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Hardway Bros (UK), Gunce Aci (Turkey), Juan Maclean (USA), Skelesys (Argentina), & Jorkes & Nikkname (Germany) join forces for the 20th release on Ombra International. The label continues with their concept of Various Artists, each from their respective countries, sharing a passion for the acid tinged new wave and post-punk vibes to be played in the clubs of a not so distant future.

Surely to cause a stir with the ALFOS crew as much as it is the shadow-chasing, electro-goths who religiously follow Vladimir Ivović, Helena Hauff and other harnesers of darkness around the more experimental dancefloors of the world. TIP! 


A1. Skelesys - The Scorpion Sting
A2. Juan Maclean – Monika
A3. Jorkes & Nikkname – Citizen
B1. Hardway Bros - Early Nineties
B2. Gunce Aci - Another Round

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Brand new banners up today and looking 👌 from @MildHighClub and Jordan Rakei aka @jordanrakei - both of these recor…
Fri 17th - 3:34
Happy New Music Friday 🥳 A selection of some of the records out today;@MildHighClubUK @ScreamOfficial
Fri 17th - 1:27
Looking great guys 🙌
Fri 17th - 1:20
Just added one more copy of the @claypipemusic Andrew Wasylyk 'Balgay Hill: Morning In Magnolia' LP for sale. Be qu…
Fri 17th - 11:48
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