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Screaming Mimi

Electric Thighs

Taking their name from the 1950s film adapted from Fredric Brown's novel of the same title, Screaming Mimi are fronted by the über-glamorous Loretta Chantry (a semi-wailing hybrid of Kate Bush and Deborah Harry) and backed up by four sharply suited guys, the Good Sons to Nick Cave's Bad Seeds. The Mimi's have already sent pulses racing with two earlier vinyl-only releases on Phantom Power. They return with a stunning new single in the shape "Electric Thighs", a prelude to next year's as yet untitled long player. A slight departure from previous outings, "Thighs" sees the band flirting with country and western as they tinge the song's disarmingly catchy chorus line with some fantastically black lyrical humour. Backed up by the equally fantastic and pacey "My Favourite Objects", a track most bands would kill for as an A-side, the Mimi's set sail for slightly more familiar waters with tales of galleons and sunken treasury. And there's more booty to be had on this single. Final track, the scifi-tastic instrumental "A New Cure For The Heartache" shows yet another side to the versatile Sheffield five-piece and features Loretta on theramin.

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