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Seven Wonders is a 14 track snapshot of the experimental Soul and Jazz scene burgeoning in Australia today.

Recorded at Plug Seven Studios in Melbourne in collaboration with Wondercore Island, the compilations main aim was to capture spontaneous musical moments that reflect the diversity of sounds, and quality of musicianship in Australia today, with very little interference from microphone to tape to the record in your hands..

Seven Wonders contains a super diverse cross section of artists, with well over 50 individuals putting in their time & creativity to bring this to life. It's a record that truly highlights the grass roots soul movement blowing up day to day in Australia.

Recorded largely over two weeks, the majority of the tracks on Seven Wonders were captured in one take, bottling the raw energy and virtuosity of Melbourne's most accomplished, established and emerging players. There's an antipodean take on P-Funk from Laneous, characteristically enigmatic vocals from soul singer Allysha Joy and a free-flowing instrumental from Sampa the Great collaborator Dave Godriguez, aka GODTET. Several tracks include production and background instrumentation from Hiatus Kaiyote's rhythm section Perrin Moss and Paul Bender... and way way more.


Millie says: A whole lot of talent being showcased here from Soul and Jazz musicians in Australia in this refreshing compilation featuring some favourites at Piccadilly such as 30/70 and GODTET.


1. Sweet Water (feat. Rita Satch) - Barney McAll
2. Everything I Need - Daniel Merriweather
3. Sooki The Love Dog - Laneous
4. Womans Choir - GODTET
5. Custard Shoulder - WVR BVBY
6. Dempsey Roll - Superfeather
7. Improvisation #2 - Greg Sheehan, Vinod Prassana & Perrin Moss
8. For Yu Sakamoto - James Macaulay Quartet
9. True Realm Of The Coin - The Rookies
10. Waiting - Jazz Party
11. Drifting - 30/70
12. Odyssey - Raw Humps
13. Work (feat. Ijale) - Mohi & Thedieyoungs
14. Bones (feat. Tariro Mavondo) - I Hold The Lions Paw

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