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Since getting the first Plush Management's record it hasn't left my bag and here they are back with another six track riot! The killer pairing of Regular Fantasy & D. Tiffany are just totally my jam at the moment - RnB house refixes crossed with a feminine perspective on booty house. It's cheeky as fuck, consistently pleasing and groovy as hell. You can play 'em in the bar, in the club or at the festival and they all go down a treat!

Here they mine Britney, Madonna and a host of other late 90s / early 00s naughtiness that I'd expect my kid sister to know but rather ashadely cannot quite place myself! There's even a hyped up rework of Merle's "Fannie Likes 2 Dance" in there to boot!

The sonic equivalent of overdosing on bubblegum and crystal meth! Well good. 


Matt says: If like me you like to inject some fun into your house and techno sets then you can't go wrong with Plush Managements. Regular Fantasy & D. Tiffany's cheeky hybrid of booty house, RnB refixes given a patina of trance and techno. It's an intoxicating formular that I'm well behind!


A1. Work Bitch (Regfant Refizz)
A2. Temptation
A3. Ray Of Plush
B1. Slumber Party 5.0
B2. Monica Likes To Dance
B3. Plush Play

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