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Second in the „Bullets“ compilation series comes a selection of eerie dance music. 4 Track EP.. Limited Edition!
Jimmy Winkle, the wizard behind the imaginative soundscapes of the Torquay-based Greta Cottage Workshop Radio, wrings a track out of Ajukaja and Mart Avi’s lost collaboration. Watch out for more Winklemagic on our future pressings! Dima Disk, a rising duo from Tallinn, soothes your soul with some morning techno while „Dissapointed“ by Neuronphase aka Anti Aaver (pillar of Tartu’s underground music for the last 20 years) staggers down on soft pillows. The compilation ends with a revelation. Superstar & Star, a genius yet-to-be-recognized, is a home recording artist and the admin of the wonderful YouTube channel NEVILLE LAWRENCE. Originally from Trinidad & Tobago, he now spends his time in the steamy bars of Omaha, Nebraska. This is the first official release of his work. We are honored to showcase his stunning "Looking at the Stars and Heavens" with customized adjustments by the legendary Tallinn-via-London DJ Rhythm Doctor (Mutant Disco).

"Real narcotic late night juice..." Mosca.

Superstar & Star are back on Porridge bullet with their first EP proper: "Mastermind". A collection of seven songs from Superstar’s vaults available for the first time on an Estonian vinyl record! Neville Lawrence immigrated from his home country of Trinidad to New York in the mid 80’s where, a few years later, following his fleeting East coast success, he re-settled with wife Anne (Star) in Omaha, Nebraska where they continued to perform, produce and record music until the present day. After releasing a cassette, 7” and 12” single with the label last year, this seven track collection sees the eccentric genius expanded upon, including the crazed oddball juke of "Rolling So", the fractured 90s house of "Any WhereIn The US Is A Party" and "I Am Dreaming" plus the broken 80s stomp of "No More Sorrow". All tracks come frazzled and fried like they've been baked on VHS for too long, but possess a fuzzy and scuzzy character like nothing else out there! If you liked the more experimental side of PPU (in particularly the Trash Men) or the lo-fi, DIY house experiments emanating from Africa in the late nineties or, indeed, the queen of Estonian DIY-hybrids, Maria Minerva, then there's PLENTY to get stuck into here! Totally wacked out - whether this is genius or madness is completely up to you to decide. 

Superstar & Star

Keep On Rocking - Inc. DJ I'm Sorry Remix

Keeping it 'Gazza-grade mental' on their thirteenth release, Porridge Bullet open their arms and pressing plant to the king of late night Nebraska TV, Superstar & Star and his lo-fi, high power muzik. If you're blankly unaware of Omaha's most prolific songwriting force, then school's now in session. Neville Lawrence left his native Trinidad in the mid-80s and landed in downtown NYC, taking the smaller, seedier clubs by storm with his homemade costumes and lo-fi take on funk, hop hop and house. After a chance subway meeting with the woman of his dreams, Lawrence swapped the Big Apple for the Big O' and knuckled down in the home studio, releasing twenty CD albums - all of which are self titled. This 12", recorded in one take after a trip to the zoo last Autumn, is the first new track from the undisputed king of home-disco... Superstar. As hypnotic and floor-shaking as ever, "Keep on Rocking" keeps you on your toes through twists and turns, focused on a central mantra. It is what Jamie Principle's fathers' lullaby might have sounded if had tried to put his son to sleep with his best impression of Michael Jackson and Leroy Burgess. Throw in timewarping pitchy synths and solid percussion and we're in full Ata Kak mode. The B-Side is a powerhouse reimagining turned all the way up to 11 by the mysterious DJ Im Sorry. Brooding braindance synths and harsh, garbled sonics call to mind the looser end of the Jamal Moss spectrum, as this one marches on and on. Feel the force y'all!

Following their collaboration on the sold-out 10-inch "Nii hea" comes this four track EP from Ajukaja (of Rare Birds fame) and miss Maria Minerva. Three of the tracks were recorded at the same time as "Nii hea" and the most recent one got milked out from those rainy Estonian/ NYC skies last autumn. "C U Again" is the dreamy post-everything cybernetic trance-disco money shot, bubbling on a purely synthetic wave of saccharin sweet bliss. "Bring Me Down" is the type of sludgy, tranquilized chaos the she injects so well, with production elements that mimic some of the new Actress traits. "All The Heart Breaks" is a skippy, hi-energy bouncer which sounds like it should be pumping out of some dark club on Canal St. 7AM Sunday morning, concealing from the outside world the sheer debauchery that's taking place inside. "Igav Ja Suva" concludes the set in suitably psychedelic form. Hard to describe this one other than some Balkan-esque hillbilly electro-folk jam from an underwater cave filled with gremlins. Get involved!


Matt says: The Estonian princess returns!

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