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Fruity, musical and punchy 'La Didadi' melts gorgeous female chants with xilophones / marimbas, and a breathtaking guitar riff. I do not know the original but think of Manu Dibango and Amadou & Mariam and you will be on the right path. Although it is not an obvious main room killer, it is what I call a sleeper. You drop it with the right crowd and the reaction could be legend. It has that potential. 
On 'Six Million Languages', D.Y.A  follows on 'La Didaldi' but the vocals and the voodooish drums create a hypnotic, trance-like effect that is only broken when the flute takes the center stage. Unexpected and refreshing. An understated stormer.
According to me and only me, this is one of the best OYE edits instalments to date. And they will fly I say. 


Sil says: Hot edits from the OYE label hitting our shelves once again. This is perhaps one of the best to date. An understated dancefloor stormer on A side, and an hypnotic - almost shamanic - trip on the flipside. Top draw.

Berlin's DJ Surph follows up a hectic global schedule with a series of edits of records he's collected from trips to South America and Asia.

Comprised of two highly accomplished 'full song' edits, along with two inventive drum tools, there's plenty for the more eclectically minded DJ to get stuck into here.

Swoon the floor with the sexy jazz-funker "Final Statement" or send them spiraling into the speaker stacks with the crazed leftfield eastern disco of "Kazi Kazi". Alternatively tease them to the point of no return with the highly frenetic "Drum Tool 1" & "Drum Tool 2" - functional and fabulous in equal measure - get involved!

Hade is from Cologne, a great DJ with a huge knowledge about music. He's previously made some footwork and bass music stuff plus the more edity vibe that we catch him visiting here. Taking German disco and funk for its source material has left this particular reviewer scratching his head, but the content is incredibly strong even if it's hard to ID! Falling on the more psychedelic, cosmic side of the disco and funk spectrums expect voodoo chants, chugging arps, sloppy drums and a druggy aesthetic to the four cuts on offer, concluding with the seductive sway of "Tiny Danzr". Lovely jubbly. 

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