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Phil Odgers

Ghosts Of Rock N Roll

    ‘GHOSTS OF ROCK N ROLL’ is the fifth solo album from Men They Couldn’t Hang frontman Phil Odgers and is preceded by the digital single ‘The Serpent, The Maiden and The Bear’ (30th July). Beginning as a collection of ukulele led demos, ‘GHOSTS OF ROCK N ROLL’ has endured a stormy birth and its final emergence represents the triumph of resilience over adversity. Originally launched as a Pledge Music crowdfunded campaign, the album was nearly strangled at birth by the collapse of Pledge Music in 2018 and the loss of the majority of fan investment.

    Despite this setback, all fan pledges were still fulfilled and the project relocated to Bandcamp just in time for the pandemic lockdown to prevent any further recording sessions with producer Jim Knight. Finally, the album inched forward over the summer of 2020 only to crash into the second lockdown and then the tragic loss of fellow TMTCH frontman Stefan Cush in February 2021. With such checkered history, ‘GHOSTS OF ROCK N ROLL’ seems an appropriate title and its combination of folky pop and melancholic twang, combined with an ethos of survival, memory and experience create a testament to a life spent sailing the sometimes treacherous waters of Rock and Roll. The album features guest appearances by Sid Griffin and Bobby Valentino.


    1. The Serpent, The Maiden And The Bear
    2. Flower Lady
    3. Brooklyn Bridge
    4. The Last Thing On My Mind (Is Regret)
    5. Ghost Of Rock 'n' Roll
    6. Early Morning Rain
    7.The Desert Has A Thousand Eyes
    8. Empty Streets And Lovers In The Rain
    9. Uke Town
    10. Rage Against The Machine

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