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Aan Zee or "By The Sea" is the name of a studio project led by Canadian multi instrumentalist Chris Taylor, a founding member of Montreal based art noise band Aids Wolf. Upon leaving the noise scene in 2008, Taylor embarked on a decade long musical journey that brought him to New York , Amsterdam and LA, where he first founded Aan Zee, an eclectic studio of cosmic grooves and transcendant frequencies layered with traditional musicianship to create a soundtrack for those who" dwell on the threshold". This double A-side debut hits us with two ten minute tracks of dancefloor psychedelia, space age noise and synth hypnosis, which somehow join the dots between West Coast / Texan psych, Afro-beat, tropicalia, NY's punk funk and the jazzy warmth of the Med. We're in electric, eclectic Afro-beat territories on the A-side as Chris rips through tuareg guitar riffs and a Nigerian rhythm section, all underpinned by a thick fug of distorted fuzz. Transitioning into madcapped moogs, chiming Talking Heads guitar and a mantra like vocal, this killer cut summons "World Music"-era Goat and LCD at their most punk. Over on the flip things head further into the psychedelic sunset as Chris gobbles a heroic dose and takes us on an exotic vacation. Starting life as a groovy Doobie slice of AOR funk, the ever evolving synth riffs mark a constant progression towards the buzzing psychedelic freak-out of the middle third (FX boards were probably harmed in the making of this record) before twisting out into a Mildlife-style finale which makes you dance, smile and wanna move to the coast.


Patrick says: Fully in love with this. Aan Zee makes full use of the wax here to turn out two ten minute excursions into cross genre cool. Afrobeat, psych, disco-not-disco, jazz funk and Balearic pop all coexist peacefully on a fuzzed up astral plane.

Gliding through the slipstream of last year's EP on Pleasure Unit, the folks from Miskotom grace sister imprint Pleasure Wave with a fine five tracker of sun drenched tropical sounds. Opener "Hyena's Laugh" could be Wally and Larry jamming with the locals on Kong Island - sax and synths and Island rhythms. "Senoi" takes you on the back of a pick up truck and transports you from the coastal town and out onto the dusty tracks and into the night for a ride through the jungle and onto the other side. On the flip, "10th Day" is all about cocktails by the infinity pool, providing a little calm before  "Kuai Can Che" takes things a little tougher via Twilight era Maze percussion and chimes with those floaty synths. "Kopiek" leaves us lay back on the boat as the island becomes a tiny dot on the horizon... file under tropical, Balearic, beach sounds...

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