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Erland Cooper

Hether Blether

    Erland Cooper is set to release Hether Blether, the third and final album in a trilogy of releases shaped by the islands where he grew up. Hailing from the archipelago of Orkney in Scotland, the contemporary composer and multiinstrumentalist has explored the birdlife (2018’s Solan Goose), sea (2019’s Sule Skerry) and, on Hether Blether, the land, manifesting an immersive collection of music, words and imagery.


    1. Noup Head Ft. Kathryn Joseph, Kevin Cormack, John Burnside And Alex Kozobolis
    2. Rousay
    3. Peedie Breeks Ft. Benge
    4. Skreevar Ft. Marta Salogni
    5. Longhope Ft. Kathryn John, John Burnside & Hiroshi Ebina
    6. Linga Holm
    7. Hildaland
    8. Hether Blether
    9. Hamnavoe
    10. Where I Am Is Here

    Erland Cooper

    Sule Skerry

      Sule Skerry is the second album by Erland Cooper in a triptych shaped by his homeland, Orkney, and in particular by the air, sea and land as it was celebrated by Orcadian poet George Mackay Brown. His debut album, Solan Goose (an album of the year at 6Music, The Quietus, Music OHM and more) portrayed the air, and on Sule Skerry, the multi-instrumentalist turns his attention to the sea. Erland Cooper explains, “It’s a record about the sea, our relationship with the outside world, forces outside of our control but it’s also about creating a nest within that, nurturing and protecting our own sea havens, those sheltered bays, those safe places, as we step in and out, always returning back in some form”


      says: Enchanted, ambroisial electro-folk meanderings here as Cooper follows up a flurry of albums over the last couple of years. Obviously a man with a lot to say, now that we're listening expect a steady stream of musical conciousness from this skilled artist!


      First Of The Tide
      Spoot Ebb
      Groatie Buckies
      Lump O’ Sea
      Sule Skerry

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