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Muhavishla Ravi Hatchud / The Indo Jazz Following

Bombay Palace

Outernational Sounds launch a new 45 series in lavish fashion here with this super groovy, totally tripped out early seventies funk bomb by Muhavishla Ravi Hatchud and The Indo Jazz Following. Within the sumptuous royal purple sleeve art lies a limber fusion funk workout, all Mingus double bass licks, ghostly organ tones and GI backbeats, all topped by Ravi's ramped up sitar, buzzing and bristling with electric energy. Numbered and limited, these will fly!


Patrick says: Eastern spiced, lightly psyched funk here on Outernational Sounds, led by the electric Sitar licks of Muhavishla Ravi Hatchud. If you're riding Khruangbin's groove train but wanna dip into their inspirations, you should probably start here.

Organically funky, laced with avant-garde synth textures, and studded with breakbeats, the second Outernational release is Jeff Resnick’s unique, ultra-rare, 1978 promotional recording for the School for American Craftsmen, at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Five tracks of soul jazz and modal fusion — re-modelling Trane, and opening with a variation of Norwegian Wood — by a local group including trumpeter Jeff Tyzik and pianist Sonny Kompanek; then Resnick mostly solo for the second side, when the money ran out, multi-tracking synthesizers on his home set-up, in an engrossing blend of reflective abstraction, grooving electro and spiritualised fourth-world tropicalism.


Patrick says: Everyone loves a record conceived for alternative purposes, and this vinyl advert for the School for American Craftsmen has made an instant impression on the Piccadilly player. Vibrant jazz flows from modal to fusion on the A-side, while the flip sees Resnick go on a solo synth mission into dreamscape jazz and fourth world exotica.

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