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A studio project by Tom Sky & Roskow K, two music producers, record collectors and founders of Black Pearl. Coming together under the Mudegg alias and dropping two mighty fine edits for Oye.

"Esok Am" should have the cosmic and Balearic fraternity literally salivating at the mouth over its low-slung intergalactic swagger. Sloppy, cocky and further decorated with an exotic vocal part - cosmic bangers don't come much bigger than this folks - form an orderly queue please!

"El Disco" hits that eastern disco vibe that's on trend and in vogue and certain to cause a carnival on the floor. Big perc rolls, melodica and bucket loads of mystique fragrence this lavish aural soup.

In a stuffed and saturated market, Mudegg look bullish and primed for investment. 


Patrick says: Everyone knows I love a cosmic killer and these Mudegg freakouts flip African / Middle Eastern sounds with disco grooves, freaky synthwork and quirky percussion - This gets the full Talking Drums seal of approval!

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Glad you could make it in and well done on getting that one ⚡️
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Amazing news guys. Congratulations 🙌
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