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AAN ZEE or "By The Sea" is the name of a music studio led by Chris Taylor a multi instrumentalist from Canada and founding member of Montreal based art noise band AIDS WOLF. Upon leaving the noise scene in 2008, Taylor embarked on a decade long musical journey that brought him to New York , Amsterdam and LA where he founded AAN ZEE: an eclectic studio of cosmic grooves and transcendant frequencies layered with traditional musicianship to create a soundtrack for those who" dwell on the threshold" AAN ZEE is currently based in Amsterdam.


Palms Resort

    Following up from last years ep on Pleasure Unit the folks from Miskotom deliver a lovely 5 tracker for our other imprint Pleasure Wave following on from g Marie and Jonny .,The guys(guy and girl) carry on in much the same vein but drop gears ever so slightly for some more sun drenched tropical sounds. The Opener Hyena's laugh could be Wally and Larry jamming with the locals on Kong Island. Senoi takes you on the back of a pick up truck and transports you from the coastal town and out onto the dusty tracks and into the night for a ride through the jungle and onto the other side. 10th day is all about cocktails by the infinity pool in the secret resort and soaking up that late afternoon sun. Kuai can Che is all Twilight era Maze tougher drums and chimes with those floaty synths. Seeing us out is final cut Kopiek lying back on the boat as you leave the island and it all becomes a tiny dot on the horizon...Float on.. file under Tropical, Balearic, beach sounds...

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