Piska Power seems to harness high voltage electrical currents before channeling the energy into ancient rhythms and mechanical hum. Six non-linear arrangements that churn, whirl and clang like a broken down factory line being forced through its operations. There are moments of harmony for the brave and patient, and moments of head splitting mayhem too; all confined to slow n steady tempos throughout. Honest, this is some seriously arresting musica, but done so in a subtle and none attention grabbing way. Ace.

                                                          TRACK LISTING

                                                          A1. Riemen
                                                          A2. Kette
                                                          A3. Flöha
                                                          B1. Umegehung
                                                          B2. Aras
                                                          B3. Landung

                                                          Mind Games

                                                          Power Of Power

                                                            THIS IS A RECORD STORE DAY 2017 EXCLUSIVE, LIMITED TO ONE PER PERSON.

                                                            MIND GAMERS
                                                            Music from the heart.
                                                            Mind Gamers is not a super group but UNITY.
                                                            Mind Gamers cheer for beautiful women in Los Angeles, Sydney and Paris.
                                                            Mind Gamers are: Sebastien Tellier, Daniel Stricker, John Kirby.

                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                            A1. Come To America
                                                            B1. Golden Boy


                                                            Live At Third Man Records

                                                              Power is the import from the punk-rich city of Melbourne, Australia, where some
                                                              of our favorite music has been birthed this decade, with a strong emphasis
                                                              on punk, garage rock, and unique amalgamations of “alternative music”. For
                                                              the uneducated and uninitiated, Power’s music most notably employs volume
                                                              and velocity, taking strong cues from seismic Aussie proto-punk from the ‘70s.
                                                              Both sides of the Serpent City/Road Dog single begin exactly how you’d want
                                                              - a squeal of amp feedback fading into bangover riffage. A more anthemic
                                                              shitstorm does not exist.

                                                              TRACK LISTING

                                                              SIDE A: Serpent City
                                                              SIDE B: Road Dog

                                                              Rat Columns is the mutable musical project of David West, an artist as prolific as he is diverse in his output. West is the driving force behind the groups Rank/Xerox, Liberation and Lace Curtain, he was also a member of Total Control, and most recently debuted a solo album proper.

                                                              Whether its forward-facing punk or turning his hand to crafting sleek prisms of pop, West’s credentials check out. Rat Columns is no exception, always central to his vision and returned to many times since its inception in Perth almost a decade ago. Over the years the band has morphed and continued with an array of different friends from the USA and Australia, always finding David West dancing through the long shadows at its core. Working with many distinguished underground imprints including Blackest Ever Black, Adagio 830, Smart Guy Records and RIP Society, Rat Columns have left in their wake a trail of 7”s, EPs and two full length albums. Now a third album, entitled ‘Candle Power’ is cued for release through Upset The Rhythm.

                                                              Recorded in Guildford, Western Australia, with the Perth crew of West, Amber Gempton, Louis Hooper and Chris Cobilis, ‘Candle Power’ sees the band's universe of chiming guitar pop explode into new worlds of colour and shade. It’s an album as happy to walk home in the rain as it is to reel dizzily through daylight. It’s melancholic lilt tempered by a quietly-sung optimism. ‘Candle Power’ tunnels further than ever before down the pop mainline, cutting in with moments of soul, disco and experimental plots. West is a magpie-like musician, unafraid to assemble songs from a motley collection of influences and ideas. He weaves songs together with a deft hand and an acute grasp for the memorable yet momentary.

                                                              A drumroll sputters to life kicking off the album with first track ‘Someone Else’s Dream’, a bittersweet remonstrance of bounding brightness underscored by West and Gempton’s shared vocals. It’s a song about an inability to let go of the past, sounding defiantly sunny amidst the vivid keyboards, guitar jangle and resolute beat. This knack of teaming up decidedly heartrending subject matter with some of the most affirming music imaginable is a trait well understood by fans of 80’s independent music and it’s safe to say that whilst being a fan himself West can still breathe new life into this approach. “I trail off like Sunday bells, unwanted” sings West on the equally introspective ‘She Loves The Rain’ whilst xylophones and shimmering patterns of guitar interlock in blithe harmony. ‘Time’s No Vessel’ also plays a part in reinforcing this method. Against a dreamy guitar refrain that’s pure Johnny Marr, West laments that he knows “time is no vessel for our love, it’s a dark cloud that rains down from above”.

                                                              ‘Blinded By The Shadow’ marks an about turn for the album, seeing the record start to flex its motorik muscles with a sequenced bassline and rock-solid drumbeat. The song’s title is sung in a call and response manner that drifts over the dance floor hypnotically. Handclaps, violin and tambourine join a host of percussion to further enhance the captivated groove. ‘Is This Really What You’re Like?’ takes on a similar focused shuffle only with a more minimal demeanour. Whilst, ‘Candle Power II’ takes the disco to the other side of the tracks with its shimmering synths, violin drones and uniform beat. It’s at once mesmeric and meandering, zoning in on the ephemeral theme of the album, acknowledging its sense of transience. The difference between letting go and moving on.

                                                              That is what ‘Candle Power’ as an album is reaching for, it is enamoured to the fleeting. That flicker of recognition between one choice and another. ‘Northern Soul’ chases its own heartbeat through lush, sweeping synths and hushed refrains, it’s a heartfelt song in hot pursuit. ‘Dream Tonight’ concludes the album with its propulsive drum machine, searching keyboard lines and effusive bassline. It’s a tour de force of pristine pop akin to New Order in its ability to capture this mercurial feeling, to listen through the music. “You could dream tonight, try to keep an ember alight” West sings repeatedly through the song, before it dissolves into something once there. There’s an elusive beauty in the most short-lived moment and with ‘Candle Power’ Rat Columns breathe warmth across the coals to live in their glow a moment longer.

                                                              TRACK LISTING

                                                              01. Someone Else’s Dream
                                                              02. She Loves The Rain
                                                              03. Blinded By The Shadow
                                                              04. Time’s No Vessel
                                                              05. Is This Really What You’re Like?
                                                              06. Candle Power II
                                                              07. You Don’t Have To Try
                                                              08. Northern Soul
                                                              09. Dream Tonight

                                                              The appeal of Power is the spontaneous brilliance of live Australian hard rock music. The heat from relentless performances in greasy inner city pubs was strong in the ’70s, and the debut albums of many of Australia’s greatest bands are testimony to many late nights twitching and sweating it out. Troglodyte rock music and inner city Melbourne have always made sense. Every week there have been bands playing fast and loose.

                                                              2014 was the year Power stepped up, and immediately earned comparison to Melbourne’s Coloured Balls, sharing that edge of menace in their affection for boogie rock and the same air of familiarity with aforementioned greasy confines. Power hosted their own weekly residency in this city, kicking through backyard parties and seemingly hundreds of Tote Hotel shows with the collection of songs they recorded at the right moment and turned into Electric Glitter Boogie.

                                                              The result has the savage drive of their live sound , the bolts tightened to threadbare, and is carried by that supreme confidence and determination that allows the band to relax and let the songs happen when they need to, and to know when to kick it hard. Living in the age of power. The sound is raw but full, the band recorded live with minimal overdubs , and the songs continually disintegrate into white heat guitar noise before slamming back into manic amphetamine lockstep. In eight numbers, they traverse an entire history of hard rock, electric glitter boogie, thug glam, raw power punk. Strong character. Definite purpose. Something you just cannot control.

                                                              TRACK LISTING

                                                              1. Electric Glitter Boogie
                                                              2. Serpent City
                                                              3. Puppy
                                                              4. Gimme Head
                                                              5. Slimey's Chains
                                                              6. Rainbow Man
                                                              7. The Reaper
                                                              8. Power

                                                              Ron Trent

                                                              Prescription : Word, Sound & Power

                                                                “Prescription: Word, Sound and Power” presents the groundbreaking Chicago based house label’s anthology, holding milestone songs + four previously unreleased tracks. Prescription Records defined the 1990s deep house sound. Chez Damier and Ron Trent started the label in 1993, released some two-dozen singles in a four-year span, many of which attained legendary status on the underground scene. 'Chez Damier and I started the label, because we had the idea to take a certain level of fidelity and bring that fidelity to what people call tracks. Tracks being drum orientated Chicago rhythm tracks with a minimalistic melody. We were playing with that idea, expounding a point of that minimalistic aspect and making it more complex', Trent explains.
                                                                Ron Trent was born in Massachusetts but raised in Chicago, listening to jazz and learning percussion. He began DJing in 1982, playing at area high schools. His first EP, containing the epic instrumental“Altered States,” was released on Armando Gallop’s Warehouse Records in 1990. Chez Damier (Anthony Pearson) grew up in Chicago, where he danced at the Warehouse as a youth. He left for Detroit in the 1980s, helping to open the Music Institute and working A&R for Kevin Saunderson’s label, KMS. Damier and Trent met while Damier was visiting Chicago and immediately hit it off.
                                                                Today, Prescription is cited by countless producers as a major influence. 'It’s a very dub experimental label... sound bites, samples, rhythms, and a lot of ethereal stuff, too,' Trent expounds - not to mention. Prescription’s embrace of heavy sub-bass. Concludes Trent, 'It was ahead of its time, definitely.

                                                                First official reissue of this essential Zamrock album, painstakingly restored, remastered and pieced together from multiple copies of the incredibly rare original album. Contains extensive booklet with never before published photos, an overview of the Zamrock scene, and the history of Peace and Black Power. The Boyfriends, from Kitwe’s Chamboli Mine Township, supplied the founding members for Zamrock’s most famous band, WITCH, and kick started one of Zamrock’s best bands, Peace. Their sole Zamrock entry, 'Black Power', recorded at Malachite Film Studio circa 1973/4 and issued circa 1975, sounds like nothing else in the Zamrock canon: a lost message drifiting from the flower power era, imbued with a fiery Zambian voice. Essential garage Zamrock / soul / funk: the first official reissue of the celebrated band’s one and only album.

                                                                “The musical style that became known as Zamrock came to embody the economic despair that followed the 1973-1974 oil crisis, which flung Zambia into recession and exacerbated a wide range of social tensions. Much of Zamrock also captured the controversy of wider politics in Africa and the world. Perhaps the finest example of this is Black Power by The Peace”. - The Guardian 

                                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                                1. Black Power
                                                                2. I Have Got No Money
                                                                3. This Is The Time Now
                                                                4. I Need Mercy
                                                                5. Peaceful Man
                                                                6. Umbwalawa Ne Chamba
                                                                7. I Don’t Know
                                                                8. Get On The Way

                                                                Elliott Power

                                                                Once Smitten

                                                                With his debut album ‘Once Smitten’, London newcomer Elliott Power explores genre-defying sounds of club-savvy soul, UK bass and paranoid trip-hop - echoing the history of era defining label Mo’Wax and the forward thinking spirit of Marathon Artists.

                                                                Constructed alongside Elliott’s NuBrain cohort Dorian Lutz, it is an ethereal journey through the underbelly of his native city, regaling tales of dark corners, shady characters and riotous nights, all set against luscious arrangements and driving rhythms.

                                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                                Once Smitten
                                                                Built On Greed
                                                                Who's Who?
                                                                Move Dust
                                                                Blank End
                                                                Sword Souls
                                                                On The Windrush

                                                                The Wimmins' Institute

                                                                Badass Lady Power Picnic

                                                                The riot grrrls have grown up. And their music just gets sassier. Former Melody Maker journo Ngaire Ruth sums up The Wimmins’ Institute to a T: “The Raincoats meets Throwing Muses, with an individual down-to-earth humour that shows these women live their ordinary lives with extraordinary flair, wickedness and good grace.” ( By this she refers to their songs about caesarean sections, mansplaining, and mother-in-laws. Wry humour in awesome punk-pop.

                                                                This all-woman supergroup has only been together as a band since April 2015, however they are all ͚old hands͛: Jen Denitto and Deb Van Der Geugten were in seminal riot grrrl band Linus in the 90s, and Cassie Fox and Melissa Reardon are also in Thee Faction, the notorious ͚socialist R’n’B band who wowed this summer’s Leftfield stage at Glastonbury. Charley Stone (of Salad, Gay Dad, Ye Nuns amongst many others) produced the album at Dean Street studios in Soho, and frequently joins the women on stage as guest lead guitarist. Cheerfully DIY, the Wimmins posted a few CDs out to the media, and have had a flood of glowing reviews back. 

                                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                                1. Boy Rules
                                                                2. (Don’t Call Me) Sugar
                                                                3. Darling Heart
                                                                4. Your Mum (Hates Me)
                                                                5. Bye Bye
                                                                6. Juno
                                                                7. Bicycle
                                                                8. Mansplaining
                                                                9. Let It Go On Another Planet

                                                                Muyei Power

                                                                Sierra Leone In 1970s USA

                                                                Muyei Power or Orchestre Muyei (muyei means ‘our country’) was one of the top dance bands of the 1970s in Sierra Leone. This album, Soundway's first collection of music from this West African country is an album of rock-infused, afro-funk music from a group that traveled the world throughout the mid 1970s. Fusing elements of electric Congolese and Nigerian music with fast, syncopated, uptempo modernised arrangements of traditional music, Muyei Power produced a series of unique single-only releases that have been unavailable for 35 years. The rare recordings featured here are a glimpse of a dynamic and powerful band at the very height of its powers.

                                                                Even though lyrically Orchestre Muyei focused on traditional themes and songs, the arrangements and formulation of the instrumental side of things still very much reflected the mixed nature of urban Sierra Leone music, exemplified by a small collection of bands that also included Afro National, Sabanoh 75 and Super Combo.

                                                                For the early part of 1970s the band toured extensively throughout Sierra Leone, Liberia and Côte d’Ivoire before making a handful of 45s in local TV and radio studios. The recordings featured here however come from a period of touring the college circuit in California during late 1975 and early 1976. Later that year, as they played the colleges of the east coast, they gave the tracks to the owner of the African Record Centre in Brooklyn, New York. He initially released two of them on his in-house Makossa Records label as 7" singles in 1976. The tracks from 75 / 76 were then not heard of again until 1979 / 80 when the African Record Centre released many of them on a series of Makossa Records 12”s that sounded far superior than the records that had been released a few years earlier.

                                                                Orchestre Muyei Power finally split up in 1979 leaving no proper album releases and only a handful of recordings for us to enjoy all these years later.

                                                                The CD & LP both come with detailed liner notes, with the vinyl being pressed on 180g vinyl with a free digital download insert code.

                                                                British Sea Power

                                                                The Decline Of British Sea Power

                                                                  A deluxe, expanded and lovingly rendered reissue of 'The Decline Of British Sea Power', the band's debut album, originally released in June 2003 to huge critical acclaim.

                                                                  'The Decline Of British Sea Power' will be re-issued on multiple formats including a deluxe collectable 2CD + DVD casebound book and featuring a re-mastered version of the original studio album along with B-sides from the band.

                                                                  'The BSP Handbook (Vol 1)' - A hardback book with 2CDs and DVD

                                                                  This image-laden high-quality hardback book comes with dustjacket and integral wallets containing two CDs and one DVD – a marvellously multi-media combination that tells the story of the Decline album in compelling audio-visual style.

                                                                  The CDs feature the acclaimed original 'Decline' album and B-sides from the Decline era. The DVD features live BSP footage from the UK and Japan, alongside Decline-period videos and bonus features. Please note: the Handbook narrative and images are completely different to those in the book in the Compleat box-set. Text by Roy Wilkinson, author of the acclaimed BSP-themed memoir Do It For Your Mum. Stuart Maconie on Do It For Your Mum: "As different from the usual rock biography as British Sea Power are from the usual rock band. Funny, literate, touching, ambitious and engaging. A quirky, brilliant story –quirkily, brilliantly told.”

                                                                  Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba

                                                                  Ba Power

                                                                    Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba's fourth album 'Ba Power' (and his first for Glitterbeat Records) is a striking, career defining record marked by mesmerizing songs, razor-sharp riffs and full-throttle emotions. Following two years of worldwide touring for the much heralded Jama Ko album, Bassekou's band, Ngoni Ba, has turned up the volume and dynamics significantly and Bassekou's masterful ngoni playing has achieved a new level of intensity that can only be called: afro-rock. Distortion and wah wah and propulsive rhythms are now the defining backbone of his songs and the heat lightning vocals of his wife Amy Sacko, more than ever serve as the passionate and perfect foil. This is not the same Ngoni Ba. This is indeed: 'Ba Power'.

                                                                    Without question Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba has revolutionized the sound and narrative possibilities of the ngoni, the lute-like instrument that is essential to Mali's Griot culture. Griots are esteemed musician / storytellers whose lineage stretches back centuries. Bassekou was born into this resonant tradition but his relationship to it has been anything but static. From the beginning of his career, through his invention of a previously unheard repertoire built around the melodies and rhythms of four interlocking (and at times electric) ngonis, Bassekou has demonstrated his respect for the past by radically pulling it into the future.

                                                                    The new album 'Ba Power' is arguably the most inspired and fearless step in this process. It is clearly Bassekou's most outward looking album, an album where he sharpens his view beyond the eclectic sounds of his Malian homeland and directly engages on his own terms with elements of rock & roll ("Siran Fen"), blues ("Bassekouni"), jazz ("Aye Sira Bla") and other West African musics like afro-beat (check out the riff on "Waati"). 

                                                                    Mat Skinner singer/songwriter delivers a blend of Folk/Americana wrapped in a gentle Northern voice, armed with guitar & harmonica he plays an acoustic ode to friendship, life, death and love. With influences from the likes of Nick Drake, Leonard Cohen and Jackson C Frank, Mat’s music combined with his beautiful filmic and soulful voice proves he is clearly an accomplished writer.

                                                                    If we had to pigeonhole this EP then it likely deserves a genre of its own. Welcome to the world of ‘Cinematic Northern Folk’. On ‘…with the Power of a Thousand Suns’ Mat has created a body of songs that people will be choosing as the soundtrack to their lives for many years to come.

                                                                    “This music holds such beauty, Mat Skinner warms my northern heart.” - Guy Garvey - Elbow.

                                                                    Elliott Power

                                                                    On The Windrush / Portend Feat. WIFE

                                                                      Marathon Artists are very happy to announce the return of Elliott Power, this time with a little help from feted Tri Angle newcomer WIFE. The pair’s pulsating collaboration heralds the beginning of some very exciting things to come from Elliott, with this being just the tip of the iceberg. This is a Marathon Artists Singles Club release.

                                                                      Elliott Power is a West London-bred artist who, instilled from an early age with a love of wide-ranging electronic musical touch stones, has collated diverse but tightly knit influences into his own distinctly forward thinking tracks. Seamlessly incorporating elements of club-savvy soul and UK bass, along with a touch of paranoid trip-hop, Elliott’s work, from sound to vision, offers a whole private universe we have fortunately been invited into.

                                                                      24 year old Benjamin Garrett, aka Fryars, has always bucked trends. His startling new album Power has been more than just a labour of love, it's been a near-five year journey of the imagination built around a story that spans three continents and deals with all the deliciousness of life; love, greed, loss and death.

                                                                      Foxygen have joined Star Power. It is a punk band, and you can be in it, too. Star Power is the radio station that you can hear only if you believe. We're all stars of the scene.

                                                                      FOXYGEN…AND STAR POWER is the new DOUBLE ALBUM from Foxygen, a CINEMATIC AUDITORY ADVENTURE for the speedy freaks, skull krunchers, abductees, and misfits...Made by Foxygen at Dream Star Studios in their Secret Haunted House with the UFOs flying around in the sky.

                                                                      A gaggle of guest stars. Roman-numeraled musical suites. Vocals recorded on a shoddy tape machine at The Beverly Hills Hotel and Chateau Marmont. A svelte 82-minute run time of psych-ward folk, cartoon fantasia, songs that morph into each other, weaving in and out of the head like UFO radio transmission skullkrush music. ADHD star power underground revolution. Soft-rock indulgences, D&D doomrock and paranoid bathroom rompers. Process is the point. A kaleidoscoping view. Blasphemy even the gods smile one. Rock and roll for the skull...*

                                                                      *From Patty Smith's 1973 CREEM review of Todd Rundgren's A Wizard, A True Star. The section concludes "Todd Rundgren is preparing us for a generation of frenzied children who will dream in animation."

                                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                                      1 Star Power Airlines
                                                                      2 How Can You Really
                                                                      3 Coulda Been My Love
                                                                      4 Cosmic Vibrations
                                                                      5 You & I
                                                                      6 Star Power I: Overture
                                                                      7 Star Power II: Star Power Nite
                                                                      8 Star Power III: What Are We Good For
                                                                      9 Star Power IV: Ooh Ooh
                                                                      10 I Don't Have Anything/The Gate
                                                                      11 Mattress Warehouse
                                                                      12 666
                                                                      13 Flowers
                                                                      14 Wally's Farm
                                                                      15 Cannibal Holocaust
                                                                      16 Hot Summer
                                                                      17 Cold Winter/Freedom
                                                                      18 Can't Contextualize My Mind
                                                                      19 Brooklyn Police Station
                                                                      20 The Game
                                                                      21 Freedom II
                                                                      22 Talk
                                                                      23 Everyone Needs Love
                                                                      24 Hang

                                                                      When Unwound broke up in 2002, the pioneering post rock band left a hole in the musical firmament that dozens of acts have been trying and failing to patch up in the years since. Try as they might, they could never quite reach the perfect balance of tension and release, spiny and smooth that made the Olympia-based trio’s work so damn powerful.

                                                                      Bringing together two ex-Unwound bandmates Justin Trosper and Brandt Sandeno, Survival Knife is another bracing and energetic shot to the dome by these singular songwriters and one that they are eager to embrace.

                                                                      Getting to this point, however, took some doing. Unlike all of his former musical brethren, singer / guitarist Trosper didn’t have any interest in music after Unwound split. Instead, he moved to Los Angeles for a stretch, going to school and helping other bands with recording projects. After returning to his hometown of Olympia, the itch to take up his guitar against the world returned and, with the help of longtime musical companion Sandeno and his friends Kris Cunningham (drums) and Meg Cunningham (bass), Survival Knife was born.

                                                                      The first major statement to arrive from Survival Knife is ‘Loose Power’, the band’s debut full length, released on Glacial Pace Recordings. Recorded with Stuart Hallerman (Soundgarden, Earth) and Matt Buscher, the album ably weds the riffage of classic rock outfits like Blue Oyster Cult and Led Zeppelin with the feverish angular pulse of contemporaries such as Fugazi and Blonde Redhead.

                                                                      The quartet have already garnered a great deal of attention. The West Coast has already had a taste of what Survival Knife has to offer thanks to plenty of NW dates and a tour the band did last year with Modest Mouse. And the world has been wellprimed thanks to the band’s 7” releases on Sub Pop and Kill Rock Stars. Once ‘Loose Power’ is in the world, there will be little hope of holding back and soon we’ll all be following Survival Knife into the abyss.

                                                                      British Sea Power

                                                                      Machineries Of Joy

                                                                        British Sea Power’s new, fifth album ‘Machineries Of Joy’ will be released on Rough Trade Records. The album release will be accompanied by a full UK tour.

                                                                        ‘Machineries Of Joy’ was written in the Berwyn mountains in north Wales and recorded in Brighton with Dan Smith and mixer Ken Thomas (David Bowie, Sigur Ros).

                                                                        “We’d like to think the album is warm and restorative,” says singer Yan. “Various things are touched on in the words - Franciscan monks, ketamine, French female bodybuilders turned erotic movie stars. The world often seems a mad, hysterical place at the moment. You can’t really be oblivious to that, but we’d like the record to be an antidote - a nice game of cards in pleasant company.”

                                                                        Cat Power


                                                                          Sun is the new studio album from Cat Power. Six years after her last album of original material [The Greatest, 2006], Chan Marshall has moved on from her collaborative forays into Memphis soul and Delta blues. She wrote, played, recorded and produced the entirety of Sun by herself, a statement of complete control that is echoed in the songs’ themes.

                                                                          Marshall calls Sun “a rebirth,” which is exactly what this confident, ambitious, charismatic record feels like. “Moon Pix [1998] was about extreme isolation and survival in the crazy struggle,” she says. "Sun is don't look back, pick up, and go confidently into your own future, to personal power and fulfilment."

                                                                          The music on Sun employs a sweeping stylistic palette: There’s the classic Cat Power haunting guitar and provocative vocal hook in ‘Cherokee’ (“marry me to the sky… bury me upside down”); the irresistible Latin-sounding nine-piano loop of ‘Ruin’; upbeat, almost dancey electronic anthems like ‘Real Life’ and ‘3,6,9’; and the stirring, 8-minute epic ‘Nothin But Time,’ featuring a vocal cameo by Iggy Pop. The swagger of ‘Silent Machine’ brings to mind mid-70s Jagger, contrasted with the unusual, sparse production of ‘Always On My Own’. The narrative arc of the record is deeply optimistic; the music is defiantly modern and global.

                                                                          Though devoid of grave bedroom confessionals, Sun is possibly Cat Power’s most personal album to date. For all its layered expansiveness, it is as handcrafted as her debut, and never has a Cat Power album so paralleled her personality and state of mind – channelling her humour, anger, deep empathy, musical inspirations, technical skill, and spiritual inquiry into an album that’s both surprising and comforting.

                                                                          Those versed in the Cat Power discography will detect elements of 2003's landmark album You Are Free, which experimented with vocal forms and beats borrowed from urban music, and the spellbinding authority of songs like ‘American Flag’. Sonically, however, with credit to mixer Philippe Zdar (Phoenix, Chromeo, Beastie Boys), Sun is incredibly fresh, reflecting its forward-looking mindset.

                                                                          Sun was recorded over the past three years in Malibu (in a studio she built herself), Silver Lake (in the Dust Brothers’ studio The Boat), Miami (South Beach Studios), and Paris (Motorbass), where she mixed with Zdar in Spring 2012.

                                                                          STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                          Darryl says: Chan Marshall aka Cat Power returns with her first album of original material in six years. 'Sun' strides confidently over a sonic palette of swaggering guitars, electronic beats, haunting melodies and vocal hooks aplenty all swept along with a fresh multi-layered production.

                                                                          TRACK LISTING

                                                                          1. Cherokee
                                                                          2. Sun
                                                                          3. Ruin
                                                                          4. 3,6,9
                                                                          5. Always On My Own
                                                                          6. Real Life
                                                                          7. Human Being
                                                                          8. Manhattan
                                                                          9. Silent Machine
                                                                          10. Nothin But Time
                                                                          11. Peace And Love

                                                                          Terror Danjah’s back on Planet Mu after last year’s "Gremlinz" compilation reintroduced him to the world at large. Since then, as well as Planet Mu, he’s released a single on Hyperdub, one on Butterz with more to come. Well the Gremlinz are back again on Planet Mu with this punchy eight track mini-album of experimental grime that showcases a breadth of new music, that swallows r'n'b and dubstep into Terror's self made matrix. The tracks range from the spikey, minimal 'Space Traveller' to synthy beasts like "Twisted", to the vicious "Power Grid" that pits shuffling 2step drums against a fierce, dark bassline and the occasional firing ravey breakbeat. "Upton Lane" contrasts a twinkling synth melody with big kick drums and nervy chords, while 'Horror Story' goes cold and minimal again with a shivery bassline, slippy slidy drums and spooked out harp chords.

                                                                          New Order

                                                                          Power, Corruption & Lies

                                                                            This is the album which spawned "Blue Monday"(needless to say these arty buggers didn't include it on the record) and features spacious, electronic pieces amidst two stone classics. "Age Of Consent" with its propulsive Hook bassline and V.U. slashing Bernard outro (which would become a trademark) and the beautiful "Your Silent Face" were still included on the band's final tour. 

                                                                            Screaming Mimi

                                                                            Electric Thighs

                                                                            Taking their name from the 1950s film adapted from Fredric Brown's novel of the same title, Screaming Mimi are fronted by the über-glamorous Loretta Chantry (a semi-wailing hybrid of Kate Bush and Deborah Harry) and backed up by four sharply suited guys, the Good Sons to Nick Cave's Bad Seeds. The Mimi's have already sent pulses racing with two earlier vinyl-only releases on Phantom Power. They return with a stunning new single in the shape "Electric Thighs", a prelude to next year's as yet untitled long player. A slight departure from previous outings, "Thighs" sees the band flirting with country and western as they tinge the song's disarmingly catchy chorus line with some fantastically black lyrical humour. Backed up by the equally fantastic and pacey "My Favourite Objects", a track most bands would kill for as an A-side, the Mimi's set sail for slightly more familiar waters with tales of galleons and sunken treasury. And there's more booty to be had on this single. Final track, the scifi-tastic instrumental "A New Cure For The Heartache" shows yet another side to the versatile Sheffield five-piece and features Loretta on theramin.

                                                                            Elf Power

                                                                            In A Cave

                                                                              Elf Power's ninth album, "In A Cave", blasts them past familiar territories and lands them on exciting new terrain. One of their most psychedelic records, it offers thirteen otherworldly tracks of chugging Krautrock rhythms, sing-song pop and harmonically dense balladry. As one of the founders of the legendary Elephant 6 Collective, Elf Power features alumni of Of Montreal, Olivia Tremor Control and Neutral Milk Hotel. Their career has taken them on the road with such notables as Wilco, Guided By Voices, R.E.M and the Flaming Lips, as well as backing Vic Chesnutt on his upcoming album. With "In A Cave", these seasoned indie rockers find the perfect synthesis of their organic live performances, instinctual ensemble playing and open-hearted experimentation.

                                                                              British Sea Power

                                                                              Do You Like Rock Music?

                                                                                Given that this album was produced by Howard Bilerman (drummer on Arcade Fire's "Funeral Album"), Efrim Menuck (Godspeed You! Black Emperor) and Graham Sutton (Bark Psychosis), it's epic grandeur is really no surprise. With its layers of soaring guitar, thundering drums and chanting vocals comparisons to Arcade Fire are inevitable, particularly on tracks like "Waving Flags" and album opener "All In It". There is much more to this album though: although the big surging sound is pretty much full on, there's some lovely intricate instrumentation, lots of clever pace changes to keep you on your toes, and unlike pretty much every indie band around lately, they actually have a story to tell too. With "Do You Like Rock Music?", they've finally fulfilled the promise shown on their previous albums. Already an album of the year contender!

                                                                                British Sea Power

                                                                                Open Season

                                                                                  Their first album did really well, as a word-of-mouth thing, and back then BSP stood alone in the old-school indie quirky art-pop stakes. They were a refreshing leftward turn. Now everyone's at it, but the good news is that this second album is a huge step on from their debut. It has a controlled, powerful splendour which recalls the dark, melodic wonder of Joy Division and features less of the jerky wackiness of old. This is a beautiful record and whilst the words 'epic' and 'soaring' aren't usually associated with leftfield pop, BSP manage to be both those things. But they do it cleverly, with grace and good taste. This will be a contender for Album Of The Year.

                                                                                  Cat Power

                                                                                  What Would The Community Think

                                                                                    Pinhead Circus

                                                                                    The Black Power Of Romance

                                                                                      Celebrating 10 years of punk rock debauchery, these heathens from Colorado have just put the finishing touches to their 4th release, an album that reveals tales of drinking, fighting, heartbreak and lost love. Their best effort to date, strong songs effortlessly powerful.

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