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Little Anthony & The Imperials

Better Use Your Head / Gonna Fix You Good

    “Little” Anthony Gourdine and the Imperials were originally a late Fifties U.S. doo-wop group who had a million-selling hit with their first single “Tears On My Pillow” in 1958. More hits followed, into the Sixties, including “I’m On The Outside Looking In”, “Goin’ Out Of My Head” and “Hurt So Bad”. But, our two chosen sides from 1966: “Better Use Your Head” and “Gonna Fix You Good (Everytime You’re Bad)” taken from the album Payin’ Our Dues failed to cause a stir at the time. Both earned U.K. releases on United Artists but would have to wait a further ten years before seeing any U.K. chart action, peaking at #42 when reissued back-to-back on U.A.’s Silver Spotlight Series. However, both sides became undergound Northern Soul favourites, first at Manchesters Twisted Wheel when “…Fix You Good” filled the floor and later, in 1975, when “Better Use Your Head” packed the ballroom at the legendary Wigan Casino.


    Martin says: Doo-wop which also found favour on the Northern scene, including here in Manchester at Twisted Wheel. Obviously in demand tracks, Outta Sight gift these to us meagre peasants once more.


    1. Gonna Fix You Good (Every Time You're Bad)
    2. Better Use Your Head

    Idris Muhammad

    I'm A Believer / What Can I Do I'm So In Love With You (Jean Shy)

      Idris Muhammad was born Leo Morris in New Orleans in 1939. He mastered the drums at a very early age and can be heard on Fats Domino’s “Blueberry Hill” at just seventeen! His early career was steeped in R&B before moving to New York to embrace the jazz scene. “I’m A Believer” is the perfect fusion of the two genres and features the sublime vocals of his wife Dolores LaLa Brooks of the Crystals (aka Sakinah Muhammad). Our chosen B-side by Chicago soul singer JEAN SHY is the rare modern soul masterpiece “What Can I Do I’m So In Love With You” reissued here for the first time.


      1. What Can I Do I'm So In Love With You
      2. I'm A Believer

      Jimmy Thomas

      The Beautiful Night

        “The Beautiful Night”, for many UK Northern Soul fans, epitomises the sound of the Seventies All-Night clubs. Originally spun at The Torch in Stoke and then in every club and soul night in the land. It was written and independently produced by Jimmy Thomas and released on EMI’s ‘Parlophone’ label in 1969. It has remained a rare and collectable 45 on the green promo and even more so on the scarce black stock copy. In more recent times the original B-side, “Above A Whisper”, has found favour on the crossover scene with it’s more subdued modern soul flavour. Both sides have been remastered for this prestiguous 2022 release.


        1. The Beautiful Night
        2. Above A Whisper

        Stanley Mitchell

        Get It Baby / Quit Twistin' My Arm

        Stanley Mitchell was born in Detroit in 1935 and performed with a number of local bands in the mid to late fifties cutting wax for Chess and Gone records. But it is thanks to Richard “Popcorn” Wylie that his presence was ever felt on these shores when, in 1973, his atmospheric “Get It Baby” was championed in the early days of Wigan Casino by DJ Richard Searling. The song was originally relegated to the B-side of the altogether more catchy “Quit Twistin’ My Arm’, arguably the more popular side today. In the late seventies another track emerged from Detroit, “Down In The Dumps” by Tony Hester, which shared the same backing track as “Get It Baby” which further cemented the record in the annals of Northern Soul history.


        1. Quit Twistin' My Arm
        2. Get It Baby

        Candy & The Kisses / Val Simpson

        Are You Trying To Get Rid Of Me Baby / Mr. Creator

          Candy & The Kisses burst onto the Northern Soul scene with "The 81". This storming dancer was unreleased until released on a CD compilation, making this a first time 7" vinyl release. The B side is by Val Simpson, one half of Valerie & Simpson


          Side 1: Are You Trying To Get Rid Of Me Baby - Candy & The Kisses
          Side 2: Mr. Creator - Val Simpson

          Various Artists

          Club Americana: All-Night Dancing At The Mapleton

            THE MAPLETON HOTEL (now the Thistle Piccadilly), In the heart of London’s West End, was the original home of the legendary Flamingo Club (OSVLP014). However, it is a little known fact that there was a second club, cloistered in the basement of the Mapleton, the ‘Americana’. The club was run by the Gunnell brothers, Rik and Johnny, who would go on to manage the Flamingo when it moved to Wardour Street and the Bag O’Nails, in Soho, where Jimi Hendrix first played in 1966 and where Paul McCartney met his future wife Linda Eastman.

            The Americana was named to cash-in on the obsession at the time for all things American – food, drink, fashion, film, music – and attracted a large contingent of G.I.’s, still stationed in the home counties after the war. The club opened in 1955 and hosted All-Night sessions for two years. A ‘ten bob’ note gave you passage to a secret, subterranean world filled with exotic sounds and cultures and a 3 course meal of tomato soup, chicken & chips and ice cream. You got to dance all-night long to live acts playing a fusion of R&B, blues, jazz, calypso and ska which, in the mid-fifties, was the hottest sound in the world and heralded the Mod generation.

            Soul Brothers Six / Willie Tee

            I'll Be Loving You / Walkin' Up A One Way Street

            The Soul Brothers Six hailed from Rochester, New York and have played a part on the Northern Soul scene for over 50 years. Their first recording, for Lyndell Records in 1966, is now a 3-figure rarity, but it is their debut disc for Atlantic, “I’ll Be Loving You”, that first graced the decks at the Twisted Wheel, The Pendulum et al and has become a perennial Northern Soul favourite. At the time of release it was the B-side to “Some kind Of Wonderful” which took the disc to No.91 on the R&B charts. Willie Tee has also been a familiar figure on the rare soul scene since the early Mod clubs with his archetypal New Orleans mid tempo soul sound. His early recordings on Gatur rank as some of the most collectable 45s to emanate from the Crescent City. Here we feature his club classic from 1964, the anthemic “Walkin’ Up A One Way Street”.

            TRACK LISTING

            1. I'll Be Loving You
            2. Walkin' Up A One Way Street

            This unique set brings together a treasure trove of R&B rarities enshrined by the $3,000 “Lookin’ For My Baby”, recorded by The Nightriders in 1959 for Juggy Murray’s Sue imprint. Murray had co-founded Sue Records two years earlier with fellow New Yorker Bobby Robinson whose Fire label provides us with the equally compelling “Keep A’Calling” by Paul Perryman (side 1, track 1), a snip at only $300! The set bursts into life with Vernon Harrell’s hot dance ticket “Slick Chick”, currently commanding a cool $400 on its original Lescay label. Northern Soul fans will be interested to know that Harrell co-wrote “Seven Days Too Long” with J R Bailey (aka Chuck Wood) and “Sweet Sweet Lovin’” for The Platters. Mike Robinson (“Lula”) also has a tenuous Northern Soul connection, he was originally in Bobby Thomas’ Vibranaires before joining the Orioles alongside the legendary Sonny Til. BOTH Earl King’s make the playlist: Earl “Connelly” with his hard “Every Whicha Kinda Way” and the New Orleans native Earl King with “Darling Honey Angel Child”, an early prototype of the standard “Come On”. Look out too for rare soul sweetheart Baby Washington, “Medicine Man”. A Collection to Treasure…
            Over $6,000 worth of original vinyl now available - for the first time - on one collectable Long Play vinyl album

            TRACK LISTING

            1. Vernon Harrell - Slick Chick
            2. Earl (Connelly) King - Every Whicha Kinda Way
            3. Little Marie Allen - Humdinger
            4. Teddy (Mr Bear) Mcrae - Hi' Fi' Baby
            5. The Nightriders - Lookin' For My Baby
            6. Little Luther - Steppin' High
            7. Earl King - Darling Honey Angel Child
            8. Lillian Vines And The Dynamics - I Dreamed About My Baby Last Night
            9. Paul Perryman - Keep A'calling
            10. Mike Robinson - Lula
            11. Harold Jackson And The Jackson Brothers - Freedom Riders
            12. The Drivers - Mr Astronaut
            13. Gloria Irving - I Need A Man
            14. Rudy Lambert - Jamboree
            15. Jeanette B. Washington - Medicine Man
            16. Rose Mitchell - Baby Please Don't Go

            Various Artists

            Wigan Casino II

              During the glory years of Northern Soul (the seventies) most Northern towns boasted their own regular soul night with their own aspiring DJs. Some were little more than a gathering of like minded mates in the local scout hut or youth club, while others challenged the more established local venues for a slice of the action such as Va-Va’s in Bolton, the Catacombs in Wolverhampton, Samanthas in Sheffield, the Palais in Nottingham and the Cat’s Whiskers in Burnley (to name but a few).

              But one club would emerge as the colossus of Northern Soul... WIGAN CASINO. The Casino Soul Club on Station Road embraced the magic of former national clubs such as the Twisted Wheel in Manchester, the Golden Torch in Stoke-On-Trent and its contemporary - Blackpool Mecca - and fused them into a super soul show that mesmerised everyone that passed through its doors and dared to dance on its hallowed floor. Almost 45 years on and its captivating magic spell is omnipresent in tribute nights up and down the country, TV ad campaigns, TV sound-beds, mainstream radio, supermarket CDs and - most importantly - in the Soul Survivors Weekenders that now attract thousands of devotees each year to listen to those memories.

              Porgy And The Monarchs

              Hey Girl / My Heart Cries For You

              PORGY WILLIAMS and his Monarchs recorded a handful of singles in the mid-sixties on almost as many labels. They made their debut in ’63 on Mala Records before moving to Musicor where they scored two singles: “That Girl” / “If It’s For Real Baby” and “My Heart Cries For You” / “Think Twice Before You Walk Away”. Produced by Teddy Randazzo, all four sides are excellent but incredibly didn’t see any chart action at the time. Fortunately all was not lost and, almost a decade later, “My Heart Cries For You” became a much cherished dance floor anthem in the U.K. Our topside “Hey Girl” was recorded in New York for Musicor but was not released until 1975 when, quite by accident, it was wrongly pressed as the B-side to a reissue of “My Heart”. Musicor, realising the error, withdraw the disc… UNTIL NOW!!!

              TRACK LISTING

              1. Hey Girl
              2. My Heart Cries For You 

              Billy Thompson / Clarence Reid

              Black Eyed Girl / I'm Your Yes Man

              BILLY THOMPSON’s solo outing “Black Eyed Girl” was pressed twice in 1965, on the local Boston label Columbus and for national distribution on Wand. Despite the quality of the song, written by Barry Richards and “Boston’s No.1 Soul Man” Herschel Dwellingham, it came to nothing, leaving once again the U.K. soul scene to come to the rescue.

              By contrast CLARENCE REID recorded a slue of 45s from 1963 to ’76 including our mega rarity “I’m Your Yes Man”, produced by Buddy Killen.

              • All time Northern Soul Classic - Two fabulous sides

              • Over £1,000 of original vinyl 

              TRACK LISTING

              1. Black-Eyes Girl
              2. I'm Your Yes Man 

              Little Arthur Mathews / Willie Wright

              I'm Gonna Whale On You / I'm Gonna Leave You Baby, And I’m Goin’ Away To Stay

              Who needs the summer when the next three Outta Sight R&B collectables are as hot as these?

              The Northern end of R&B continues to pack the dancefloors across Europe and it is showcased - at its best - in these in-demand cuts. Six top tunes that would set you back a month’s wages if you’re lucky! All hard to find on their respective original labels which, incredibly, date from as early as 1952.

              On side A Little Arthur Mathews hooks up with the Johnny Otis Band for the horn honking skiffle-like cut "’m Gonna Whale On You". On the flip Willie Wright belts it out on rhythm & blues roller "I’m Gonna Leave You Baby, And I’m Goin’ Away To Stay".

              TRACK LISTING

              1. I’m Gonna Whale On You - Little Arthur Mathews With The Johnny Otis Band
              2. I’m Gonna Leave You Baby, And I’m Goin’ Away To Stay - Willie Wright

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