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On the Corner's Versus series returns for a second instalment. Nairobi, Manchester, Pune, Iringa, Detroit and South London all represented in this truly global release. Jinku kicks things off with the psychedelic swirl of afro / Balearic hybrid “Nyako”. Originally by fellow Nairobian, Makadem, Jinku inflicts a level of serenity and calm onto the exotic, collaged vocals and warm piano licks; presenting the track as a gift to everyone. Collocutor’s trumpet fuelled drama, “Agama” gets touched up by Manc jazz-house kingpin, Contours. Bringing to the fore minor key horns that’d make Matthew Halsall blush, Contours brings out the rampant timpani and shaker elements, keeping us locked into the dance till the very last beat. Wonky psychedelic perambulations through the Traab al-Beidaan (Sahara) from Sam Jones are up next, who adds another construct to his mantle. Group as Salaam (on remix duties) have a cassette release forthcoming and this number comes from field recording sessions conducted during a feast out in the shadow of Africa’s largest windfarm by label head Pete OntheCorner. Vibes! Diasho heads up the B-side with a fast-paced percussive attack titled “Simba”. Somewhere between Auntie Flo, DJ Mujave and Shangaan Electro, this direct attack on the floor should get all but the heftiest butts moving. The fun’s not over yet as Peckham’s finest, FYI Chris deliver one of their typically cunning and crafty cuts; dropping acid on Mugwista International Xylophone Group’s “Drop The Beat”. Finally, Penya’s “Search It Out” gets powered up for the 4am massive via Peter Croce who thoroughly electrifies the track and makes it hum, buzz and glow in all the right places, turning out one hell of an epic track in the process! Excellent stuff – six tracks of world hi-tech-exotica! Recommended.

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