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Ordering Instructions

The Weird Dinner Request

Be ready to take off to another planet with accompanied by the soundtrack provided by Ordering Instructions. What is in i?

'Dish 1' on the A side is a savagely raw hardcore techno track - if you would speed this one up a little bit you would be listening to what is known as the sound of Valencia... 'Makina' or 'Bakalao' in the early 1990s. Brutalism in sound. 
Followed closely by 'Dish 2' - a slightly less raw approach and with an almost trance-like climax. 

The other trackson the flip range from experimental techno in 'Ordering Instructions remix 1' to a broken techno beats number on 'Ordering Instructions remix 2'.

This is not for the faint hearted, but very appropriate for techno heads anxiously looking for rave material. 


Ltd 12" Info: Limited, 200 copies, no repress.

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