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Last time Tornado Wallace worked his magic in long form he treated us to "Lonely Planet", a gorgeous collection of Balearic house grooves which landed near the top of our end of year chart. Now the Berlin-based Aussie serves up a five track mini-LP for Optimo Music, channeling progressive house churn, trance idents and tribal percussion into the psychedelic assualt of "Midnight Mania". 
Presumably well into the toad, the Tornado finds a middle ground between the wild synth freak outs Baldelli and Loda dropped in cosmic mode, and the neon clad bangers which bounced round Goa a decade later. Shuffling rhythms, alive with hand drums and pitched percussion sit beneath wormhole sequences, snatches of cryptic vocal and bursts of techy melody, constantly propelling the listener forward through this nocturnal sonic playground.


Patrick says: Tornado Wallace lends his trance-inducing arrangements a darker shade of psychedelia here, fusing cosmic synth and prog house into a twisted soundtrack for the Goan full moon...


Midnight Mania
Mundane Brain
PNG (Praise No Ghosts)
Jungle Dream

All proceeds go London based charity, Focus E15 which demands social housing, not social cleansing!

Optimo Music is thrilled to present “Weaponise Your Sound”, which has been curated, conceived and designed by Kristina McCormick (Diet Clinic). Diet Clinic is an NTS radio show showcasing female DJs / artists.

It is the first vinyl release on Diet Clinic’s newly-formed sub label of Optimo Music marking International Women’s Day 2019 and featuring brand new tracks from artists C.A.R, Cucina Povera, Fantastic Twins, Human Jones, Maral, Marika Underspreche, Odete, Penelope Trappes, Slime, Sue Zuki and Zoe McPherson.

They may be scattered across the globe but their love, strength and support for their art and counterparts continue to inspire on a daily basis.

All proceeds go London based charity, Focus E15 which demands social housing, not social cleansing!


A - 1 Hanna Jones - Super Pit 00:03:15
A - 2 Fantastic Twins - Frozen Dreams In Candy Paradise 00:05:58
A - 3 Sue Zuki - Didufindher 00:02:08
A - 4 Maral Ey - Nezanin 00:03:30
A - 5 C.A.R. - Frau 00:05:19
A - 6 Penelope Trappes - Pause 00:03:55
B - 1 Marika Underspreche - Bitter Ends 00:03:13
B - 2 Slime - P.M. 00:06:09
B - 3 Odete - Folklore Collage 00:03:52
B - 4 Cucina - Povera Kalmankalpea 00:06:14
B - 5 Zoe McPherson - Thumb Governance 00:05:32

Optimo Music see off what's been a busy year with a tasty slew of end-of-year releases. One of which is this amazing new album from Lia Mice - the Australian-born but UK-residing DJ, producer and instrument designer.

'When I moved to London in 2015, many things changed at once - I started going to more techno and electro nights, I changed my live-set setup, and I had access to a fully-equipped recording studio through my music masters programme. At the same time I was reading a lot of books on time travel, not just science fiction but also psychology and neuroscience - like how the human brain perceives time from moment to moment, how we can experience overlapping time, and how we interact with our past and future through memory and imagination. “The Sampler As A Time Machine” is the result of all these new influences coming together. The tracks were developed out of ongoing studio experiments interpreting these different ideas of time travel by using samplers and tape to re-sample and manipulate original music performed by me on various instruments including my voice.'


Matt says: I'm sure Optimo Music devotees don't need convincing here. But anyone wondering what the label's about could do much worse than bagging this LP and the forthcoming compilation from the camp. Essential stuff for lovers of leftfield, DIY electronics.


Side 1
1. Human Being (3:45)
2. Overwrite The Past (3:39)
3. It's All Connected (2:36)
4. Time Can Break In (4:07)
Side 2
1. We Are The Beat (4:38)
2. Marconi's Eternal Tone Cloud (3:09)
3. Made Of Glass (1:46)
4. Which Memories Will Make It (7:11)

Optimo Music treat all fans of indie miserablism, bedroom gloom and post punk groan to the new album from Jacob Yates (Uncle John and Whitelock). Not only is he one of the label's all-time favourite artists from Glasgow, but he is one of their favourite artists from anywhere. Criminally unknown except to a few who have been long transfixed by his recordings and performances, we hope this release will open a few more ears to his wondrous musical world.

“The Hare, The Moon, The Drone” is the gloom auteur's third LP. This recording finds the band exploring dark hawthorn hedged lanes, moors and suburban, new build estates. There's something more earthy about the songs but the menace and darkness remains. Musically there is a big shift on this album, a field recording of a folk band from a dark, pine filled glen. The opener, The Car sets the scene for the rural side of the album, dank and stone cold. The tracks then shift through the woods, people turn into animals, we pass a sunlit glade, do you hear a love song? Cassie Ezeji closes the side sweetly lamenting in Gaelic as the snow falls.

Side two is a more urban affair opening with despair in a bedroom in Belgium, we visit a faith healer and drop in on your lonely mother. Lovatt recounts the story of a karaoke addicted murderer before we finally go home to our new build just outside of town where the pylons tower over Michael and his sister Rachel. It's a journey you can go on, looking out of the window of the bus, glimpses of lives glide by, cards on seats promise to help you. Ding! It's time to get off.


The Car
The Human
The Hare
The Moon
The Drone (Part 1)
The Drone (Part 2)
Mr. Marouf
A Scene From An Empty Living Room
Outside The Needle Exchange

Another fierce and unique act from the depths of the Glasgow underground appear on Optimo Music with their debut Green Door studios recorded four track EP. Keyboard player Jim McKinven was previously in Altered Images, worked for many years in Martin Rushent's Genetic Studios, was in One Dove and previously appeared on Optimo Music as one half of Organs Of Love. He is however but one component of this transgenerational band. They describe their music far better than we could - "Seedy Electronica, consisting of 2 Basses, Electronic Drums, Synths and Dark Vocals. Inspired by the avant-garde that influenced the electronic music scene of the late '70's and early '80's.”


I Killed My Boy
Soft Hell 
The Red Eyed Raven

Peter Zummo (born 1948) is an American composer and musician. He plays the trombone, valve trombone, euphonium, synthesizer, other electronic instruments, and also sings. He is associated with the postminimalist and Downtown aesthetics, and he describes his music as "minimalism plus a whole lot more." He’s well-known for his work with Arthur Russell.

“In this project for Optimo, the listener can hear that my musical food pyramid has musicians at top, or maybe they are at the bottom. In any case, they are important. That is why, from track to track, I selected segments in which one player or another is featured in the take. Some may think that we musicians do multiple takes to get the perfect performance, but I like to find the special interactions lurking in each excursion. Different players came forward in each of the takes, which were recorded in the studios Seaside Lounge and Headroom, in Brooklyn, and live in performances at Cube Cinema, in Bristol, U.K., as well as in Long Island City and on Staten Island, New York.

In order to escape the tyranny of the lyric, I am exploring in this release the possibilities of nonsensical and non-emotional lyrics. These kinds of lyrics bring the singing voices into the mix without an overweening message. The tracks include open-form compositions in which the duration was not specified.”


Patrick says: Downtown legend and Arthur Russell collaborator Peter Zummo lands on Optimo Music with a sublime set of spiritual frequencies in strung out sleeping bag style. Indian percussion, loose bass and echo drenched trombone float freely on an LP perfect for horizontal journeys and sofa-based space excursions. Jazzy, Balearic and a little bit silly, this should please anyone looking to bathe in the light of the miracle...


1. The Tape Is Chill
2. How Does It Feel?
3. Well Let Me Say Something
4. Do You Know What To Wear Do You Know?
5. What Do You Want To Do?
6. Life Is Real
7. Break Up The Pill
8. Well Let Me Tell You Something

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