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'I wrote this album in prison. I went to the music room every week to play on their keyboards. I studied different styles of beat patterns and sound recording to be a recording engineer. I wanted to create this new sound, so I took go-go, hip-hop, house, and drum and bass to blend up a new pattern of beats with a DJ sway. So I rapped on it. I need a perfect mix sound so I used a reverb gate, small room because I was in a small room. I used my mom's blankets to trap the sound waves in the room. I use a digital mic from radio shack and was rapping with a blanket over my head to trap the sound waves. I played my keys in F flat to deepen the tone. I put tom toms on it to fill the spaces with handclaps to have that snap. Then I put a reverb gate on every instrument to get the lo-fi audio sound. I mastered it with all knobs on zero. Equalizer on zero. I mastered my own sound by tweeking and listening with cheap headphones. So that's why I call myself Mix-0-Rap because I master my mix and DJ rap style with a touch go-go rapping. Thank you for supporting me and my music, I hope you enjoy this.' - Mix-O-Rap

Who'd have thought when we were getting all creep to "For Thugz" way back in '15 that it was the product of a spell in the slammer! Mix-O-Rap finally delivering his full length for PPU. Standing out completely on its own but I guess its nearest reference would be the strung out, DIY minimal wave of 80s San Francisco in that it shuns fidelity and polish for grit, attitude and ruthless experimentation. A guttural, concrete distortion covers the whole record in a kind of sandblasted patina while Mix-O-Rap's unique, staccato rap phrases are pushed right to the foreground. It's an interesting and arresting listen and one of the more out-there releases from Tom Noble's exquisite label. 


Matt says: Kickstarting the whole 'prison-rap' movement. Mix-O-Rap claustrophic, lo-fi take on the genre is both arresting and unique and gritty as any time spent in the slammer.


Busting Off (4:13)
Eyes Of A Key (4:15)
Writing With A Pen (4:37)
Can You Represent (3:17)
Breaking Off (4:15)
I Get Paid (4:11)
I Am The DMR (3:35)
Spitting Game (4:24)
I Don't Play (4:04)
Stop Sweating Me (4:31)
Leaving Scars (3:53)
I Got That Fire (3:43)

RX (Benedek & Delroy Edwards)

Strung Out

Check this out for a hype collaboration! Two of LA's finest get baked in the Los Angeles sun and hit the studio for two blurred, smudged and generally wasted cuts of hardware boogie. Slurred funk king Benedek is no stranger to PPU (in his case "puff, pass, ugghh"), having released his dope debut LP on the label in 2013, and Delroy Edwards comes to the party in fine form after a string of bangers on L.I.E.S., Apron and his own L.A. Club Resource. The two tracks, appropriately titled "Strung Out" and "Prescriptions" are a perfect amalgamation of Benedek's heat haze boogie and the tape degraded grit that's been a hallmark of Edwards' work. "Strung out" continues the same G-Funk vibe as Delroy's "Slowed Down Funk" mixtapes left off, albeit with more funk and less G. A low slung bassline rolls along throughout while the duo get locked into the groove with a variety of synth leads and arp squelches. On the flip, the "Prescriptions" the duo have been nailing must have been uppers of some description as they come correct with a more uptempo flow complete with a lovely synth flute lead. This one's right up my street.

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