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Onedotzero_Select DVD 4

    This is a unique collection of inspired works from directors at the forefront of the new wave of moving image. Leading talents showcased on the this latest installment in the "Onedotzero" series include Joji Koyama [aka Woof Wan Bau], Airside, Intro, Pleix, Daniel Askill, and Nakd, with rising stars Hendrick Dusollier, 12foot6, and Dominic Hailstone, featuring music by Air, Lemon Jelly and The Prodigy.

    Various Artists

    Onedotzero_select DVD 3

      Onedotzero, renowned for its new moving image festival and it's established global network of events launches "Onedotzero_select DVD 3". Featuring twenty creative works from directors at the forefront of the new wave of moving image. Leading graphic talents include Precursor, Richard Fenwick, Intro, Pleix and Psyop with rising stars Ruben Fleischer, Simon Robson and Dan Chambers to create a vibrant and essential mix of creative visions and styles. Continuing Onedotzero's strong affiliation with pioneering music styles and independent labels, music featured includes Aphex Twin (Warp), Mogwai (PIAS), alongside this year's hotly tipped artists Madvillain (Stones Throw) and DJ Format, and 2004's major breakthrough act Franz Ferdinand.

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