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New "Battle Break" comp from those crazy PRR! PRR! cats.... bonkers, batshit and brilliant! Don't fob this off as 'novelty dance' - these are jugular biting, body shaking cuts that inject humor and artistic fun into a scene that can often take itself far too seriously.

Based outta Belgium, PRR!PRR! have shunned any traditional, hype-generating dance music convention and instead chose to release whatever the fuck their mates are digging at the present time, which seems to be a totally unique and invigorating pot of gabba, rave, après ski anthems from Austria, the odd bit of Euro-pop and a bucket full of acapelas. The result is a heady sound that the label can totally call their own.

This new 'comp' (ahem) features eleven tracks that perfectly showcase the PRR!PRR! ethos - wild, unrestrained, not afraid of a hook but at the same time not afraid to blow yer fuckin' balls off either motherfuckeerrrs! Recommended!


Matt says: Maverick music for the true rave gremlins and techno zombies. It might not be for everyone, but that's why it bites so hard!

Who the fuck is David Goblin?! And what the fuck is Ork music!? All these questions and more will shortly be answered dear reader....

PRR! PRR! is a Belgium label with an unpronounceable name and a wild ethos - releasing hard nosed club bangers with a tongue-in-cheek sensibility. DJ David Goblin is one of the label's founders, and goes by the name Coquelin.

"Ork Music" is Goblin's debut release and is bat shit crazy, completely indefinable, ridiculous, great fun and highly, highly recommended. Just one listen and you'll be sucked into David Goblin's Ork-infested world. Taking a wide spectrum of music - metal, rave, 90's, hip-hop, French house, techno, hardcore, Euro-pop and gabba, David 'Goblinizes' tracks in a similar way Jamal Moss' 'Members Only' series transformed well known nuggets from disco and soul into more drugged-out Ron Hardy-esque versions... anyway, words cannot do this justice. For a really good taste of what to expect check out the DJ David Goblin radio show on the PRR! PRR! show here:


Matt says: Left me absolutely speachless and on a desperate quest to track down David Goblin. Which I did. I'm currently tryna get him to come and wreck havoc on Manchester with this myriad hybrid madness. Ork muzik 4 lyfe!!! We heart this!

An Ultimate DJ

An Ultimate DJ?

A fusion between Maoupa Mazzocchetti, DJ Coquelin and PD Cloarec...Dark, guttural, noxious analogue filth and noise experiments here loosely held together with some kind of nod to the dancefloor. Think Ron Hardy at his most sherm-stick-fuelled craziness and you're only half way there. "Sondages" has clipped cowbells riding overdriven kicks and toms while an incomprehensible German vocal weaves its way through the thick, saturated haze. "Go Nuts!" has an urgent tempo and a Lil Louis style bleepy acid line. Thunder clap snare bursts and tape distorted drums rumble on through this real stream train beast of a techno banger. Essential for fans of Jamal Moss, Analogue Cops, Rawmance, June records, Trenton Chase etc. Sounds for demented dancefloors and technoid freakz.

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Thanks for posting about it. It’s here until next Friday May 3rd btw.
Wed 24th - 8:58
Yes! Thanks @NME for the feature. Come and visit @ianbrown
Tue 23rd - 9:48
It’s great isn’t it?! Glad you liked it and hope your wish comes true.🤞🏻
Mon 22nd - 5:55
Thank you. Come back soon.
Mon 22nd - 3:49
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