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Oooohh weee! PPU do the do all over again, bringing the heat from the street with this long overdue reissue of rock city pioneer Billy Jones. In the early 80's Billy Jones was the lead guitarist for an outstanding group of touring musicians who called themselves 'The Incredible Rock City Band'. They performed on military installations all over the United States for the U.S. Dept. of MWR for more than ten years during the 80's and 90's. As you'd expect, their brand of funk was rough, tough and futuristic, beaming off-it FX from distant outposts, snapping out synth percussion and topping the whole she-bang with growling vocoders. The leather clad cosmic boogie of "Invasion Of The Rock-O-Mites" kicks off the set in a cloud of laser fire and a shuffling bassline before the sexualised but kind of silly sci-fi funk of "I Got My Eyes On You" calls to mind a chrome-plated romp at Prince's hotel suite. More synth-funk for freaks on the B-side as the sleazy Rick James-sized "She Turns Me Out" gives way to the woozy and warped dance floor strut of "Swingers Hot Line". Finally the tempo drops for night ender / erection section killer "Life Without You", a sublime female vocal number for heartsick space marines.


Patrick says: Totally batshit freak-funk from PPU here, as they wipe some of the tape scuzz off IRCB's "Invasion Of The Rock-O-Mites" and slap it on the black stuff. Robo-boogie and underground funk for cyber-gees everywhere!

Marlon Jackson / Tony Cook

You Wanna Jam / Ain't Going Nowhere

PPU-084 sees Tony Cook and Marlon Jackson contribute a double A-side of proto-house pressure which, to be frank, I can't actually believe hasn't just been recorded yesterday and made to look like its some retroist find! Seriously, these cats were AHEAD OF THE GAME folks, on "You Wanna Jam" Jackson chucks some well known breakbeats into his sampler well before any of the rave / acid / jungle lot got on board and also gets on board that primitive pitching up and vocal samples which would categorize the early 90s rave scene. As you'd expect - the hooks, B-line and drums are flawless; without the endless re-take ethos and infinite digital processing of modern times producers and songwriters had to me much more selective and skilled with their releases and the three versions of this track are all 100% killer. On the flip more anthemic, vocal-led vibes are explored as he's joined by the Party People on "I Ain't Going Nowhere" - a Robert Owens-esque proto-house romp with evocative vocal sections and a rock solid rhythmic foundation. Both versions are either unreleased or difficult to aquire but will still give 99% of all the other shit a good run for its money out in the field. Thoroughly recommended.

Even arriving at their 82nd release, PPU continue to conjure up weird, wonderful and wonky grooves, this time round from everyone's favourite femme fatale, Maryn E. Coote. After sharing the spotlight with her son Uku on PPU-061, Maryn takes center stage here with a ten track set of previously unreleased studio recordings, out-takes, demos and new material. Switching between funk, RnB, synth-pop, minimal wave and tape worn boogie (that's just on opening cut "Dreamboy - Reserva"), the set is as far from the predictable plod of the mainstream as you could possibly get. For instance, the blissed out Balearic jazz of "I Don't Have To Cry" sees the Estonian-Swedish singer/songwriter welcoming us into her boudoir with whistle-wetting cocktail before the Paisley power of "Emotion" dominates the dark-room in proper S&M fashion. Maryn has dedicated this album to her son Uku, who has been living with A.L.S. for several years now. The sale of this album will directy support his care, and support further research on the disease.


Patrick says: Fully batshit boogie/funk/synth-pop weirdness from the wonderful Maryn E. Coote - who leaves us in no doubt where her son Uku got his groove from! Curio of the week!

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