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Kevin Morby

Harlem River Dub (Peaking Lights Remix)

    I wanted to do something to honor the title track off of my debut album, Harlem River, turning five years old this year. Its been very good to me over the past half decade as well as a staple in my live show. I’ve asked Aaron [Coyes] from Peaking Lights to breath some new life into it and give it a remix and I’m very happy with the results. This December I will be performing an hour long version of the song featuring many special guests. I wrote the song to be about new explorations, and it continues to give me—year after year—just that.” —Kevin Morby.


    Here In Iowa Remix EP - Inc. Peaking Lights Remix

    In autumn 2015, Swedish dream-pop duo Korallreven bid us all farewell by releasing the "round-the-world-in-a-day" sounding final single Here In Iowa, alongside memorable shows in New York City and Scandinavia. Now, they return for one last time with a disco dub dream remix of said song by the mighty Peaking Lights. This forms part of a 12" EP released by Be With Records. The record - limited to just 500 copies - will see its worldwide release for Record Store Day on 16th April 2016.

    The 12" will also, for the first time on vinyl, include Korallreven's breathtaking cover of Guns & Roses' 'November Rain' from 2014 as well as Shine On, the duo's rework of their own 2010 single Honey Mine, featuring Taken By Trees' Victoria Bergsman.

    From the guys:

    "Hard to say if Here In Iowa was an end or a start of something new. You'll see! Whether or not, we hold it as one of our highest heights and, after this beautiful season, we truly deeply madly felt that it was worth some extra limelight. And hey! Thanks for the remix, Peaking Lights! It's so wonderful! Life surely is."

    When we last heard from Aaron Coyes and Indra Dunis, it was early 2012 and they had just released their third full-length album, the fuzz-dub brilliance of "Lucifer". That album led off with "Beautiful Son", a piano-laced paean to their newborn son. Two years down the line and just like their inquisitive toddler, Peaking Lights are into everything! Shimmering and resplendent, "Cosmic Logic" is teeming with dance grooves that draw on influences as diverse as Jamaican digital dancehall, cosmic Italo, Chicagan acid, Afrobeat, Zamrock, early West Coast hip hop and disco. In fact, if you closed your eyes you'd be forgiven for thinking this eclectic tribute to all things dancefloor was a vintage DFA release. It's fitting then that our favourite husband and wife duo were ably assisted by former LCD bassist and undercover Mancunian Matt Thornley.

    The success of "Cosmic Logic" is the ease with which Aaron and Indra have filtered these new-found influences through the unmistakable Peaking Lights prism, never losing sight of their own identity for a second but merely allowing the natural progression in their evergrowing sound; the lo-fi fuzz of their earliest albums now replaced by a bright, joyous pulse. The multicoloured sleeve is the perfect reflection of the kaleidoscopic sounds within, as the warm new wave of album opener "Infinite Trips", gives way to the Space Lady synth pop of "Telephone Call", bubbling Italo of "Hypnotic Hustle" and synth funk of "Everyone And Us". Each track introduces fresh ideas, which are expertly worked into the band's rhythmic aesthetic, resulting in a constantly surprising LP which still sits perfectly as a whole. 


    Andy says: Peaking Lights blow the fog away from their sound and reveal themselves to be a joyous mix of On-U Sound dub (which we already knew) and now DFA disco (which we didn't!) It's skewed pop and it's great!

    With 'Lucifer', the golden duo of Aaron Coyes and Indra Dunis continue to crystallize their mesmerising sound and find new dimensions within.

    Recorded in Brooklyn at Gary's Electric studio over the course of a month and self-produced with the help of engineer Al Carson (Yeasayer, Oneohtrix Point Never), Peaking Lights consider ‘Lucifer’ a nocturnal version of their sound. “To us this record is about play and playfulness, unconditional love, rhythms and pulses, creation and vibration,” says Coyes. ‘Lucifer’ is also Peaking Lights’ most ambitious release to date in terms of its approach and scope – boasting much to please anyone previously seduced by the genre-defying, gritty grooves and enchanting, sensual melodies of the band’s earlier work but also proving an altogether more heavy, propulsive and focused effort. Incredibly, there’s even space within ‘Lucifer’ for Coyes and Dunis’ already insanely broad palette of influences to widen even further – touches of analogue electronic dance music, sound collage and straight up pop joining the dub, krautrock and minimal disco of ‘936’ in a hypnotising concoction.


    Darryl says: Last year Peaking Lights’ superb "936" album scored a number one album in the Piccadilly Records end of year chart, and now hot on the heels of that the mesmerizing duo of Aaron Coyes and Indra Dunis deliver "Lucifer". Recorded over the course of a month in Brooklyn "Lucifer" captures a more nocturnal side of their sound adding even more dimensions to their already broad sound palette. Bringing forth mellow chillwave pulses, blissed-out dub, playful pop, hypnotic avant-kosmische rhythms, and sensual melodic vocals, this will more than appease anyone who’s loved the band’s earlier work. "To us this record is about play and playfulness, unconditional love, rhythms and pulses, creation and vibration," says Aaron Coyes. All in all, an ideal 4am post-party comedown record for all the family!

    Peaking Lights



      It is with great excitement that Weird World announce the signing of West Coast dub-pop duo Aaron Coyes and Indra Dunis, AKA Peaking Lights.

      The husband-wife duo’s first release for the label is the first domestic release of this year’s highly acclaimed ‘936’ album, hitherto only available as a much sought-after import outside of North America (where it was released by the great Not Not Fun.)

      A hauntingly beautiful, intensely immersive record that merges elements of dub, psych, minimal house, disco and Krautrock with a distinct pop sensibility, ‘936’ is a fiercely unique, exciting work and a great window into a wonderfully close, creative and prolific songwriting partnership.


      Matt says: Enchanting and seductive, Peaking Lights’ "936" sounds like a lost declaration of love from the future, received through a 1950s transistor radio. Its infectious melodies could well have existed since the beginning on time itself while the production is deliciously warm, organic and real. The boyfriend / girlfriend production duo of Aaron Coyes and Indra Dunis seem to be letting us right inside their lives; pillow talk through a futuristic array of hand built noise boxes and synths, while Indra's ghostly whispers yearn of childish desire and naive bliss. Dropping at the start of the year, and causing the same level of excitement as when we first heard Sun Araw, the CD maintained full staff backing and has soundtracked (to our delight) many a rainy afternoon in the shop right through the year - a sure test of its credentials!

      Laura says: Virtually every review I’ve read of this album name checks Sun Araw, and while both bands set off from a similar hypnotic dream-psyche base, to my ears, Peaking Lights veer off onto a very different path. It’s a path built firmly on foundations from the past: the throbbing Kraut rhythms of Neu!, early 80s post-punk and the claustrophobic bass-heavy dub of On-U Sound. Where those influences could have made for a heavy, dark sound, the use of home made synths, intricate guitar patterns and nonchalant Nico-esque female vocals make it floaty, almost dream-like and although I wouldn’t go as far to say it’s a pop record, there’s plenty of melody woven around the pulsating bass rhythms. I was blown away by this, pretty much from first listen and it’s remained a constant favourite and will no doubt be for years to come.

      Darryl says: Superb avant-kraut-hypno dub sounds on Not Not Fun. Groovy and spacious with stunning drifty female vocals, it hits like a more minimal and melodic Sun Araw. The shop is united in its love for this: Yes, it's that good!! Album of the year so far!

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