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Out Here On The Fringes - Signed Edition

    The second pressing of JOHN's second album 'Out Here On the Fringes' . Record includes lyric sheet insert with artwork by John Newton of the band.

    This duo make superb adrenalin fuelled, intelligent guitar noise.

    If you're a fan of Metz, Protomartyr, Idles, Fucked Up, then you should check this out. 


    1. Future Thinker 03:04
    2. Standard Hauntings 02:26
    3. Out Here On The Fringes 03:51
    4. Western Wilds 02:21
    5. High Digger 02:48
    6. Dog Walker 01:59
    7. Laszlo 04:16
    8. Midnight Supermarket 02:24
    9. Solid State 02:48

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