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After stepping in on remix duties for their first Miskotom release Kito is back on Pleasure Unit with a nicley rounded EP that shows the full extent of his production skills. "Houstrack" does what it says on the tin and pumps it up in true old skool house style, "Damp firecrackers" sounds like it could come from a long lost Italian Library Lp. On the flip "Never been to Ibiza beaches in 1997" is a nice laid back Balearic ode as you might expect, lastly "Jungle Mantra" is a dense tropical treat. Check for Kito's previous releases on diverse range of labels from Bahnsteig 23, Freerange, Dirt Crew, Hell Yeah and Bordello A Parigi and lovely myself, the one and only DJ SIl aka SilboFM. 


Sil says: Curve ball for your record collection this one. Atmospheric, retro and analoguish sounds here for the discerning listener. Totally in love with 'Never Been To Ibiza Beaches 1997', partly because it is true.

Field Of Dreams are Field Theory's Chris Kentish and DJ Al Mackenzie. Field Theory have recently had tracks on respected labels such as Futureboogie and Secret Life, gaining rave reviews and even garnering plays on BBC radio 6 Music. Al has been a DJ since the late 80s, now resident at Birmingham's Great Outdoors. He's made numerous records over the years but will probably be remembered primarily for his 90s band D:ream making number one all over the world and remixing for EMF and Duran Duran amongst others. Bumping into each other in the street one day and realizing they lived opposite each other, they seized upon the chance to combine their favourite passions, making music and drinking.

"Pourquoi"'s instantly got me gyrating in the kinda way that Telephones (on Running Back) and Marco Passarani on Numbers did. Fizzy, synthetic, holiday house music for the Nu Chem generation. "Draw The Line" darts into driving, late night, dark disco territory, with galloping arps and a deadpan male vocal. "Line Drawn" seals the deal for outdoor set, it's languid groove yet focused drive sure to encapsulate the whole of the beach stage / terrace / sunset crowd into its paradisiacal charm. Wonderful stuff here, most recommended. 

Release number three for Pleasure Unit, a rare collaboration from two of the Keyboard Mashers. Dreamy keys and thick wavy synth shapes introduce "La Nuit..." in a style most obviously reminiscent of Larry Heard. Sparkly and vibrant throughout, the track's poised and balanced mix should keep the most fervent deep house spirit burning well into the night. There's an alternative version on the flip, the 'acid dub' stripping things back a bit more and letting the perc lines and wavy synth do most of the talking. Finally, "Tropique Ambi Sunrise" is a tasty bonus track at the end that, with its Lune bird samples, swirling ecstasy-soaked ambience and goosebump inducing elevation, should take the listener back to their most cherished and nostalgic moments on the White Isle, or indeed any of the Adriatic's more recently explored party spots. About as Balearic as it get this baby! Top stuff. 


Sil says: Pleasure Unit back again with more excellent material angling for an old school deep house a la Larry Heard. Not bad at all. That Acid Dub mix is glory.

Following a successful 2016 with his well received EPs "Golden Tides", "Sunlit Forest" and one of our fave releases "Bahia", Joe offers up four cuts for Pleasure Unit. Continuing the producer's passion for new age, paradisiacal ambience and dreamy deep house, lead title "Jacaranda Skies" might be what Telephones and Larry Heard would have sounded like had they met in Rimini circa '91. A dusky atmosphere provides the backdrop to ecstasy inducing chords, an elevated brass sequence and afro percussion driving a tight groove. "Mangrove Dawn" is an aural Quaalude hit, gentle synth washes fold over each other while nature sounds buzz through a distant 303. "The Lost Garden" opens to a reverb soaked slide guitar and soaring pad section before a jaguar snarl gives way to subtle kick pattern atop M1 chimes and Bali bells. "Skies Reprise" closes off the EP with a beatless take on the second track, the melodies given more space; the sonic equivalent of open air swaying under hazy pink skies.


Matt says: Nice collection that skirts between the beach and the dancefloor in equal measure. Not quite sure whether if it wants you on your feet dancing or laid back revelling in horizontal bliss.

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