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Wot Gorilla?


    Hailing from Halifax, England, Wot Gorilla? combine elements of math, pop and progressive rock with heavy melodic breakdowns.

    With a name originating from a track on the 1976 Genesis album 'Wind & Wuthering', the four piece band take cues from progressive pop and rock from then and now – but firmly rooted in the latter.

    The band is known for their technical performances, taking the audience on an unpredictable and energetic journey. A focal point of the bands style is their highly complex song structures, bizarre time signatures and Haigh’s distinctive vocals. The band have shared stages with the likes of Tubelord, Tera Melos, Cursive and The Get Up Kids as well as various festivals around the UK including slots at Reading and Leeds festival. 
Confident in their style the band have already fully formed in the short period of time since their inception in 2009, they are prepared to develop an idea into any number of veins, unrestricted by conventional constraints. Naturally, this always had to be in keeping with their progressive writing style reflected well in the series of EP’s the band have released such as their self-titled debut ‘Wot Gorilla?’, ‘New Arrival’ and the single ‘is’, all lauded with critical response.

    The band has taken a more technical, fuller sound for their debut album ‘Kebnekaise’ with song-writing that has taken on an unmistakably powerful approach. Lead track ‘Snow White’ (along with accompanying music video) at the helm has been captured flawlessly by producer James Kenosha (Pulled Apart By Horses, Marmozets, Lone Wolf). 
'Kebnekaise' is planned for release on 27th August 2012 with artwork duties falling onto prolific cut n paste Swedish artist Kristian Ingers.

    St Gregory Orange

    Midnight At The Sycamore Lounge

      A work of wonder and endlessly collapsing beauty from one of the country’s most unique and engaging bands' - Rhubarb Bomb.

      'The sparkle of this album is it's ability to create their own album that is at times difficult, frequently clever and above all different.' - Neon Filler.

      'If Pulp and Arab Strap had a child, then this would be it.' - Bubblegunked.

      'St Gregory Orange have produced an album that's something more than the sum of it's influences.' - Tasty Fanzine.

      'An excellent record...keeps you entertained for the duration.' - Improperganda.

      One Day, After School

      The Future Is Ours, Comrade

      One Day, After School… have been working on the periphery of Wakefield music for a number of years. The bedroom based project of writer / musician Dean Freeman, ODAS have released a string of home demos through various labels and institutions (Philophobia Music / Geek Pie Records / Rhubarb Bomb) over the past few years. These recordings ranged from ambient downbeat, to crunchingly lo-fi alt rock but with this new record, their first ‘proper’ one, ODAS has found a more upfront, dynamic sound that more accurately represents the live approach of the band as a whole.

      ‘The Future Is Not Ours, Comrade’ is a record that mixes a love of Philip K Dick, alternate universe novella’s and ideas of fatalism / solipcism and politics with the very harsh reality of working a shit job in the incredibly boring ‘real’ world.

      "I want to write about people I love, and put them into a fictional world spun out of my own mind, not the world we actually have, because the world we actually have does not meet my standards," Philip K Dick.

      Musically it touches many bases; the intense condensed wordplay or early manics, noise squall breakdowns of Sonic Youth, gentle Sparklehorse-esqe intermissions, grumpy Arab Strap borderline ‘rap’ mumbling with sprawling post rock conclusions. But unlike their early work, ODAS have finally managed to tie it all together in a cohesive, complete package.

      Due to their ever changing live setup, One Day, After School… have played with a diverse set of bands in the past, including Shrag, Stanley Brinks (Herman Dune), Napoleon IIIrd, Lucas Renney, Miles Davis (Wonder Stuff) Just Handshakes (We’e British) and St Gregory Orange and will be supporting this record with a full 5 piece (2 bass) line up.


      Sewerpop! (How The Castle Was Stormed)

        iMP are a 5-piece from Wakefield who produce catchy indie with a slacker edge. January sees the release of their second EP 'Sewerpop! (How The Castle Was Stormed)', produced by Rob Slater at Greenmount Studios. The EP deftly blends the band’s experimentation and pop sensibilities together in their most assured and accomplished work to date.

        In 2009 iMP released ‘Party’ and ‘Great Jaguars Triumph’ on the split EP The Heartfelt, both produced by Jamie Lockhart and Lee Smith at Greenmount Studios, Leeds. This was followed in 2010 by their 5 track Just Destroyer EP, this time produced by Rob Slater at Irene Cottage Studios, Wakefield, which saw the band's reputation as one of the best slacker pop bands in West Yorkshire develop, picking up plays from Bethan Elfyn and Charlie Ashcroft on Amazing Radio.

        Tiny Planets

        The Trick Is To Keep Breathing

          Formed in the autumn of 2009, Tiny Planets are a 4-piece band from the North of England (Wakefield via Manchester to be precise), whose members share a love of North American indie-rock, as well as modern British indie-pop. After two well received demos, 2012 sees the release of the band’s debut EP – The Trick Is To Keep Breathing.

          Whilst a heavy American Alt-rock influence prevails on the record, the band hasn’t completely shunned its British-ness. A nod to the intelligent-pop of British Sea Power and Bombay Bicycle Club means the band, and more importantly the EP, never stray too far into the trappings of being American Lo-Fi copyists. That being said, one can hear hints of The Weakerthans (Canadian, not American but let's not split hairs) in the palm muted chords and prose like lyricism of opener ‘Jetstreams’; and Built to Spill/early Smashing Pumpkins in the riffy outro of closer and title track 'The Trick Is...', whilst the pairing of dark, literary lyrics with catchy, sing-along hooks brings to mind the work of The Shins.

          Recorded live to 2” tape and produced by analogue specialists, Jamie Lockhart & Lee Smith, of Greenmount Studios, the record is made of equal parts natural primitiveness (heard in the loose lumber of ‘Islands’), and hi-fidelity pop (showcased in the blissed-out melodies of ‘Hardly At All’).


          Painted Skeletons / Last Great Civilisation

            This is the debut release from Wakefield based label Philophobia Music. It's also the second release from Lapels. "Painted Skeletons" finds Lapels sounding more epic than previously, whilst the double A-Side track, "Last Great Civilisation" is a harder proposition, being the bands most direct recording to date. If you're looking for a comparison then a scuzzy Pavement might fit the bill. Good stuff!!

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